Andy Lau’s Wife 4 Months Pregnant with Second Baby

Andy Lau’s (劉德華) wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩), who will be turning 50 years old in April, is rumored to be at least four months pregnant.

The former beauty pageant star, who dated Andy for over two decades before officially tying the knot in 2008, welcomed their first child, daughter Hanna, in May 2012. Ever since Hanna’s birth, rumors have been swirling about Andy and Carol wanting to have a second child, specifically a son, but these rumors never came to fruition.

However, a news report by a gossip magazine has seemingly confirmed these rumors. Paparazzi recently tailed Carol while she was out and about shopping in the Kowloon City District with her assistant and bodyguard. Though Carol was very covered up, her protruding belly was quite noticeable. The report added that Carol may have received in-vitro fertilization treatment back in December 2015, and could possibly be four months pregnant by now.

As soon as these claims were published, reporters reached out to Andy’s representative for a confirmation. The reps did not confirm nor deny Carol’s pregnancy rumors, simply saying, “We will not comment. Thank you for the concerns.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. #CarolChu ‘s belly looks so big in the photo. She looks more advanced in her pregnancy than 4 months. Happy for Andy and Carol!

      1. @happybi Hehe Carol seems at least 6 months pregnant in the photo. But being a mom at 50 years old is tiring for the body.

      2. @jayne well……on my 2nd pregnancy I looked 6 mths when I was only 4 so….;) but yes, she is not young so must be feeling the pregnancy more. Maybe she is having twin? Its possible with ivf as at her age, they normally put more eggs to increase her chances.

      3. @happybi
        I did not know you were married with children. People ask me about my martial status all the time they it gets tiring..How many kids do you have? Just curious…

      4. @hetieshou Crazy still love tagging me. I guess she can’t “help” but react to my post. She’s so predictable and boring. She’s just a nosy 8 por that just LOVE to see her own post.

        I have 2 kids. Would love more but it’s a lot of work!

      5. @happybi
        Yes,crazy loves to tag me too. It truly sounds like a stinky 8 por who that has no life. Two kids is a lot as most only want 2. My crazy third brother got selfish and had 3 but makes me do a lot of the work. My 4th brother only had 2 and that was it. My parents had 8 but that was back in the days. Times are different now.

      6. @hetieshou I’m 1 of 7!!! But liked you said, it’s common during that time! Each of my family members have 2 kids. I always wanted 4 but they are $$$! So 2 is good! Are you married?

      7. @happybi
        Wow,you come from a big family too. People often enlarge their eyes because I am the only girl with 7 boys so I often joke that my siblings and I are “Ba Xian”. Only 2 of my brothers are married and one has 3 and the it her has 2 and they are all boys. My family is male dominated. Money is one thing but taking care of them is a lot of work too. No, I am not married yet since I have other things on my mind. Everyone always asks me if I am married and am very shocked to know that I am not. I hope they I do not end up like Carol getting married late and having kids so late in life. That would be a pain.

      8. @happybi
        Yup, everyone’s eyes always widen when they find out I am the only girl with all boys and now have all nephews. Thanks but I get sick of people saying that I am getting old and it will be hard to have kids and all that. But my mom gets mad when people say that since she thinks with all of the advanced technology anything is possible. She then gives me examples of all of these people she knew who had kids in their 50s but the kids turned out fine.

      9. @jimmyszeto
        Thanks and you sound like this one lady I just met at the doctors office. She told me that as long as you live life happily,is there a need to have kids and get married? Everyone’s goals in life are different.

      10. @hetieshou anything is possible with today technology. It not there is always the surrogate options. What I say to my unmarried friend. Don’t settle. The first in your family to have a girl will be treated like a princess! Love it!!! Your Mom sound awesome!

      11. @happybi
        Yes, anything seems to be possible with technology and money too since IVF is very expensive. My cousin had that done to have his second daughter. He wants a boy but his wife does not want anymore kids. My mom tells me about technology when people tell me I am getting old.

        Oh no, I am not a princess at all. I am treated like a maid. My mom is very sexist and values boys only. She has some hatred for females and girls and always tells me it is a sin to be born a girl. If I was the only boy of all girls then yes, I would be the king. My mom is a good and selfless mother but she has her flaws like anyone. I must say I am glad that I that I was not treated like a princess because I may have turned into a selfish and spoiled brat,so I am glad that I became the opposite of that.

      12. @hetieshou oh your brother health insurance didn’t cover IVF? Most insurance cover up to 6 procedures or if not the meds for the treatments. But yes if its not cover by insurance can cost up 12k for a procedure and its not guranteed. $$$ but worth it for people with fertility issue.

        Saw what you wrote to jimmyszeto and I actually think its the opposite. I think people actually take avantage of the welfare system here where they have kids to get money from the govt. People here can actually get free health care if they know how to play the system. And yes I know a few of those and do not like these people. Our welfare system are broken and honestly need to be fixed. The only thing lacking are people who actually work and make a living and not off the system could use longer and 100% paid maternity leave. 6 to 8 weeks is really not long enough time with a newborn. Europe is excellent in that area.

        Surprised to hear about your home situation. My family is different as my Dad actually prefer daughters as he said we make him lucky! Heheheh but good to know you feel ok. Probably made you a stronger person!!

      13. @happybi
        It was not my brother but my cousin. My cousin’s wife had problems conceiving naturally on her second pregnancy so had to use IVF. I heard that insurance covered only some of the costs so he had to pay the rest of it himself. He was glad that his wife got pregnant successfully but was sad that he ended up with another girl since he wanted a boy badly.

        What you said about our welfare system is partially true. I am not sure about your area but in California, regardless of how many kids you have they only give you welfare for 5 years. Then after that,you,are on your own. In our area, it is mostly the Mexicans that do that and many are disgusted. My sister in laws only had 2-3 months of maternity leave and only got 50-60% pay of her actual income. Yes, Europe is great in that area which makes it easier for them to have kids.

        Everyone is shocked when they see that I am treated like a maid. But I am glad that it made me a better and more independent person since I could have easily became a spoiled brat if I was treated like princess. My parents are very traditional and have always preferred sons over daughters. They now have all grandsons only so my family is heavily male dominated. I guess that is what my parents want so got their wish.

      14. @hetieshou ah they have bad insurance then. As most insurances cover up to 6 procedure and fully covered as its $$$. As for your cousin. Hsving kids are a blessing. Especially when they had issue and was finally able to have #2. Shouldn’t be disappointed lah.

        Same for over here. Company usually only cover up to 60% pay for 8 weeks. But if want to take longer leave, its not covered and only usually up to 12 weeks then you must go back to work as job is no longer protected by fml leave.

        Over here for welfare system they will continue to get food stamps if they have kids. Up to 18 yrs old. And they get housing too.

        Very male dominate home you guys got there!!

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      16. @freedalas

        You are just a randomised member and do not have enough influence to speak for others. So can you please not keep using ‘we’ and use ‘I’ instead?. It seems more suitable until you buy a share of this site or at least gather significant support.

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      18. @freedalas

        That’s why you can tag people. It’s for the person you tag to read but if you enjoy reading our conversations, that is fine.Why don’t you use your self-proclaimed popularity to conduct the poll? You are the star and the viral internet sensation.

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      20. @freedalas
        How long have you been on this site? Jayne actually does not mind us all chatting and posting snippets about ourselves here which is how we all become friends. She actually told me that she enjoys reading about me and others here. Once again,you do not own this site so do not act like you do.

      21. @freedalas This is getting out of hand. Some members do enjoy having friendly discussions about kids and relationships on our site. It’s a natural extension of the discussion since many of the articles are about such topics, except they feature celebrities as the main subject. If @heteishou and @happybi enjoy sharing such anecdotes about themselves, let them enjoy the discussion.

        Your example about discussing sex positions is extreme and crude and obviously would violate the discussion guidelines of our website.

        You may voice your opinion about Wong Cho Lam in relevant threads, but it is not necessary to target certain users on our site repeatedly due to disagreements over past issues over Wong Cho Lam, especially if they are over different topics.

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      22. @jayne

        Thanks for reiterating the website’s discussion guidelines again so everyone here can see that they do exist and are not just figments of someone’s overworked imagination.

      23. @happybi
        Yes, I will ignore from now on too.
        @jayne, I apologize as well but really hope that some do not purposely try to pick fights and start arguments on purpose.

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      25. @jayne
        Thanks so much Jayne and I will always try to stay calm and avoid senseless arguments. I am always glad to support you and this wonderful site. You are the best and keep up the good work!

      26. @hetieshou It has been more peaceful in our discussion area lately. After my warnings were ignored, I finally banned certain users because of disrespectful conduct.

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      28. @freedalas “I sincerely hope that all users will remember that this forum is all about celebrities/popular artistes and not about themselves.”

        Yes, let’s not target users over repetitious arguments. Let’s enjoy the entertainment news about our favorite celebrities.

    1. @jayne
      Yes,her belly is really big. Maybe she is having twins? It would be great and I heard about this at other sites that it is a boy this time. I really hope they get a boy or a pair of twin boys would be ideal. Congrats to them and hope they will share the good news with everyone.

      1. @happybi
        I know it is possible with IVF but boy how tiring to have kids so late in life. But hey have the dough so anything is possible.

      2. @hetieshou well kinda hard not to since they didn’t officially get married till they were already in their mid 40s! They really should have gotten married much earlier.

      3. @happybi
        Going to tough to be parenting for kids at a rebellious age when they are near 70. I have always supported having kids at a young age.

      4. @jimmyszeto

        I think it depends and I am sure there are many that want to have kids at a younger age,but we are all different and go through each stage of life differently. Why rush to have kids if you are not ready?

      5. @happybi
        I know they should have married a long time ago instead of wait so long and now have children so late in life. But they have the money to hire a lot of help and stuff so they are luckier than the average citizen.

  2. i don’t know guys. i think it’s semi irresponsible to have kids that late in life & also irresponsible towards their kids.

    when their kids hit 20, they’ll be 70…i’m not sure that’s really an optimistic future to look forward to. for example, my dad is pretty darn old. when i was a kid, i was under this constant state of insecurity because i always thought he’d croak on me (knock on wood.) and he never really did a lot of stuff with me ’cause he has no energy, though he never did much with my older siblings to begin with ’cause he’s lazy lol.

    not to mention this has got to be difficult on a 50 years old woman’s body. gee whiz, it’s hard enough to be preggo, but at that age…the baby’s going to suck everything out of Carol.

    all in all, it’s their choice and their decisions what to do with their lives & bodies, so i don’t have a say in it. but for me, i’d caution with having kids so late in life. don’t know if i should happily bless & congratulate this couple or stay ambivalent due to this recklessness (if rumors are true.)

    1. @coralie
      Exactly, I am still amazed that people still want to have kids pass their 40’s. I mean, if he’s secretively married so secretively pop those kids out? but at this age now???? Sigh… That’s just insane.

      1. @kiki
        What modern medical technology can achieve is limitless for those who can afford to pay, among whom you can count the Lau’s.

      2. @aiya
        I know and I hear you. $$$ is not everything but can do alot of things these days.

      3. @kiki i know – i don’t think surrogacy is outlawed right? isn’t that a much better alternative than giving birth on her own?

    2. @coralie It’s def. a risk for Carol at her age but then even people who are younger are having fertility issue these days. Really think it have to do with process food. I think If she take care of her body before and after she should be OK.

      I feel if they can afford it and have the energy to raise the kiddo that it’s OK to have them late in life. Rather them then people who have kids in order to live off the welfare system here in the US. Now those are unfair for the kids.

      1. @happybi yeah but she could always opt for a surrogate or something. like tyra banks! but the age of parenthood thing…that’s never a good thing if they wait too late, much like this couple.

      2. @coralie
        I don’t know if surrogacy is legal or not in HK but I don’t think asians even think of that as an option. In the US, it’s more than legal and more common than anything these days. If they are too old to carry a baby or some other medical issues, they will get a surrogate just like that. What’s the shame and what’s the problem if you have the money for it?
        But for asians, I feel they still don’t feel like it’s their own kid unless it came from their own body? If that makes sense? At least, that’s how the elders especially if they are really traditional folks think. I mean of course some are more open-minded who will go w/the surrogacy trend but I feel most asians feel like It’s either from their own body or no children. That’s why there are still some asians who adopts but NOT nearly as many as Americans or some other countries do. I remember clearly one time one of my aunt’s friend who is in her mid 40’s who married late and really wanted to have a kid but it wasn’t possible so people recommended a surrogate but she would have none of that and I feel that’s typically how most asians think. Sad but true. So for this Andy Lau, his situation is he has tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$ and can afford IVF, surrogate/adoption whatever else out there but would they even consider? NEVER!! But still it’s interesting/baffling at the fact that a woman nearly 50 and still wants to carry a kid. Unbelievably admirable, dangerous and crazy. But hey it’s their life!

      3. @kiki
        I know it sounds crazy carrying a baby so late in life but it is not impossible. My mom’s friend had her last kid when she was in her 50s and the kid turned out fine. It really depends on the health of the person and other factors too,not just age.

    3. @coralie

      I absolutely 100% agree with you. I don’t care that Andy Lau is a superstar and that he is idolised by millions with most of them sending him congratuation messages.The truth is that anyone over 40, I already question their stamina to give 100% effort into caring for their children for 20+ years. Even when they reach adulthood, some still lack the maturity or discipline to act responsibly and by that time Andy Lau is in his mid 70s and may not have the physical energy to do much for them apart from pump more money to them. I have witnessed old parents with young children. They use the hands off approach to parenting. In other words they let the children get on with it. It isn’t very responsible. Andy does have the money and support to give the children the best initially but in later years may need to rely on others to care for his children and grandchildren. Most of the five tiger kids are adults now and are participating as newcomers in movies or working right now. The hard work has been done and the parents can now look at how to support their children’s careers. If Andy wanted children, why didn’t he have it earlier? If the time had passed why didn’t he just let it pass? He has always been a great role model but not this time.

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I don’t agree with you when you implied that anyone over 40 shouldn’t have babies and raise children because they are too old to be responsible for their children. May I ask you, how about those 18-25 years old couples who don’t have a stable career and who are not financially stable? They are probably struggling financially themselves, and cannot provide the best for their kids. Do you want to limit the age ranges for people to have babies? For example: 25 to 39? or 18 to 36? If so, this is too ridiculous and immature.
        I don’t think that parents need to take care of their children financially when their kids reach 21 or when they complete university (which is about 23). You mentioned that even when their children reach adulthood, some still lack the maturity or discipline to act responsibly. By that time, Andy can still support them financially and emotionally, and he can still advise them, even if Andy is in his mid 70’s. At that time, Andy won’t need to use his energy to physically play with them as if they are little kids. I don’t see how irresponsible Andy is in this case.

        Even if the other tigers got married and have kids earlier, everyone’s life is different. Having kids is a big responsibility so I believe that you should only have kids when you are ready. And who are you or us to judge that he shouldn’t have kids at this time? If he is in his 80’s, then I think it is inappropriate. Nowadays, many elderly can live until or over 90+. Therefore, 50’s is still the middle age.

      2. @rainbow28
        I agree with many of your points. Everyone is different and goes through each stage of life differently. Some marry earlier,have kids earlier while some do not do it until later in life. Who said we had to get married before a certain age or have kids at any certain age? We are all different.

        Having kids is a very big responsibility and you should only do so when you are ready. Why rush it into it just because of age or whatever? I have seen young couples who rushed to have kids just to struggle and whine about how difficult it is just because they are not ready. However,they were pressured by people that say they were getting old and stuff. Why let others influence your life?

      3. @rainbow28 @hetieshou

        Hi rainbow28. I wouldn’t limit it to age groups but I do recommend it having children early if possible. I understand that some adults are still immature at a young age and probably shouldn’t have children yet. It also depends on the country. I’m from England and you don’t have to be financially solid to be able to raise a child with the child support you get from the govt. If you had to have to be then a good proportion of the population will never be able to afford it. Maybe Andy wasn’t ready to have children but then does it mean that when he is finally ready he should have the child. If someone is ready at 50 should he have the child? If someone is finally ready at 60 should he have a child? The parent is ready but the child had potentially lost many years of being cared for by the parents. I don’t know what the average life expectancy is and im not intending to curse Andy and his wife. I’m just looking at probability and reality. There is definitely an increased probability of the Andy and his Wife having less years to looking after their children in comparison to someone who had a child in their mid 20s. Also when older there’s the chance of illness so that may affect the advice that the parent can give out. In the end the people giving the advice could be the legal term he has and it isn’t certain they will act in the interests in the children with so much money at stake. All of this is my opinion. There are always exceptions but I’m looking at probabilities.

      4. @jimmyszeto
        I admit that it is great to have kids when you are younger but sadly that is not always possible. You are lucky that you get financial help in England but here in the US, we must be financially ready or else no one can have kids because we must pay for everything ourselves. Life in the US is very hard,especially with kids.

      5. @hetieshou

        I agree. I was surprised in the past when I heard that in the US, the government provides no support. In fact in England, so many uneducated women have many kids young and they receive so much financial and housing support. Many people in this country are spoilt and lazy because there is always financial support available so they choose not to work.

      6. @jimmyszeto maybe they have been trying for a baby for a very long time and it just wasn’t working out? Could be the reason for delay. Yes they are older but as long as they stay healthy, i think ok lor.

  3. Congratulations! I hope it is true as Hannah ia too cute! A little brother or sister to play with her will be great!

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