Andy Ng Vanished! Shirley Yeung To Use Pity Card And Win Back Gregory Lee’s Heart?

Since splitting with Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) last year, the public has been concerned as to when child actor, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), will be able to heal his painful heartbreak. Gregory had recently revealed that he met a Chinese-Korean woman, named “Miki”, at the beginning of the year who offered him emotional support, allowing him to find happiness again. However, Gregory’s happiness may be fleeting as it was revealed that “Miki” was a married woman! Plagued by romantic rumors, Gregory confessed that he felt disturbed and had lost sleep for one week! Furthermore, additional rumors surfaced that Shirley Yeung still loved Gregory and may be intent on winning his heart again!

Gregory Vows Not To Be A “Third Party”

Since meeting while car drifting, apparently “Miki” Jinling Huang never told Gregory that she was married in their 2-month friendship. According to Oriental Daily, Gregory stated, “Earlier, I had replied that we have not officially started [a relationship] yet. We are only friends. I did not know that she already has a husband. If that were the truth, I will definitely not be a third party,” Gregory added that the pair has not been in contact since the newspapers published photos of “Miki.”

Gregory: “I Am Not the Father of Shirley’s Baby!”

Gregory admitted that he felt disturbed due to the recent turn in events and intense media scrutiny. Adding to his anxiety were divergent rumors that may not contain an ounce of truth. There were speculations that Gregory was in fact the real father of Shirley’s baby, upon which Gregory said angrily, “If the baby were mine, then Shirley would not have gotten into this mess! That’s ridiculous! From February to May 2011, I was filming TVB dramas and teaching car racing. Shirley frequently stayed at her mother’s house during that time frame. We have not been intimate for several months! How is it possible to have a baby?”

Shirley Yeung Still Loves Gregory Lee?

Although Shirley had given birth to Andy Ng’s (吳帥) child, according to Oriental Sunday, she may still love Gregory in her heart. An inside source revealed, “Shirley and Andy Ng were brought together via Shirley’s mother’s urging. At first, Shirley did not consider leaving Gregory behind, but she eventually became pregnant with Andy’s child and was forced to make a decision.”

Shortly after Shirley broke up with Gregory, rumors that Andy Ng was an “empty shell” who owed rent and carried financial debts surfaced. In January, Andy allegedly went back to mainland China, encountering some troubles and was unable to stay by Shirley’s side when she gave birth last month. “Andy asked Shirley to take good care of herself and vanished!”

Gregory Willing To Help Shirley

Consistent with his past remarks, Gregory appeared to still care about the well being of Shirley Yeung, who was reportedly his first girlfriend. The unmarried mother was expected to return to work in Hong Kong at the end of March, upon which the media will likely focus on the pair’s rumors once again. When a person has dated for such a lengthy time and shared a history together, it was impossible to stop caring about her or him within a matter of months.

Despite breaking up, Gregory professed that he was still friends with Shirley. “However, reconciling is impossible. It is okay to help out as a friend though.”

According to Oriental Sunday, Shirley may have different ideas, as she may be intent on winning back Gregory’s heart. An inside source revealed, “Although she had another man’s baby, Shirley still loved Gregory; otherwise she would not have dated him for 9 years. She understands him very well. If she were to wave the baby in front of his face and cry loudly, his heart will undoubtedly soften!”

Image source: Oriental Sunday

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Jayne: It is unfortunate that Gregory had feelings for a married woman and things did not work out. Gregory’s offer to help Shirley many times and regard her as a friend demonstrate his deep love and concern for her. Some people questioned how Gregory was able to stop loving Shirley after a matter of months. I suspect he did not stop loving her, although realizing that they may have arrived at a point where his trust was betrayed and he was deeply hurt.

The reason for Gregory’s lack of sleep over the last week? It wasn’t “Miki.” I suspect it was the recent onslaught of rumors that claimed Andy had left Shirley. Gregory may have lost sleep because he was very, very worried about Shirley’s well-being.

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  1. Does anyone feel tired reading about Greg and Shirley news? Guess it’s only me..

    I can’t really confirm whether if Gregory’s cannot sleep moment was related to Shirley and etc or Miki.. One thing I know is only Greg, shirley, andy and Miki knows the real story behind this dragging love affairs. Period.

      1. Me too.. I like reading this exciting news with lots of conflicts.. Is it climax yet? Haha

      2. Every time I see Moses and aimee do another wedding event, I want to punch him in the face.

      3. Josie,

        TvB should make a new award for the most fakest couple in the year for Moses and aimee.

      4. Fakest celebrity couple could be a jaynestars poll. The list could include the double Chan’s, Joel and Florinda, tavia and Him Him, Aaron and Lynn, HXM and angelababy, et al…

      5. TY and him him are still pretty new and we need to see their “fake” progress to make judgement but Moses and Aimee have been retending to be loving long enough and even feed each other food thru mouth with their window uncovered! I can’t think of any other couple who knew papparazis are watching yet they still do it for publicity… They certainly deserve an award..

    1. Not as much as those Nicholas and Cecilia news back then. Gosh was that sooooo long winded that I didn’t think it would ever end…

  2. Of course he is not the father. So Andy appears, disappears, reappears and vanished? I think this story is just nonsense. After the way she broke up with him, I think she never intended to return to him. Unless another bombshell; Andy was a fiction. The baby is Gregory’s!

    1. Funn,

      wouldn’t it make more sense that shirley got pregnant by fiction “andy” and dumped Greg? and if Greg is really the bb’s father..why did shirley dumped him and reunite with him agaiN? (to create more publicity to boost Greg’s popularity?) hehe.

      1. LOL, it could actually be true we don’t know. That would explain why Greg’s brother can’t let go and keeps adding oil to the fire.

        Your script would be perfect for a comedy regarding how desperate klf’s are in the HK entertainment business, hehehe.

      2. exoidus,

        If that’s true, then shirley and greg will be the best klf in hk, even better acting than wayne and sheren lol.

      3. Hey, you never know since I think we have seen it all when it comes to the E circle. This all sounds like drama with a lot of twists and turns.

  3. I’m very tired of reading anything about Gregory or his twin or the two timing Miki!

    Hope Shirley forget about him fast & start work asap!

  4. It is easy to criticize Gregory and his “relationship” with Miki. If these dimwits stepped back and truly assessed what was going on with Gregory’s emotions, you can see that he was hurt bad and suffered major depression despite putting on appearances that he was of sound mind and body after being jilted by Shirley. Being in love can do many strange things to people who may not always recognize that they are suffering out in the open for others to see. Just trying to release the hurt and anguish from ones inner self can be difficult if there is no one compatible or willing to listen. In Gregory’s case, this Miki character came to into his life and listened his heartaching sorrow. In Gregory’s mind, he just wanted to talk and air out his personal grief in the midst of clouded and confused judgment that he did not ask or mind that Miki had a significant other. As for who’s the baby’s father, just do a DNA test to end all future rumors. I have been there and suffered through a sceanrio similar to Gregory with an older female consoling me as a platonic friend when I was at my lowest emotional point.

    1. So we should feel sorry for the guy b/c he was rebounding w/ a hot girl? If she was ugly, then maybe it’d be more believable that he simply wanted a friend to confide in.

      If Greg can’t talk to his family or friends, he should see a therapist for professional help. That will prevent another attractive girl f/ “taking advantage” of him.

    2. aptos,

      Did you fall for that older woman who consoled you?

  5. Truth be told, Andy is the real father. If Shirley still loved Gregory, she wouldn’t have dated another guy. This reminds me so much of a Korean drama.

      1. Complicated love drama between them sparks excitement.
        Wow, its nice to see it in real movies played by actual people involved.

    1. I agree that IF Shirley really loved Gregory that much, then why did she leave, deceive,cheat and have a baby with another guy?? That is the ultimate betrayal.

      I was so happy for Gregory that he finally moved on. It is really unfortunate to even have feelings for someone that is dating someone else, but for a married woman! I feel bad for Gregory. It is sad when you have feelings for someone that is already taken. But I guess you get over it quickly if you find out about it early enough. I learned that lesson as well, before you even try to like anyone, you have to first of all make sure if they are single or not.

  6. I don’t understand why some folks are so upset with Gregory in all of this?!? He was publicly dumped by his gf of 9years, she had a baby with another man, and yet people are upset with him? Hello, if anything it’s the tabloids writing all these garbage, they are the ones exploiting the situation to sell magazines! The funny part is people are complaining they are sick of this story yet tabloids can’t stop writing about it, what does that tell ya? someone must like reading this garbage.

    1. I like reading this kind of news. U never know what’s gonna happen next.
      So irony but yet its true that others complain but still have an interest in it.

  7. If Gregory really want to get back with Shirley, I wonder if Senior Lee will forbid. He just said in the other news that Greg is already a big boy and can make his own decision.

    1. That is also a mystery. Will Greg’s dad allow him to make a final decision at last concerning his future?

      Parents should let young people to decide tho’…

      1. I’m 100% sure that senior lee aka greg’s dad will against the idea of shirley and greg reconciliation. Shirley left a deep and rather bad image to the senior Lee and family, I doubt he would forgive and accept her back as family anymore.

      2. Yeah, Ding Jeh would beat Greg. up so bad that even his mom can’t recognize him anymore, LOL.

        He might threatened to cut the father and son relationship with him for even thinking abt. that idea esp. since she already had another man’s child.

        Veejay agree with you im tired of this news already involving one klf plus one soon to be klf, hehe…

      3. LOL on the KLF part..

        yeah really tired of this relationship..

      4. I also doubt that his dad would allow it… Even IF he did allow it, he would not be happy about it at all…

    2. Kidd,

      I think ding Yeh was referring to let Greg pick his new gf on his own. There’s no way he’d let Greg go back to the girl that gave him ‘green hat to wear’. He’d forever be the laughing stock of hk.

    3. Kidd, this is like “playing sands” isn’t it?

  8. It’s interesting to note that Gregory’s comment actually clarified about Shirley’s two-timing. Do note that he said that they had not been intimate in months, when previously, his brother/father was saying that Shirley and Gregory spent the night together on his birthday.

    Furthermore, Shirley was staying at her mom’s house frequently. Were they already fighting? Were they having problems in their relationship? Had she initiated a breakup that Gregory was unable to accept?

    Too many people are willing to put the blame on Shirley, as chinese culture tend to be extremely harsh on “loose women”. Think about how women were drown in pig cages or burnt for promiscuity. Yet a blind eye is turned on many men.

    But I don’t see it that way. Shirley is a MHK and is definitely cute and pretty. Yet she was with the same guy for 9 years, despite his lackluster career and wealth. She could have “jumped ship” at any time in the period, I’m sure quite a number of men would have be after her.

    Having said that, I don’t blame Gregory either. They seemed to love each other very much.

    But there are always outside factors such as a nutty twin brother, a domineering mother and another conniving mom. We think his brother is bonkers from simply reading his news. Trying to live with these people should have been way harder.

    1. Feel the same way. How can one blame her? She’s the star, the Miss HKG & she dated him a nobody for years. This alone speaks volumnes.
      No one relationship is perfect, theirs is not either. So they got into trouble like everyone else & separate- normal!

    2. Totally agreed. I posted a comment in another article on ‘double standard’ for women and men.

      9 years is a long time. Shirley has given up so much for this idiot. TVB froze her (as they do when you don’t keep your relatonship underground and not go to ‘meet bosses’ for dinner), for a period of time she had no series, show appearances, ads etc. She continue to stay with him. If he ‘loves’ her like he says, he could have married her long ago and this child would be his and hers.

      I hope Shirley is not going back to him!

    3. @ Nicole,

      That is actually a great way to look at the situation. It’s so easy sometimes to judge celebrities, and forget that they’re actually just people too.

  9. shirley is the worst women at this time..
    do not pity her.. let her learn the lesson… she deserve the worst…

    1. reading the article it looks like her mother had a lot to do with her hooking up with Andy and forsaking a man she’s been with for 9 years despite his situation. maybe you anger is displaced, and Shirley is a victim of an overbearing family?

      1. If what you said is true, then that is really sad that Shirly cannot even make her own decisions… Hm… she and Gregory seem similar in that aspect. I wonder if that was why they were together for many years???

  10. Such a big mess. They should decide everything faster and don’t make it like a Txb series.

    1. It is not possible for Gregory to be with Miki if she is already married..

  11. i still think the baby is gregory’s. I think she was just tired of gregory in always being at the same level and not having enoug motivation to push himself to be a better actor. I believe Andy was just brought into this mess as a friend to help support Shirley in her pregnancy WITH gregory’s baby.

  12. Read most of news on them today and Gregory seems to do everything now to get Shirley again.

    1. He still loves her. If their love is strong enough, they will reconcile. It’s good for the baby to have a stepfather since the biological father is MIA .

  13. The baby looks nothing like Greg. The baby actually looks like Andy. Hopefully Andy could be man enough and start taking responsibility. If Shirley loves Andy, hopefully she could forgive him for being a con artist with the pretense of a wealthy prince. The child is so innocent.

    1. It is sad if Shirley went for Andy just because she thought he was rich…

  14. Did someone blackmail or used force to cause Shirley to choose Andy over Gregory especially when she knew she was pregnant? If not, she was of sound mind abnd chose to leave Gregory as she thought that grass was greener on the other side of the fence. If rumors are true now that Shirley wants to reconcile, this proves that she made the wrong decision to leave.

    As for the previous viewer, suggesting that I see a therapist may be the politically correct response. Would I feel comfortable telling a stranger who does not know me well at all versus to an older female whom I have been friends with over 10 years and someone I respected as an older sister (platonic as I stated before)? I definitely would choose her to tell my sorrows to and ask for her opinions and advice from a female perspective. Why else are there so many drinking buddies versus drinking therapists? True friends will try to help you out when you are depressed while therapists might try but will receive their fees even if they fail.

  15. Shirley cheated on Gregory. I forgive her because everyone make mistakes but for the child sake I hope she don’t do.bad things to her and give the daughter great care

  16. For a few people’s sake – kneel down and beg for mercy, blame faults on mother, bad mouth the hearthless Andy, use money to buy the target family, lure the sheep with sex and passionate touches: he will be your.

    Otherwise, just stick to whatever TVB offers.

  17. Sorry if this is out of place, but what I don’t get until now is why didn’t they marry after 9 years of dating… If a guy dated me for 9 years and still didn’t propose, I won’t be surprised my mum would ask introduce another man…

    All these articles seem to see 9 years together as Greg’s plus point of a “great guy” but really? … Dating a girl for 9 years and still not commiting makes you the good guy while the girlfriend who may have tried to move one (unfortunately with a unreliable man) ‘deserves it’?

    Just my 2 cents… Now I guess whats left is to just wish the best for all parties…

    1. How do you know Gregory did not propose? You not with them, you don’t know. Maybe he did propose but she reject it, maybe he propose but Shirley’s family didn’t want get married because Gregory is poor. Or maybe he did not propose who knows.
      I dated my husband since we was in college, throughout our 4 years in college he did propose, but I say No married until we get our college degree first.
      So maybe the guy did propose, it just Shirley didn’t accept it.

      1. Glad she didnt accept it if he did propose.
        Never thought he was good enough for her.
        He’s definitely bad for her career!

      2. Sorry but Shirley herself isn’t so great either so I don’t think she is too good for Gregory.

      3. None of them are good. One is either bad at career and another one couldn’t even keep your pants up.

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