Angelababy’s Supporting Role in Hollywood’s “Independence Day: Resurgence”

Angelababy plays a much larger supporting role than expected in the new sci-fi film Independent Day: Resurgence, sequel to the groundbreaking 1996 alien sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day. In this movie about aliens attacking earth, Angelababy plays Rain Lao, a Chinese pilot and lieutenant in the Earth Space Defense (ESD).

Independence Day: Resurgence takes place twenty years after the previous film. The United Nations create a global defense program—the ESD—to defend extraterrestrial threats. Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, Travis Tope, Jessie Usher, and Angelababy play five young pilot fighters in the ESD who are at the frontline in the war. In the film, Angelababy has both English and Chinese dialogue, as well as a brief love line with Travis Tope. Singaporean actor Chin Han (黃經漢) plays Angelababy’s uncle.

Resurgence is not Angelababy’s first Hollywood film. She made her Hollywood debut in 2015’s Hitman: Agent 47, playing the handler of the main lead. However, Angelababy’s screen time in Hitman was minimal, and she only had a few lines.

According to director Roland Emmerich, plans for a two-part sequel for Independence Day has been in the works since 2011. The third film will happen depending on the success of the second film. Emmerich added that he expects the third film to be an intergalactic adventure, with the five young pilots in the lead.

Independence Day: Resurgence opened July 24, 2016 in the United States and China.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Looks like Angelababy got her lips plumped up. Wish she would stop denying PS rumors. She and her husband are the Chinese Barbie and Ken. Anyone seen Mike He recently. He looks like he had a recent nose job and some work done on his cheeks too. Face cheeks, not butt cheeks

    1. @bubbletea It’s funny because she’s always had big lips from her younger pictues and people keep saying she reduced her lip size with surgery (how is that even possible) and now you’re saying she plumped them up. I swear at this point people are just desperately wanting to point something out about her face whether there are grounds for it or not.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly you are right. People will believe what they want to believe. Fans can live in denial of truth staring right in front of them. Yes, people CAN and DO get their lips thinned so yes, it is not only possible, but is happening. Maybe she decided to plump the lips up again. The woman is a walking PS diva. It is the norm in entertainment nowadays. Why celebs deny getting it is preposterous. Fans believing their idols don’t do PS is even sadder.

      2. @bubbletea

        No one here is deyning she hasn’t at least got some work done. That discussion is old, really. But really the trend nowadays seems to be just accuse her of doing something new to her face every five mintues. Without real grounds for that matter. It’s a close up, all features look bigger. Honestly I don’t see any difference between her lips now or any other time after her supposed surgeries or when she got her ‘facial examination’ done:

        Fans who blindly believe everything their idol says are stupid, yes. But people who desperately wants to tear these idols down based on pure speculation are no better and maybe even sadder and pettier.

      3. @peanutbutterjelly I kept quiet about the PS until AB got a plastic surgeon to deny it. I thought that was low, sad and an insult to everyone’s intelligence. All of us are not blind fans who will delude ourselves just because a celebrity deny something. She had a lot of work done, and only a blind fool will differ. It is just pitiful when one does not do their homework before declaring something can’t be done because of idol loyalty. Now That is sad.

      4. @bubbletea Did you even read what I wrote?

        “No one here is denying she hasn’t at least got some work done. That discussion is old, really. But really the trend nowadays seems to be just accuse her of doing something new to her face every five mintues.”

        Which is exactly what you’re doing. If you so strongly believe how obvious it is how ‘she had a lot of work done’ (which, again, I’m not denying) and that everyone who’s not blind can see it then there is NO NEED to constantly point it out. It just makes you look petty.

      5. TV@peanutbutterjelly Everyone knows Angelababy has stuff done constantly, everyone that is, except you. She sets the bar for Asia idols with PS. If I look petty, it is indeed a complement coming fr you
        You sound like a stuck record with your every five minutes mantra. Geez, I thought Angelababy had PS every three minutes instead of every five. She must be getting tired of it, finally, smiles and high fives the wife.

      6. @lmjl18 oh geez, I better not use descriptive adjective, although they may be appropriate, while describing the lying , stupid actions of a celebrity. If I do, it will show how much I hate that celebrity, how bitter I am. The words are used to describe the woman’s action, not AB herself. I guess all of us don’t have the wits to think.

      7. @peanutbutterjelly
        Finally a voice of reason.

        The who did what to their faces honestly, what’s it to anyone ? To berate accuse and slam so called idols without real facts are pretty much sadder then those who follow blind. I’m no fan of Angela B but honestly beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder and to me she looks great.

        And seriously who do the general public take themselves for ? Demanding that the stars come clean with their personal exploits to people that they don’t even know ?

        Come on get real !

        The movie TV industry sells fiction and fantasy. We patronise it for our entertainment and a form of escapism from the daily grind of reality.

        So leave them be, let them do their jobs and we stick to ours and learn to be a kinder, more gracious person (even when behind a computer screen in anonymity) in our own lives.

      8. @lmjl18 no one here, at least me ask AB to come clean or divulge anything. Just keep quiet. No comment is there for a reason. It is an insult to fans and the general po public to deny the obvious. Keep quiet. Then again, some fans blindly believe everything that comes out of their idols mouths

  2. She looks different in every picture I see her. Absolutely not memorable face. And isn’t she tiny to be believable fighter pilot? Ok maybe they do need to be small to fit into the plane. Not interested.

  3. Now I am no fan of Angelababy but I do felt that the PS thingy has been exaggerated a little. She has done something to her teeth that I think makes a lot of difference to her face hence ppl tend to think that she has some major haul. I have seen pictures of her when she was a little girl and she was a pretty child with beautiful eyes and face plus her parents are beautiful ( her dad being part Caucasian) so she has some good genes to start with. That braces she wore or that cosmetic dentistry probably help to enhance her coz her teeth was awful as a teen & affect her overall look.

    1. @nigel
      i think it’s slightly more than the teeth. i agree that she looked pretty as a child and most features are the same, but i think she did some minor tweaks too, not as exaggerated as what they say on the news. i think w/o the minor tweaks, she wouldn’t be as pretty as she looks.

  4. Major supporting role, give me a break… She had about 10 lines in the movie…
    Most of the time she was in the fighter plane giving a confused look….she was only cast so that they get better film distribution in China…

    1. @mulder99 I will say Daniel Wu has a major role in WarCraft but I will also say his voice was so syntesised it could have been anyone. Why wasn’t he cast as the king perhaps? I mean alien land with more aliens coming in, wouldn’t hurt to have a chinese looking king or guardian.

  5. Many people used to say freedalas likes to make fun and criticize on Wong Cho Lam but i see no difference with some people here who likes to criticize AB every single time she has a news. Yes she has PS so what? Why so bitter? Because she’s prettier than you after PS? You guys can get it too. I don’t understand what you get from keep bashing on her.

    1. @joojin sorry but there is a huge difference. People here point out her ps but we don’t mske up lies saying something like her hubby married her for her money. Nor do we make up story that she only married or stay married to her hubby because of his money. People here are way more civil then crazy.

      1. Re@happybi Thank you for being the voice of reason and wisdom. What is here is the truth. Angelababy put herself in the line of fire by continuing to deny and lie about what was obvious, and then pulling that ridiculous stunt with the doctor to the public. That was such a collosal attempt to deceive the public. Then again, she knows she can insult and fool some people cause she pulls their strings.

    2. @joojin if you look through my profile, you will see how many comments I made on Angelababy. If your comment is a dig at me, word of advise, look before you leap, or leap on the right person.

      1. @bubbletea my comment is not targeting anyone so thank you for OVERTHINKING that leap on you. It is indeed true that she had plastic surgery and TBH i’m no fan of her as well. I just don’t get why are people so bitter? You think only AB had PS? I think many of your oldies actors also had at least botox if not major surgery. IDK, for me i don’t really care how much they deceive us (in the case of AB’s refute of PS) because it is not my problem unless he/she overdone to one point that is unhealthy to look at (for instance By2). I prefer seeing on talents/ acting skills. TBH AB acting is not that bad. She’s an okay actress and personally i think she’s convincing in her past movies like Love You You. That’s enough for me to look at an artiste.

      2. @joojin Over thinking is a good thing, thank you very much, especially if done with logic. I might be younger than you so don’t go there about old time artists. PS is the norm for celebrities, as they use their faces as their meal tickets
        It is just that AB chose the most disgusting, laughable and lying way to deny her plastic surgery.

    3. @joojin Angelababy is overrated for something that’s not even real – her beauty. If she was a good actress/singer/talented in something, I would let that slide. But she’s over-exposed for her beauty (again fake) and not her talent. She’s akin to the Kardashian family, just not as trashy. How is it fair that someone can claim celeb-royalty through dropping Gs to a surgeon? She took a short-cut which is absolutely pathetic. At least WCL got to where he is through hard work and time-honed talent. I can’t say the same for Angelababy. To top it off, she’s not even pretty in my eyes – insult to injury. Overrated

      1. @coralie i got what you mean. But unfortunately many people do think she is pretty. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Yes she got famous first because of her beauty but that’s what a lot people think ( if that’s not the case she wouldn’t be this famous ). It is a very hard topic to talk about and my stance is i don’t think we have the right to criticize people when we don’t know them personally. She might have worked hard like any other artiste to get to where she is now. Everyone has some artiste that they dislike and i don’t blame you for disliking her but too bad that’s the truth, she is atleast seen as beautiful by a lot of people and she is famous. The end

      2. @coralie very, very well said. AB is famous for her “beauty”, which is not even natural
        Isn’t that so ironic. She has always been overrated as far as I am concerned. She got famous for doing nothing. She was never a pain to me until she got some doctor to declare she did not get PS. Now that was an all time shameless, lying low class act. Because of her lying, stupid actions, I can’t take her seriously as an artist. It is not even like she wowed us with a movie, drama or a song. Why go to ridiculous lengths to deny PS. I know celebrities get it left, right and centre. It is second nature for them to get it. They have no reason to be Ashamed to admit it.

        Again, I like your comment. Very well said indeed.

      3. @bubbletea
        Wow…. you really do dislike her….. a lot !
        The statements you’ve made all sound so personal… ‘shameless’ ‘lying’ ‘stupid actions’……
        Having read your comments one would really think you know her and her supposed PS doctors and have real hard facts on hand……
        Lets burn her at the stakes ! Duh ….. Hahahahaha

      4. @lmjl18 you can burn AB at the stake. Cause I don’t want to. You can also stop your attempt at being facetious cause you are not making it. Just because I am being generous with my vocab does not mean I hate AB. I am just describing what she did. Are you blind? Are you living in the Hills of No Man’s Land? You write as though you don’t know about the big spectacle with the plastic surgeon making a fool of himself, and of AB in public, trying to deny she never had anything done in the line webof plastic surgery. It was beyond despicable. So before you come here with your sarcasm, lay off me and learn to accept that who you worship is not all natural.

      5. @bubbletea
        You really need a chill pill…. hahahahahah
        Anyway my last reply to you cos you have your opinions and its very much your prerogative to do so.
        Still Chill.
        And try not to make it so personal when replies and comments differs from yours.
        Really have a great day 😉

      6. @lmjl18 then can I bother you to borrow a chill pill from you? Try not to be hard on those who have eyes of wisdom and not idol worshipping to the point of denial. You just give me a chill pill, hahahehe. You give me a chill pill and you take your various pills , we both will have a nice day, especially you.

  6. Lol I really pity AB. Ppl tend to dig up her PS all the time though I am sure many celebs do it as well. And most who had done it will always deny… come on who would admit that they are not natural and that they have had some work done on themselves? Absolutely no one lol! But she seems to have it the hardest! Ppl seem to be jealous of her (since everyone thinks that she has so much PS done yet she can still achieve what she has i.e rich, successful and have a great hubby to boot that simply adores her with a fairytale wedding). Well you just have to give her that she has done well in her own way….. (many ppl can go to the plastic surgeon too to make themselves pretty but not many have had her kind of success I guess. I have a cousin who used to look kinda ugly because of her teeth but she looked so different now after she did her braces. Many will not believe that the teeth can affect a person’s look but it really does. Seeing is truly believing 🙂

    1. @nigel I don’t think anyone is jealous of AB. The problem is the disgusting pointless lengths she goes to to prove her *point* of NEVER HAVING PS done, LOL. There are some American celebrities who admitted to PS when asked about the facial changes, Or when there were rumors about them having had work done. If she had just kept quiet, she won’t be chewed out.

      1. @bubbletea
        Yes, I agree. They should sound more like typical Koreans who most of them admits to plastic surgery since it’s like their everyday life. I think I have said this before, I have Korean friends who said even ordinary people not celebs do simple plastic surgeries like double eyelids or other simple procedures which are still consider plastic surgeries but to them I heard are very easy and super fast. That’s why it became like a trend. Just admit and done w/it. Unfortunately, most ppl still want others to think they are so damn natural when obviously the aging process and makeup will not alter your looks that much. AB I never thought of her as pretty before or after so I don’t get the hype either but oh well……

      2. @kiki well said. And even if some celebrities do not want to admit to PS, then choose the No Comment route, instead of insulting people’s intelligence while making a spectacle of themselves. 96% of celebrities from each country, men and women have work done. Their face is what they depend on for a living. Some will admit, some will not, but the public folks are not stupid at least not a lot of them. Like you said, make-up can only do so much. Very good comment.

    2. @nigel my issue with AB is that she’s trying to dabble into other areas of entertainment where she’s not welcomed. other celebrities might’ve had PS, but at least they have the talent to back up their vanity. AB has no talent. she’s what we call a ‘vase.’ she should’ve stuck to her old job of modeling instead of trying to venture into films and series. what the heck is she doing ruining entertainment for the rest of us?

    3. @nigel how shall I put it….if we don’t talk about her PS, what else can we really talk about? She is not exceptionally talented in other areas beside marrying xhm. I guess next time we can ignore articles about her. Then what’s the point of the comment section? As long as people are civilized in the discussion I don’t see an issue.

      For instance last time you made a comment on why people will find KSH and SJK attractive but you don’t. But then you never watched any of their dramas so you based it on your personal preference. The same can be applied to AB. People see her may find her gorgeous. But people who think she used her PS look to gain fame will find her annoying. Are we bashing? I don’t think so. I watched her in some movies and don’t think she can act. Watching her in Chinese RM is annoying so I stopped watching. At least some of us can say we try to see why she is popular and can only ask….why?

      1. @happybi I understand that this is a forum for people to comment (be it good or bad) but what I am saying is AB always get bashed whenever she appears in Jaynestar lol! Now this article is on her supporting role but people can’t wait to pounce on her PS again. Story on her PS have been going on and on for a long time now but people just won’t let it rest even when the article is not on her looks. Now another thing about her acting, there are plenty of mediocre actors and actresses around who can’t really act such as Charmaine (esp when she first started, she was such a pain to watch ….all her whining etc, Linda and her crybaby face etc…..gosh I shall not go on further) but people improved I guess with experience (after making many mistakes along the way). Why is she famous? I guess she is what the general masses considered to be beautiful though some might not think so! Why is she using PS to gain fame? I guess there are plenty out there and she is no exception if she indeed has done so!

      2. @nigel that is true but liked I said if we don’t talk about her ps, there is really nothing to talk about when it come to her. Time will tell if her acting will improve. My hubby have watched this movie and said he didn’t even realize it was AB in it. Said she barely have any lines.

  7. I have to agree with @coralie
    Angelababy baby is famous for nothing. Her beauty is manufactured and like many of today’s TVB actresses, she is a cheeseburger actress. There is no talent. Yes, One is reminded of the Kardashian family, famous for nothing. Lots of the new actresses are like that too, not just Angelababy. The plastic surgery thing was dying down when she paid some riff raff surgeon to publicly declare she had no PS in her life. Duh, that was so stupid and irrelevant cause smart, commonsense thinking people know the obvious. AB knows how to influence the females and entice the males. If that is her selling point, then good for her, cause it certainly isn’t her acting.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly Actually, I thought she kicked you in the brain and eyes cause you are blind and deaf to see and figure out that she is all plastic and she is not talented.
        BTW, don’t have a dog, When AB kicked him, he disappeared.

  8. I think she’s pretty but natural or not i don’t know. If her looks are enhanced by a plastic surgeon i want to know who he is lol! As for her acting skills or lack of i can’t comment cos i don’t know who on earth she is still i came to this website.

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