Anjaylia Chan to Get Married in November?

Dating for four years, Blue Veins <殭> actress Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) had turned down rich heir Epaphras Wong‘s (黃頌祈) proposals many times in the past. However, the couple was seen looking at wedding gowns on their phones recently, leading the public to believe that the 27-year-old actress finally agreed to get married.

Thirty-five-year-old rich heir, Epaphras met Anjaylia at a church and was immediately drawn to her. Although their relationship started off rocky, where it was rumored that Anjaylia was being pursued by model-blogger Charles Lam (林皓霆), Epaphras turned out to be “Mr. Right”.

The couple even moved in recently together, which allows them to have more time together and make wedding planning easier.

Hoping to keep things simple, the couple’s goal is to have a very low-profile wedding. However, even in the midst of preparing for the big day, the two did not forget to take an evening off from their busy schedules to go shopping for groceries. Laughing and actively holding hands in public, the couple drove back home to make dinner.

Asked if she is planning to get married in November, Anjaylia did not directly deny the reports. She said, “Thanks everyone for your concern and blessings. If I were to get married, I will definitely announce it and will not hide it. In November, I will have definitely have an Anniversary. I don’t know if I will get married then!”

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  1. Might worth to pay money to just listen to how Canto speakers pronounce his name. It would be priceless.

  2. Trust me, they are really a cute and compatible couple! Wishing them the best 🙂

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