Annie Liu Shows Off Athleticism in TV Commercial

Actress Annie Liu (劉心悠) has taken her love for running onto the TV screen. The thirty-two-year-old recently filmed a television commercial that not only shows off her beauty but also challenged her cardiovascular endurance.

Born in Taiwan, Annie left her university studies in Canada to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She earned early recognition for her effort in Hong Kong films, and in recent years sees a rise in popularity following her stint on popular Mainland dramas Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情>.

Known for her interest in running, Annie has made frequent appearances in the Hong Kong Marathon, specializing in its 10-kilometer race. Participating for her eighth time this year, she successfully completed the course on February 16 in one hour and six minutes despite the chilly weather.

An image of good health and beauty, she was recently asked to film a television commercial in Thailand for a skincare brand. Different from her experience on Sunday, Annie had to brave Bangkok’s tropical heat this time around. Although the shoot took place indoors, a power outage shut down the air conditioning and exposed Annie and the crew to humidity and sweat.

Despite this, Annie had no complaints as she ran up an escalator while wearing high heels. She was also asked to run on a treadmill for thirty minutes straight. With her solid marathon training, she accomplished the task with professionalism and ease. Even though the filming conditions were not ideal, Annie enjoyed a good time on the set and is very satisfied with the results, saying that the graceful images helped accentuate her femininity.

Source: Ming Pao

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    1. im sure she has a good health,if she could running 10km in 1 hour then she really has a good condition.skinny ppl doesnt neccesary means bad health,though skinny ppl has lesser chance to get heart disease and diabetes.

      1. Being skinny is one thing but too skinny is not healthy either.

      2. dont agree with that hts,it isnt neccesary so, look at top marathon runners from africa they are all super skinny but they do all have a good health otherwise you cant running a marathon in 2 hours.

      3. When I meant skinny, I meant like aneroxic skinny if you know what I mean….

      4. being naturally skinny is one thing, but that person would have to look naturally healthy as well. however, I believe what HTS is saying, if you look like a skeleton, then it doesn’t look that good. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t look too good when you are a walking skeleton.

      5. Agree with annoymous and HTS. Not saying that Annie is anorexic skinny. There are indeed those who are too skinny which is unhealthy.

    2. she is definitely fit, not necessary “skinny.” That is such a misconception..

    3. Yeah she is very pretty. I was hoping she had more scenes in BBJX because she was so captivating lay elegant and pretty in it.

  1. She did not run a marathon! It is only a 10km run and her time of 1hr 06 min pretty slow for someone who has ran for 8 years!

    1. yes that’s what I thought too… about an 11 minute mile. At least she’s active.

  2. where is the video? that’s the ONLY reason i click on this article hihi

  3. She is beautiful! I remembered her because we share the same last name lau before I changed it to a new last name due to marriage. I love to run too with my neon shoes. 😉

    She has lean muscles and are very slim…doesn’t look aneroxic so calm down ppl. If you have a choice you would die to be in her shape!

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