Bernice Liu Talks About Ex-Boyfriends, Hawick Lau and Moses Chan

Due to Bernice Liu’s (廖碧兒) sudden return to Canada to further her education, many speculated that she had broken up with businessman, Calvin Lo (盧啟賢). However, these rumors may not hold true after all. In a recent interview, Bernice shared that the couple place heavy emphasis on communication and continues to be in a happy relationship.

During the interview, the 39-year-old actress opened up about her dating history. At the start of her career, Bernice met and began dating Hawick Lau (劉愷威) while filming Virtues of Harmony  <皆大歡喜>. The couple grew close as Hawick often helped Bernice with her Cantonese and understanding the drama script. When asked whether she felt it was a positive experience working with someone she was dating, Bernice said, “Of course it’s a good thing. My Chinese improved a lot! Filming for day and night for four years, if you ask if there will be sparks between us? Yes, of course because we are people.”

When breaking up with Moses Chan (陳豪), Bernice was branded a gold-digger who wanted to date a richer man. Bernice felt exasperated that Moses chose not to clarify that they had already broken up prior to Bernice entering another relationship at the time. Bernice said has not bumped into Moses since breaking up due to little time in Hong Kong. “Since he already has a family, I have to send my blessings to him. The most important thing is that the children are healthy.”

Perhaps scarred from multiple failed relationships, Bernice is wary about marriage and has no current plans to get married. With seven dogs to take care of also, Bernice expressed that she is not in a hurry to have children either. Instead, she is open to the idea of adopting children in the future, but may also consider freezing her eggs. On what traits she hopes for her future husband to possess, Bernice shared that her future husband must be someone that is mature and prioritizes family.


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  1. Hawick looks very plastic in that photo, like his face is just froze in place . . .

    1. @elda I remember trying to watch Ruyi, the one where he met and fell in love with Yang Mi, and for his crying scene, the skin on his face could not move! There was so much tears, yet no crinkles in sight, so unnatural so botoxy xD

  2. Isn’t she a bit too old to just start thinking of freezing her egg?

    I don’t understand 35+ yr old female celebs saying “I’m not in a hurry to have children”. If you don’t want your own biological children, sure. But if you do, you better be quick…. female eggs start to go downhill at 30, and the drop is steep when turn 35.

    1. @craziejones No, she is not. Once her eggs are healthy, she can freeze them. She is still a young woman, yes, even at 39. She can freeze her eggs and have a child six years from now if the eggs are viable. Funny there was a recent article and picture here with Sylvester Stallone. His ex wife Brigitte Neilson is currently pregnant at 54. She is really pregnant. I see women delivering well into their late forties, early fifties. Our family friend in New York had a son ay 52, and he is now a seven year old healthy, intelligent normal boy.

      1. @bubbletea totally agree with you I mean look At Janet Jackson one good example she got pregnant at age 50 and it’s her first child too. Some people just don’t understand they think all women equally the same way. Even some younger woman can’t get pregnant due to health problems?

      2. @cutie777 I know not all women are equal. However, it is true that women are on a biological clock. We tend to become less fertile when we hit 35 – egg quality goes down, hormonal levels could change, etc.

        There are many options to give birth to a baby. Maybe Janet’s baby is her own OR she could have had an egg donor.

        You never know the true story. Especially for celebs.

      3. @craziejones Gone is the myth that women should not
        become pregnant after thirty. Women even in their fifties are having babies like crazy in the West, at least. Yes, some older womem are opting for surrogacy, but lots are carrying their own babies.

        A lot of celebs are having surrogate moms and wearing a prosthetic stomach, gaining some pounds, a few not even bothering with the weight gain, and fooling the public that they delivered. That is common in asian entertainment. One guy has two children, not from his wife, cause wifey has a bigger tool than him, and he is packing. Yup, you never know with celebs

      4. @craziejones
        It is true that women have a biological clock and men do too. But if men can still have kids in their 50s then women can have kids later in life too. My mom had me at 39 and my younger brother at 42 and we are fine. My mom’s friend had her last kid in her 50s. With my mom, we were her last kids. It depends on the person and how lucky they are.

      5. @bubbletea
        Well said! I am the same age as Bernice and get very offended when people say that I cannot have kids in the future due to my age. I can tell you My late mom had me at 39 and my youngest brother at 42 and we are all fine. But we were her last kids.

        My brother’s wives are on my case too saying that I cannot have a healthy baby if I do not hurry up. My late parents were so angry at them and anyone who said that to me. They told me to ignore them. My mom said that with technology and so many alternatives, why is everyone so worried that they cannot have kids? She said her friend’s mom had her last kid on her 50s and that child is fine. She is now a doctor. Age is only one of factors when it comes to having kids.

        True that women have a biological clock but men do too. It depends on your luck, health and other factors too not just age.

      6. @hetieshou My mom had me at 40 and I turned out even healthier than my older siblings whom she gave birth to when she was 29. It’s no biggie if the mother’s health is good.

  3. What bugs me is why these men don’t defend or say something in support of these women when the netizens rip apart these women with outrageous lies or quarter-truths. Is it a cultural thing ot what? Maybe someone can be kind enough to explain to me. Lin Chi Ling had to end things with Jerry Yanafter hr had an indifferent attitufr about owning up to the relationdhip, wanting to date only long distancr and leaving Chi Ling alone to face the paps and the netizrns who daid she was making up the relationship to stay relevant in the pubic’s eyes. It was so unfait thst Bernice Liu suffered a similar fate fur to Moses just letting everyone pounce on her.

    I remember having dinner with my best friend and his wife, and while waiting for our car, a young woman fell flat on her face on the concrete pavement. She could hardly walk and her Chinese boyfriend did not offer her a steadying hand. My best bud and I ended up giving her medical assistance until the ambulance came. She ended up with a broken wrist, a broken nose, she lost several teeth and her face was a horrific, bloody mess, all because the boyfriend couldn’t or wouldn’t give her some assistance. This is not an isolated case, I see it all the time.

      1. @dramas4me she had facial and dental surgery after that terrible fall. I can still hear the thud when she facepalmed on that concrete pavement. I went to see her a few times and followed her progress after the surgeries. She admitted she was a heavy drinker, and she started going to AA meetings. She is now sober. And yes hallelujah! she dumped his sorry backside after she came out of the hospital. He was even telling people he does not want her if she has scars. She has one tiny scar that is .1 percent visible if you know about her surgery, otherwise no one is none the wiser.

      2. @dramas4me She is going great. I check in on her family ever once in a while. I do love my heritage and care about my people. I just wish they would get up to speed with some things.

        The sad part is, while we were waiting for our car, they were walking towards us, and she was in front of him by about fifteen feet. She was stumbling all over, could hardly walk. After she toppled over, my buddy and I rushed to her and he came forward only then to say he was her boyfriend. Me thinks he was probably embarrassed by her. If she is good enough to hang out with, he should give her a helping hand when she is drunk.

      3. @bubbletea

        Hopefully she will pick a better man next time. Someone told me when I was young that a true gentleman is someone who treats everyone nice, not just only the lady he is pursuing. I chose my husband by that standard.

      4. @dramas4me “Someone told me when I was young that a true gentleman is someone who treats everyone nice”

        ^ This. I have seen so many times that some guys only treat their girlfriends nicely and treat others like *. To me, this is a huge red flag. The moment you are no longer his gf, he will just treat you like crap as well.

      5. @rika

        Yep. When the honeymoon period is over, the truth will come out. It’s all about character. Money can’t buy character either.

    1. @cutie777 hey, you are right. I forgot about Janet Jackson. Then there is Geena Davis at 46 and then again at 48, Halle Berry at 47, Kelly Preston at 48, Marcia Cross at 45 , just to name a few. These women can afford to eat the best food, take the best vitamins and have the best exercise coaches and nutritionalists in their corner. That way, and with modern medical science, they can have normal, healthy babies at an older age.

    2. @bubbletea Yes. It was bad of Moses for not speaking up. It was reported that TVB was in control back then. Obviously, the company dropped Bernice and stood by Moses yet wanting to milk the couple’s brand.

      1. @tiffany He was the better catch to promote to the audience, so poor Bernice was dropped like a disease. Unfortunately, that is how TVB works.

      2. @bubbletea Yea, I remember Bernice gave a really lengthy interview about the Moses thing as well as her stay in the hospital when she was injured while filming that sitcom from a long time ago (I think it was the one with Roger, the name of which escapes me now)…when she called to tell TVB that she was in the hospital, they gave her attitude and berated her….they obviously didn’t give a crap about her. Of course, we all know that this is nothing new with TVB — they’ve been treating their artists (both current and former) like crap for years now…

    3. @bubbletea

      I find it sad that it is not just the men but women who mistreat their spouse too. Like I have said, I have all brothers so I see things from a guys’ perspective better. Do not get my going on one of my brothers’ wives. I cannot stand her! I believe that whoever mistreats anyone will get karma biting back in their face.

      I feel bad for your friend and hope she is better now and with someone better.

      I know what you mean about the guys’ ditching their girlfriend. What a mean thing to do. I wonder how people will react when girls do it to the guy?

  4. I think it’s great that Bernice has found someone outside of the entertainment world where everyone is in it for their own fame and popularity. Let’s hope she is not using him though.

  5. @hetieshou don’t get me started. Some women can be mean. I don’t personally know you, but I have a lot of respect for you. No one is perfect, heavens know I am not, but you sound like you were brought up with morals, common sense and a whole lotta love from your parents, similar to me. When you made that comment that you are now an orphan, I had tears in my eyes as I have my mom and dad still. I remember jumpimg in my car, going to their place, and letting them know how much I love them when I read your comment. I know all asians are not known to be the the lovey dovey type, but I can tell your home was warm, happy and loving. I know I can be nasty and sarcastic when pushed to the limits but you are one of the people who’s comments I respect and like, even if we don’t always agree. There are quite a few members whose comments I like and respect, those members know who they are, even when they and I don’t always agree.

    Dont let anyone force you to have kids if you don’t want to or if you are not ready. It is your body and your life. Things have changed scientifically and medically, and you can have kids still in years to come. You are still relatively young. As for your brother, he needs to be strong. I bet he loves his spouse to put up with whatever she throws at him. Won’t surprise me if she literally throws things at him. I will keep your family in my thoughts. Karma is a witch and it will bite her eventually, like a pitbull.

  6. Did you all read about Bernice’s BF taking his private plane to visit her in Vancouver? Don’t we all want a wealthy man to take care of us and not the other way round?

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