Bernice Liu’s New Man Calvin Lo Throws $1.9 Billion On Champagne

Lover of wine and food, it isn’t at all surprising that Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) has found new love in entrepreneur Calvin Lo (盧啟賢), who owns a range of different businesses, from insurance to wineries. The businessman owns properties all over the world, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Indonesia, England, and Canada.

In a report by Oriental Daily, Calvin is a huge investor of vineyards and is an influential figure in the industry. A reader told the Hong Kong press that Calvin made an appearance in a French vineyard a while back, and he was escorted into the chateau through the VIP section. It turns out that Calvin is Asia’s biggest purchaser and collector of champagne. His most recent business transaction was forking out HK$1.9 billion for his champagne investments.

In an interview, Bernice was asked about her boyfriend’s business achievements, to which Bernice modestly said she had never asked Calvin about his businesses. However, she is aware of Calvin’s investments in vineyards. Bernice added that, like Calvin, she is also very interested in the wine and food industries.

“I don’t know how many he’s bought,” she said. “I’m not sure if it’s all for himself or just to invest, but different kinds of champagne demands difference prices. It’s hard to say how much one bottle costs.”

As for her relationship with Calvin, Bernice expressed that they are both very busy with their careers, but did praise Calvin to be a caring man. The Infernal Affairs <無間道> actress then shared that she has recently applied to an overseas program of a Canadian university.


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      1. @mangotango it is okay living large, but let us hope that love is also involved. Many women will treat prostitutes like a piece of crap under their shoes but they are doing the same thing, only in a more subtle manner. We all know of a few beautiful women who have married very rich, but sort of ugly men, who if they were not filthy rich, would not even get a hello from these women.

        Then there are those women who gave up their ordinary jobs to become beards to celebs. I can think of three women who married Taiwanese celebs for such reasons. I can think of two who married Hong Kong celeb men. At the end of the day, is it worth it?

        I can only hope that Bernice Liu is in it for love, as well as keeping up the lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to.

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