Bobby Au Yeung Decides to Renew Contract with TVB

Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) has confirmed that he will be renewing his contract with TVB. He will be returning to the studios this November to film a modern drama.

Earlier this month, Bobby and TVB had some misunderstandings while the two parties were discussing about their future developments. Bobby said he was treated poorly when he was trying to discuss the terms for his contract with TVB management, leading to speculation that the actor may decide to end his 33-year relationship with the station.

TVB upper management quickly cleared up the misunderstandings. On June 10, TVB’s Assistant General Manager Peter Au (區偉林) and Director of Drama Production Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) met with Bobby’s manager Lydia to discuss about Bobby’s contract renewal. Negotiations are currently at its final stages.

In an interview, Bobby confirmed that he has decided to renew his TVB contract. He said, “I can feel the respect and appreciation that the company has given me. Mr. Au also told me that he hopes we will be able to continue to work together.”

Although Bobby has yet to sign the renewal on paper, he has reached a verbal agreement with TVB. “I have a really good relationship with Tsang Jeh. She has been looking after me ever since my debut. She knows what I wants.”

During contract negotiations, Bobby said he could feel TVB’s passion and respect towards its artistes. Though discussions with TVB has so far been satisfying, Bobby said that there was still one thing that TVB could not do. “The company will never be able to give me satisfying pay. However, the price that Tsang Jeh proposed was very good. I trust her. I will not make her lose face just because she couldn’t give me an extra $30,000 to $70,000 HKD.”

Bobby said he will be returning to TVB studios to film a modern-day drama this November. Asking if he knows what actors he would be working with, he said, “Not yet. I need to listen to the story first.”

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  1. I’m glad Bobby is staying in TVB hope they won’t fail in keeping GOOD artist like him around! !!!! Can’t wait to see more of him in upcoming dramas!!!

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  3. Bobby Au Yeong is an asset to TVB. It’ll be a loss to TVB if they don’t renew his contract. Can hardly find any nice dramas these days. Recently I watched again all his old drama series like Forensic Heroes I & II as well as Dicey Business. His acting is superbly good and nobody can ever replace him. Keep up the good job, Bobby. Will be looking forward to your new drama series.

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