Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu Treat Each Other As Strangers

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) both appeared in a mainland China event to promote their new dramas. Following the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, in which Bosco and Myolie shared the same stage, this is the second time in which they appeared in the same event together. The ex-lovers did not even say hello backstage, treating each other like strangers.

Myolie had long signified that she was ready to move on with her life, even considering dating other men. Although linked to Wine Beauty 紅酒俏佳人> costar, Ma Tianyu (馬天宇), who is 7 years her junior, Myolie denied the rumors and is apparently still looking for Mr. Right. Suffering heartbreak in the past, Myolie believed that women should be strong and not frequently cry over problems. She still has visions of marriage and hoped to find a compatible man outside the entertainment industry.

Yesterday, Myolie and Bosco appeared at different intervals during the press event and did not share the stage at the same time. Speaking about her role in Wine Beauty, in which she portrays the heiress of a red wine company, Myolie often had to drink glasses of red wine in her scenes, especially when she cried grievously before the camera. Costar, Roy Chiu (邱澤), was flocked by reporters due to his breakup with Tiffany Tang (唐嫣).

Meanwhile, Bosco appeared on stage with costar, Stephy Chi (歲戚) to promote their new drama, Young Sherlock <少年神探狄仁杰>, in which Bosco portrays Detective Dee. Despite reports that claimed that Bosco and Stephy had flirted boldly with each other on set, Bosco was not bothered and only treated the news as promotion for their drama.

When Bosco was asked if he felt embarrassed to run into Myolie at the press event, he said, “We didn’t share the stage. There were no feelings of awkwardness or lack of.” Bosco also revealed that they did not greet each other backstage. “There was no time to say hello since it was so hurried.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. No matter what, I will support both of them. I’m not sure if Bosco really did cheat on Myolie, but no one can judge, because only they know the truth. No need to be judgemental, they are moving on, and that’s a good thing. Sad though, because I’d thought they would get married.

    1. If what Bosco did behind Myolie’s back is true. Then Myolie would a strong faith or reason to move on without feeling regret while Bosco would forever feel guilty and regretted for his action for losing such a faithful partner. Its always the person who cheated will carry such guilt to their life.

      1. You are 100% right Veejay! good for Myolie! i know she hated Bosco that’s why she will never speak with him again ever! Since myolie said she’s not close with Kate I also feel that Kate also is one of the reasons Myolie is heartbroken! That damn Bosco! at least glad he’s honest enough to confess that he and Myolie didn’t greet each other backstage and saves myolie from those Boscolie fans who keep festering her at her weibo! To these Boscolie fans, stop bothering Myolie. Since they don’t greet each other at all annd admitted by themselves, it IS OVER! I hope Myolie can open her heart quick to great people such as kenneth who is actively looking for a good wife before the other girls grab him since he’s a diamond bachelor!

    2. If you really love Myolie you will be happy that she break free from a wreckage relationship and can find her TRUE MR RIGHT. It’s better than get married and divorce or worse to be like Joe ma’s wife, have to stay a mouse forever with joe who keep getting caught chasing younger girls.

    3. I’m a fan of Bosco. Actually I got to know about Myolie was I read about her through Bosco fan page. I only started to watch Tvb dramas around the year 2007 and Bosco got my attention in “Dicey Business”. And surely around that year he was the ambassador of Malaysia KimGary Restaurant and my friend was a huge fan of him. And he came for a promotion and my friend asked me to go with her.After seeing his real-person, I was like..OMGoshh!!! He looks so good!!! Much much better than him onscreen ^^v
      When I heard bout their breakups and all fingers pointed at Bosco, I was furious >.<||
      But after awhile, reading news about Myolie and her recent pictures, I can feel she really am a happier person and she seems to glow into a much beauty person.
      And I agreed that as a gal myself, I been through breakups too. I still maintained a normal friendship with exs whom we parted in good terms.
      As I can see from Myolie reactions, Bosco surely did something that broke her heart badly, thus, the cold shoulder treatment.
      Anyway, just hope they both do well in their career and find their happiness soon.
      But I do always wish they will reunite 🙂

      1. sorry Yen i don’t get you. you said you agree that Bosco is a depicable jerk of a man who had broken myolie’s heart to pieces horribly and you understand her hatred for him as a woman, but if you’re a woman, why would you want myolie to reunite with him? that’s dumb!

        if you really want myolie’s happiness, you will want her to end up with someone will never flirt with another women behind her back, never touches or hug another women, always looking out for her and care for her at every instances, giving her strength and never ever break her heart, which bosco as his despicable flirtatious guy failed to be since he flirted with all his female costars and maybe confusing onscreen romance with real life such as what happened with kate and stephy qi! don’t be selfish.

        myolie deserves better, maybe someone as good as kenneth who is always nice to women. too bad nancy as her her bestfriend is a hindrance for myolie to open up to kenneth, since nobody will date her own bestfriend’s ex. that’s why myolie keep saying she wants her mr right to be from outside the industry.

      2. Excuse me Mr/Ms Sel_fi, I DID NOT SAID THAT BOSCO IS A DEPICABLE JERK! I’m just ASSUMING that Bosco MIGHT HAVE DONE something that broke her heart!
        That something doesn’t means that he cheated on her but it can be a lot of other reasons, eg: his is not a career type of person, they are together in the industry for such a long time n Myolie achieved her QUEEN title but Bosco hardly been nominated. And many other more reasons!
        I’m ASSUMING and not like you, so FIRM with alk ur “BOSCO IS A CHEATER stuffs” because THEY ARE JUST ACTOR & ACTRESSES!
        I know them only by what they wanted us to know, many acts as a gentleman n also angel.
        Just like yup, Joe ma and also the Taiwanese gal Makiyo. They portrayed good image Infront of us but who really can be FIRM that is their true attitude?
        I’m just a fan and as a fan, of course I hope they can get back together!

    4. Honestly, no one knows the truth so who really knows?? The past is the past and even IF Bosco did cheat on Myolie, she has dumped him and he has learned. Therefore, I don’t think we should keep on holding grudges anymore. Everyone makes mistakes and they have both moved on, so we as either fans and audience should as well. Life is short so why dwell over the unhappy past??

  2. It’s very common, once a relationship has ended, couple or ex-couple will often treat each other like stranger. Either they still hate their ex-partner or they simply wanted to forget each other fast!

    1. I think it’s the first. She hates him for life. Good for him! He’s the jerk for heartbreaking such a wonderful woman!

      1. well, how do you know for sure that Bosco has cheated on her? those are just rumours and hearsay.

    2. I don’t think we should all be quick to say that Bosco is bad and Myolie is wonderful since we don’t know either of them personally. It is common for ex lovers to treat each other that way. Heck, even ex friends treat that each other day in many cases, so of course it is even more likely so with ex couples. That is expected so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  3. Ah well good luck to them both….. I like Bosco, his acting has improved in Witness Isecurity…..
    While Myolie being the Tv Queen I expect more from her…. her last few series were only acceptable and not exceptional good…

  4. Lol I saw pics of them attending the event last night I knew they would make huge news about this. They’re still friends

    1. How would you know they’re still friends? Stop assuming! Both Myolie and Bosco confessed to the media that they did not greet each other at all at this event!

      Some Boscolie fans are too annoying.

      1. lol, you’re such a hypocrite. Aren’t you the one assuming that they’re not friends. Stop being such a psycho Myolie fan.

      2. i have my ground. first both of them admitted that they didn’t greet each other backstage, what kind of people don’t greet each other? = enemies. Two, Bosco was quite sticking close with ma tian yu during the press conference from the news pictures, but ma tian yu can have time to take an intimate picture with myolie, how can Bosco has no time? = evidently Bosco and Myolie are ignoring each other. Three, Bosco is apparently still a jerk. He have no reservations mingling with Stephy Qi although they’re still plague with flirting rumours = He clearly has no intention to show his ‘innocence” to Myolie, unlike what some Boscolie fans claimed and wished.

        done my case.

      3. did i read wrong? they didn’t greet each other b/c they were so busy at the function … this makes sense to me. I don’t think it implies anything else other than, they were busy at the function!

      4. AC!!! Gimme 5!!!!
        OMGoshh!! Sel_fi..reading your comments..SPEECHLESS!!!!

      5. i’m speechless at your comment too yen. at one point you said by yourself that Bosco is a bad guy who did terrible things to myolie based on her treatments to him, yet on the other hand you still wish for them to reunite. that’s stupid and is making women such as myolie look so weak to look back towards someone who did wrong things to her, no offense.

      6. AC, I bet she is actually a Myolie hater. Her comments have so much potential to create fan wars between Myolie and Bosco.

      7. wow joey, assumption again? only want to support myolie and care for her future happiness, and get misunderstood for being a hater? great. if people can go to fan wars just because of some honest opinions, that’s dumb.

      8. They both claimed they were friends before this article they already said they were too busy to greet each other it’s not unusual not like they were avoiding each other cause they hate each other. Your comment is biased

      9. My assumptions are based on my opinions of your comments.

      10. Sel_li_wu,
        Exactly, you and all of us should stop assuming as well then. YOu assume that Bosco is a jerk and Myolie is an angel and that they are not friends. HOW do you know fore sure?? You are assuming this and that, so why can’t we??

      11. @joey: I think there is a basement for your comment. Sel_fi_wu has an old account in this site as “vivien” who claimed herself as a hater of Myolie. But at the same time, she has another account “lol” who is a Myolie fans. The only common character of both of her old accounts and this current account is an unlimited hatred to Bosco.

        I’m not a Bosco fan myself and I like Myolie more than Bosco, but reading “Bosco is hell, Bosco is evil” parody from that fan is really tired. She can’t get a fact that the artists are not angels. Overall, it’s so crazy.

      12. @ Fox!! HAHAHAS!! Lorr!! If that is true, he/she got that many accs, 1acc ❤ myolie 1 acc 凸 Myolie and now another acc to 凸 Bosco, he/she MUST HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER!! HAHAHAHAS

  5. Boscoe and Myolie should be left alone as Myolie made it quite clear that the affair is over and she meant it.

    1. I know! This is hard for Myolie! The reporters should leave her alone! She’s already repeatedly saying she’s looking for a new relationship already and they are over and done forever!

      1. It is not only hard for Myolie but for Bosco as well. When a couple breaks up, it is hard for the both of them and not only one person.

  6. Well….what else did you think they’d do, high five and hug each other? LOL. Myolie is too cool for Bosco now, cause shes the QUEEN.

    1. Inner happiness is more important than TVB King or Queen

  7. Bosco seems very tired lately, as if he’s not sleeping enough. He’s looked this way since breaking up with Myolie, as if there is a deep sadness lurking in his eyes.

    1. by your logic jayne, good for him! he deserves this after doing such a terrible thing to myolie! i know myolie is happy everyday now and more than happier to be surrounded and receiving love from kenneth, ma tian yu, and many other pursuers that myolie said nancy introduced to her! breaking up with bosco to me is one of the best thing that happened to her ! love her makeup and confident face in the picture.

      1. Seriously Sel_fi_wu, you have issues. Loving and supporting your idol, Myolie, is fine, but to want to wish someone pain is absolutely sick. Maybe you should take a look at yourself first before you criticize other people being jerks or what not.

      2. Why is it that everyone is determine Bosco is the one at fault ? Why can’t we say Myolie dumped Bosco coz she figures out she can get someone better ? I can see her happily smiling with self confidence after ending a 8yr relationship. I am not taking side. It’s just unfair unless we know the actual truth.

      3. Well said Victoria!! It is sick and it is sad when someone can be so bias…

      4. @CC, not everyone, just one person in particular.

      5. @joey..HAHAHAS!!
        Correct!!! And we know who is that person!!
        Not sure it’s a he/she but lorrr the comments written by that person simply LORRRRRR!!!!

    2. Are you implying Jayne that Bosco is heartbroken by the break up? Is he just not busy working back to back films? He seems to be drowning himself in work lately. As if he is putting work has his main focus, perhaps to numb the pain of his loss?
      I really do wish the very best for myolie, she deserves to be happy, so does bosco. They both seem like fun loving, good people. I hope everything works out well for the both of them either together or apart 🙂

      1. Joey,
        Bosco seems to be a changed man since breaking up with Myolie. He used to love socializing and sounded very upbeat in interviews. However, he’s mentioned that he will only go back to his hotel room after filming in China and invite friends to his Hong Kong home instead of meeting friends for drinks. Furthermore, he mentioned that he is not a good boyfriend since he is not attentive enough.

        And based on how he looks in recent photos, Bosco seems to look tired and gives off a vibe that he is not quite happy. Obviously the end of a long-term relationship requires a transition period and he is markedly different than his old cheerful self.

      2. Jayne: I just posted some pictures of Bosco laughing and smiling naturally on this exact occasion but the comment is awaiting moderation. Request to release….:D

      3. P/S If that IS Ma Tian Yu, wow, can’t recognise him! He has certainly changed, for the better. Did see some pictures of him shirtless (or maybe opened shirt) looking gorgeous. Bosco can step aside for the next generation of idols. And Ma Tian Yu can act.

      4. Yeah.

        Name: 马天宇 / Ma Tian Yu;
        English name: Ray Ma;
        Profession: Actor and singer;
        Birthdate: 1986-Jul-12;
        Birthplace: Dezhou, Shandong, China

      5. Jayne, Bosco looking tired could also be because he is filming non stop. And he may also be lonely as well.

      6. Funn,
        Bosco doesn’t seem happy recently. Filming in China is not as tiring as filming for TVB. If he goes back to hotel to sleep after filming in mainland, he should be getting adequate rest.

        Can’t get that image of Bosco staring longingly at Myolie at the 45th Anniversary Awards. I hope the best for Bosco and Myolie going forward.

      7. Bosco is an excellent and charismatic actor on his own, and I don’t think there’s a big gap of looks between one of the prettiest boy in China(Ma Tian Yu) with Bosco IMHO.

      8. Actually there is. One is fresh and young, the other looks sorta wasted. There is a very huge difference. But fame wise, is a different matter. Bosco owns the fame now, but I have no doubt Ma Tian Yu will soon reach that stage, perhaps to a wider audience if he goes movies that goes international. He is an ambitious young man.

        Bosco seriously needs to rest more, gain more weight and be happier because right now I see an exhausted tired looking man where his good looks is about to be ruined by his tiredness.

      9. That’s demeaning Funn Lim, sorry. No matter how you do not like Bosco and is supporting Ray Ma, telling an aspiring actor to step aside is not a good morale. They can co-exist. He may not be good in your preference, but there are people like me who think he’s a charismatic actor who can act. Especially in his latest movie with Stephy.

        Sorry for my frankness, I just do not like it when fans tell other actors to “step aside” just because they want to prop up their favorites. I see it happened too much lately especially online.

      10. And yeah, Ma Tian Yu is young, prettier, more handsome and fresh. Bosco looks older than Ma Tian Yu and darker and more tired and not as pretty. I do not deny this. However telling Bosco to “step aside” just becuase he’s not as good looking as Ma Tian Yu is like killing a 32 year old actor who worked hard to improve himself as an actor. Ma Tian Yu has his own place as a young, handsome artiste and Bosco also has his place. No one needs to “step aside”.

      11. As clarification to earlier comment, I did not say there is “no gap”. I said there is “not much gap”, and as written above, yeah; I admit Ma Tian Yu looks more handsome, prettier, fresher, fairer and younger. Yet I do not think Bosco looks ugly either standing next to Ma Tian Yu. However since people’s aesthetic views are different, I surrender now.

      12. I am sorry. I must be affected by some Monday blues 🙁

      13. I agree with Abligail that Bosco dun look bad in the pic with Ma Tian Yu. His face dun seem to be sad or tired in that picture.

      14. What is demeaning? I am not saying he should step aside now. I am saying in time to come he will have to step aside for the younger stars in terms of idolship. It is a reality of fact.

      15. I don’t see the sunny side as you see in that ad. It is sunny in so far as the image projected but he looks exhausted.

    3. I, on the other side, think Bosco looks better recently. He looks tired, but better.

    4. I actually think there’s a change in Myolie’s eyes as well. Maybe not tired, but it was so depressing during the days they split but that’s understandable. But ever since, her eyes appear different to me now. It can’t only affect one of them of course as they both loved and lost.

  8. Someone recorded the trailer for Wine Beauty at this event:

    I want to see this series when it comes out but I’m too lazy to follow along to subtitles since I don’t understand mandarin.

    Firstly, they were representing different series so it’s normal they didn’t any chance to communicate.
    Secondly, were there any pictures of both of them backstage giving each other cold treatment?
    Lastly, it is understandable for them to avoid each other, given there were so many reporters present. Do you think they want a story on them reconciling in China?

    1. omg please, so you think bosco and myolie are ‘lying’ about not greeting each other? suit yourself. i believe myolie won’t lie.

      from this new information i got from netizens, bosco, ma tian yu, stephy qi, and one unknown cast were clinging to each other for most of the time they were at the event, proven by pictures. how come ma tian yu and myolie has the time to get cozy with each other as proven by myolie herself, and bosco and myolie didn’t greet themselves at all? proof that these two purposely ignoring each other. if they want to, they could meet and greet each other backstage.

      1. Lol. Did I say they were lying? I said they didn’t greet each other cos they represented different series. Where did I say they greeted each other buy said they didn’t? Can you read?

        Myolie and ma tian yu are good friends. Obviously bosco and myolie are not good friends, but doesn’t mean they are enemies. And I said before, letting reporters snap a picture of myolie and bosco together would mean endless stories. They are smart enough to know that.

      2. proof from Singpao news that bosco was with ma tian yu throughout the entire event, yet only ma tian yu went to myolie’s side. showing that myolie and bosco definitely ignoring each other for good! great!


      3. ‘为了避绯闻,黄宗泽一直「黏」马天宇,从化妆到上台,形影不离’

        Thanks for this. You just proved Bosco avoided Myolie because he didn’t want any rumours, not because they hated each other. Ma Tian Yu, as a friend of both Myolie and Bosco, has the freedom to do whatever he wants.

      4. what? no! what i think the statement implied was bosco was only sticking to ma tian yu because he wants to avoid rumours [with other actresses such as stephy qi or others] while proving that he and myolie avoided each other in purpose which i think rooted from their unfriending each other! in no way does it meant bosco is avoiding myolie to avoid rumours in my understanding.

        as expected you must be boscolie fans who are quick to twist anything into some fanserving boscolie fanfare. impressive.

      5. why else would bosco who was sticking to ma tianyu throughout suddenly left ma tian yu and myolie alone if bosco and myolie are not ignoring and not greeting each other on purpose because of the bad break up between them? pretty evident that they have the chance to meet backstage from ma tian yu’s picture with myolie but because of their bad break up, that’s why bosco and myolie ignore each other for good. only my honest opinion.

      6. I think the statement implied….I think rooted from…

        LOLOLOLOL. Who’s the one twisting “为了避绯闻” into what you wished actually happened?

        FYI, I’m a Myolie fan, not a Boscolie fan. Do you see me rooting for them to get back? I just don’t happen to be a Bosco hater.

      7. LMAO. Please don’t speak as though you were there the entire time.

      8. Sel_fi_wu you seem to be very bias against Bosco and love Myolie to bits. No wonder everything you say is so anti Bosco.

  10. i think myolie still could not let go the past and still hates bosco deep in her heart. hence so ignore bosco till now.
    bosco on the other hand still have feelings for her but due to the ignorance of myolie he can only accept this fact with pain. poor bosco.

    1. I don’t think she hates Bosco but does feel a bit awkward being around him. I have a feeling that she doesn’t hate him for some reason…

      1. see you tell me to stop assuming but you are assuming as well. whatever then, since each for her own opinions. this is a free world 🙂

      2. I have the same feeling as you. It’s not possible to hate someone and be so happy at the same time. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Myolie is happy now.

      3. Exactly!!! But I am not extreme like you Sel_fi_wu and as I said “I Think” and “I feel”. However, the way you say it is not like that.. This is a free world but sadly some are too strong opinionated and think they are the ones that are right and can’t respect what others think(not saying you, but just saying in general).

    2. After a bad breakup, it’s pretty hard to be “friend” again. Saying that they feel comfortable to see each other is just a lie. But they don’t really come to the end of the road to bash or hit each other, that’s good enough. And they have to avoid the gossips such as Boscolie reunite or blah blah. So their actions to treat each other cold is suitable at this moment.

      1. but somehow i feel that myolie’s love for bosco is very deep,and i think she also still loves bosco but doesnt dare to give bosco another chance because she is afraid to be hurt again.thats why she is evading bosco till now. i think she loves and hates bosco at he same time. i think bosco isnt so bad at all,and seeing he confessed his fault in interviews,he is a honest guy.

      2. I really doubt that Boscolie can be back once again, although I hope.

  11. No one is assuming they are friends they said it and confirmed themselves that they are friends several times. Just because they were at the same event and didn’t acknowledge each other it does not mean they hate each other that is the most ridiculous thing ever lol. No one confirmed what the break up reason was and nor should we assume Bosco cheated. Priding yourself with joy by making disgusting and hateful comments towards him is just sick. It’s not like you or anyone else besides them were present when they decided to part ways. I get that some love Myolie but blaming Bosco is unnecessary

  12. bosco still wants the relationship back and myolie doesn’t.but she still have feelings on him. just a little. so it’s quite awkward if both of them greet each other.

  13. seven years is a very long relationship. I have only been broken up for a few months. They need time away from each other. There is no need for them to be friends, but doesn’t mean that they’re enemies or hated each other’s guts.

    And cheating is not always the reason behind a breakup. It’s ridiculous to assume so.

    1. the sentence **I have.. ** should be **they have only been broken…**

  14. kenneth really really likes myolie 😛 hahaha. but myolie…

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