Bosco Wong Kisses Guys at Angela Tong and Chin Kar Lok’s Wedding Party

Hong Kong celebrities partied away at TVB artists, Angela Tong (湯盈盈) and Chin Kar Lok’s (錢嘉樂) wedding banquet last night. Since the couple had many friends, the wedding banquet presented a rare opportunity for such a large number of celebrities to gather together and drink to their hearts’ content.

Samantha Ko Catches Bouquet

The high point of last night’s party came when it was time for the bouquet toss. Even Jackie Chan (成龍) joined in for his lucky chance. Bridesmaid, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was dragged to stand in the center front, making her appear embarrassed. Standing two points away, Samantha Ko (高海寧) ending up catching the bouquet.

Meanwhile, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Amigo Chui (崔建邦), appeared to have reignited their sparks. They intentionally kept their distance initially, but after midnight, Amigo was spotted holding Natalie’s hand and gently massaging it. The pair kept a low profile, but it was obvious that the on-again, off-again couple was back together.

Bosco Wong Kisses Guy Friends

Groomsman, Michael Tse (謝天華), jammed away on stage with Jason Chu (朱永棠). They were joined by new Young and Dangerous’ <古惑仔> Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) onstage while singing the film’s classic theme song, Friends for Life <友情歲月>.  Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) grabbed the microphone from Oscar to join them onstage.

Bosco lost all inhibitions last night, dropping kisses on his male friends’ lips after downing a couple of drinks. Afterward, Bosco said that he was very clear-headed at the time and was not drunk. “I remember kissing several guys. They are all of my good friends. I only kissed guys and not girls. There’s no need to be scared!”

Guests Partied Away “Gangnam Style”

Wilson Chin (錢國偉) released a hilarious parody of Korean rap star, Psy’s Gangnam Style online earlier. Wilson demonstrated the live version of the popular dance at Kar Lok’s wedding banquet last night. Catching in the fun, Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) joined in the dance onstage after he became flushed drunk.

When Wilson’s girlfriend won the airplane tickets to Thailand by guessing correctly that Angela was pregnant with a baby girl, King Kong (金剛) teased Wilson relentlessly that two tickets would not be enough. “When you normally fly, you need two tickets anyway! You take up two seats on the plane!”

“The Champion Drunk King” was once again Eric Tsang (曾志偉), who was known for his love of drinking at parties. He fell into an immobile drunken state last night and became a human photo prop. Guests came up to him, touching and pinching him, but Eric continue to sleep. At the end of the night, Eric had to be wheeled away in a wheelchair and driven home.


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  1. In chinese weddings, you pay for the banquet and the guests will drink till to an inch of their life.

    1. As long as they don’t drive back home, I’d say, drink on.

      Ekin sang ‘The Same Second’ during bridal march, at request of Ka Lok. He also invited Jacky Cheung to sing at his wedding, as Angela idolized him. Hahaha Ka Lok is actually quite romantic but shy.

      1. She definitely married “up” when she married him. Chin Kar Lok is quite a force in the HK entertainment world. I would never have thought they could be a couple since Angela seems so westernised but Chin Kar Lok has always managed to snatch the pretty sexy ones. He must be a romantic.

      2. Angela is very traditional inside. Watch the interviews and you’ll know she’s the sweet, doting wife (and oh, those giddy giggles she makes while answering). I remember watching interview where Ka Lok said he fell for her silliness and caring personality – she always make food for him. He thought he was ‘special’ until he realized she makes food for other friends too. LOL.

        Chinese lyrics for Ekin song here. Good choice Ka Lok 🙂

      3. Ka Lok really knows how to network just by looking at the list of celebrities that showed up. He even got Jacky Cheung (“gor sun”) to serenade them! Wow…

      4. He has been in the industry for a very long time. He may not be much as a TV actor but I do believe he is successful as a stunt coordinator.

      5. Gar, Ka Lok is a successful stuntman and action choreographer. He was nominated for Golden Horse Award & HKFA. He is quite low profile, but you can see that he directed action sequence for many hit movies, including the recent Cold War.

  2. eheheh What a party! reading about it is so much fun!!! Such a happy event for sure!!!

    1. no not my dream guy, then how can I have a chance? 🙁 lol, jk I don’t think I would date my idol.

      1. Nah, some of my guy friends does that when they get tipsy. Just remember to snap some pictures for ‘keepsake’ later! Kekeke!

      2. lol I know, actually my guy friends do that too, I do have some pictures of them at home. It is funny to show them those pictures the day after, they get so embarresed 😛

      3. Well they say that alchohol removes the inhibition and lets people do what they’d really like to do when not thinking. So maybe we’re seeing a side of Bosco he’s trying to hide? I mean… take a look at what he wears sometimes. Sometime he was dressed more femininely than Myolie!

        This is also why guys tend to try to get women to drink on dates -.-

      4. it’s not always like that. Sometime we actually just do stuff like that for the fun of it. Good friends treat it as a friendly kiss no need to mean anything. I can say it out of experience.

        I admit Bosco’s style is sometime really how to say it alittlebit feminin lol, but it’s not far from how Korean or Japanese guys dress, so it don’t need to mean anything els. It’s fashion I guess.

        Guys who makes girls drinks like that on clubbing I call them desperate perverts 😛

      5. Well, I can honestly say I’ve never felt the desire to kiss another man… especially on the lips 😛

        Women however…

      6. I can’t imagine myself kissing a girl either but I guess for them in the entertainment industry, kissing someone doesn’t mean that much.

    2. Bosco dressed normal and looked nice until I saw he was carrying a clutch man-purse.

  3. Sounds like everyone had a blast at the wedding! I always enjoy hearing about these star studded parties and the things that happen at them.

    1. Listen to those stories makes me really wish I was there to see. Wonder if they had karaoke? lol

      1. Yeah, I wish I could have been there even as a server to witness everything first hand…lol

  4. maybe bosco is craving for some affection cause he aint getting none from myolie anymore!

    1. I think he’s just finally letting loose after all that he has been feeling over the last little while.

    2. So Laughjng and Wai Wai are the ones who gave bosco some sugar? 😀

  5. i don’t know about right now but back in the old day. Ka Lok got a great body.

  6. Bosco is desperate for attention. Why would he rather kiss some dude than some girl. Gay!!!!

    1. Uhm ok Bosco is just laying back and having fun with his friends. Those kiss I believe is just for the fun and called friendship kiss. No need to have deeper meaning than that. If we girls can do it then why can’t guys. (I believe you find that gross too?)Have you been to night clubs before? It happends there all the time.

      And why he don’t kiss girls, hmm…He was just in some negative rumours after the split with Myolie, I don’t think he want to get another negative rumour, and I can guarantee you 100% with those reporters then rumours will start faster then anything. Bosco is smart to stay away from girls or at least not creating any new rumours again before everything is 100% calmed down.

      1. I think it’s because he learned his lesson from the past.

        Even he want to change the image a bit after the breaking time with Myolie. for then to see if Myolie trusts him again.

    2. Um, 1) What is wrong with homosexual? And gay literally mean happy in the dictionary.

      2) It’s a party, they can do whatever they want, it’s the 21st century. If girl can kiss girls as friend/1st time meeting/ good bye etc… then so can guys and I seriously don’t get how Bosco got label as gay when other of his guy friends also kiss him??

      On another thoughts: What did he do to be label as “desperate for attention?” It’s a wedding, they like to bring him up on magazine versus other stars…

      1. Girl kiss girls cuz they are lesbian or bi. DUHHHH. You guys are gay then we can label you as gay. DUHH Nothing wrong with being gay. If your a girl, then I hope one day your bf kiss whole bunch of guys. Hahahah

    3. Guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls for fun at a party doesn’t mean they’re gay!

  7. It must have been one very enjoyable night for them all at Kar Loke and Ying Ying’s party. It is during this time that they really let their hair down, judging especially from Boscoe’s antics. Eric had even to be wheeled home. Fantastic!

  8. Bosco is a smart guy certaintly had the press “working hard” lol

  9. Wow big wedding with lots of celebrity, I didn’t know some of these celebrity attended (Sheh and Jackie for example) ^O^

    What wonder what was the game they play on the guy from the bridesmaid ?? ^.^

    1. I think the groom had to put stocking over their head, and Ka Lok drank some mix of wasabi and pickled tofu, which he though was Annie’s breast milk lol. But I’m not sure if this is what you mean with the game.

      I know it was a lot of celebs but with the connection Ka Lok has in the movie industry then it didn’t suprised me that much.
      They also had Jacky Cheung at their wedding which made me jealouse lol. Seriously if he sang for my wedding I would have cried so much during the song.

  10. This looks like a fun party with lots of top HK celebrities having fun. I wish I was there just to watch them loosen up.

  11. Looks like a very happening wedding party.

    Envy those banquet waitress/waiter. I wouldnt mind working for that night free of charge.

    1. HAHA, me too. I’d definitely work free of charge to these events.

  12. still never got the gangnam style craze
    sounds like they all had fun

    1. not as we know. And I actually don’t think he is gay. I just think he was laying back for once and having fun 🙂

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