Carina Zhang Makes Breastmilk Soap For Her Daughter

40-year-old Raymond Lam (林峯) and 30-year-old Carina Zhang (張馨月) quietly welcomed their first daughter in September. For a healthy and speedy recovery after giving birth, Carina had been staying at a luxurious postpartum center in Shenzhen, China to accommodate Raymond’s filming schedule.

After weeks of speculation, Raymond and Carina confirmed the birth of their child in late September. Since then, Carina has been diligently updating her social media about her life as a new mother, and most recently, she shared that she has been spending her time making organic, natural breastmilk soap for her month-old daughter.

To lower the risk of diaper rash, baby eczema, and other skin-related conditions, Carina has been washing her daughter with breastmilk soap she made herself. Yesterday, she shared photos of her entire breastmilk soap kit, including the silicone molds and the finished product. She said it only took two hours to make seven bars of soap.

“Breastmilk soap production a success!” she wrote.



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  1. its not necessary what a waste of breastmilk BB gets nutrients from mommies milk and she used it on soap plus diaper rash is when u waited to long to change the diaper skin related conditions mostly is inherited from the parents or whatever the mother is eating and chinese ppl have a list of food that pregnant women shouldn’t eat anyways i hope she medically save the bb umbilical cord for future use now that the most important

    1. @sherla1019
      eczema is genetic and environment. a pregnant woman could eat nothing and the baby still gets it. don’t carry on the ancient “wisdom” to blame women when anything goes south with the children.

    2. @sherla1019 her milk,,, her baby…she could do w.e she wants. Maybe she has a lot of extra extra milk? We dont know. And sorry, thats disturbing… not everyones going to keep the babys umbilical cord lol. You sound like some old school mom from centuries ago lol

      1. @aktf you do know that there’s a service for that now. It’s called core blood banking. It’s actually a “new school mum” thing.

    3. @sherla1019

      We do not know her situation so maybe we should not judge. Maybe she has a lot of milk? My former friend said that her uncle drank his wife’s breast milk which I found strange… But I must say I have never heard of these breastmilk soaps before.

    4. @sherla1019 lol why are you judging her? Her milk. Her baby. She can do whatever she wants. No such thing as a waste. Especially if she has alot. Jeeze people are so judgemental nowadays on social media. Every little thing that new mothers does is considered wasteful, wrong, dangerous etc. Which makes new moms even more less likely to ask for help if they needed it.

  2. i hope whomever that use these soaps are fully aware of what it is made of. Though completely safe and sanitary, most people might not be okay with touching it….

    1. @m0m0 haha….I concur. Awww….:0/ RL sure finds a productive and frugal one this time since they are all so critical about the other Karina. ahha lol..This one at least takes her time to do something like this even thou to me that was weird. haha

      1. @wm2017
        yeah, what she’s doing is definitely very respectable and motherly. she sounds like a very hands on mom. good for her family!

        she’s a better choice than karina.

      2. @m0m0 Well, I still don’t get all the negativity w/the ex Karina? I mean, she was young and dating a rich 2nd or 3 whatever generation so she got all goodies and attention from him. Was it her fault? Dude took away her most youngest years and pretty sure it was beneficial for both so I didn’t get why all that negativity w that ex. haha lol….I don’t like RL or ex or this current so just saying I didn’t get it. haha lol..

      3. @m0m0
        Funny thing is my best friend who is a big fan of Raymond said that same thing. She did not like his ex and thinks this one is a lot better.

      4. @hetieshou Fans only get to know Karina gen. 1 (lol!) from tabloids and the media kept portraying her as some kind of gold digger. Whether she is genuinely a gold digger or not, only RL and she herself knows.

      5. @rika
        Totally agree and the media sure has lots of power. Plus, the background of the other Karina was poor while this current one is more well off. Therefore, we all get that impression. This one is older too while the other was younger.

  3. Celebrities really aren’t like us regular people. When my baby was 1-2 months old, all I wanted to do was sleep. I did have help from family, but it was still exhausting with taking care of the baby and pumping.

    And breast milk is gold. Whoever said, “Don’t cry over spilt milk” did not mean breast milk. She must have an offer-supply, because I can’t imagine working that hard to pump it to use in soap. Especially this early.

    I don’t understand why the soaps are colored. If she wants them hypoallergenic, best not to add dyes. Makes me judgy that this is more for attention.

    1. @potatochip seriously though baby do not need soap >_> not in the first 3mo anyway >_> also what’s other ingredients she used other than breastmilk, this sound like she wants to market a business than being motherly >_> and yea, breastmilk is precious. It still works the same if say the leftover milk is put into the bath on the same day. Less work and possibly a lot better for the baby’s skin (coming from a mother with 2 badly eczema babies >_<)

    2. @potatochip It has less to do with her being a celebrity than the fact she married into a rich and prominent family. More money means more resources to help her with the baby.

    3. @potatochip In my place, there are so many normal moms make soap from breast milk and they teach others how to do that. I don’t understand the backlash for it because moms can have a lot of breast milk or the outdate frozen breast milk. I did have to throw away about 10 liters of outdate frozen breast milk. Who know if she has a lot of spare breast milk. I did make the soap, too and it takes just 1 hour to get done. Not that hard.

      I agree on the colour. Shouldn’t put the colour in, even the natural colour.

      Btw, when my baby was 1-2 months old, it was my best time ever. All he did was sleeping and I’m so free. The older he is, the less time for sleeping I had. So I think it is up to each baby. Some have free time when baby is very small, some doesn’t.

      1. @alluka I agree, there are many moms that make soap with breast milk. That’s not new or anything to have a backlash about.

        But I marvel at how a mom of a 1+ month old is able to do all that. Usually, the babies are older, breast milk supply more established, to be able to use it in other things like that. Babies at that age need to feed every 2-3 hrs, each feed lasts 15-30 min, burping another 5 min, if with reflux, add 25 min upright. If pumping, you need to express breast milk/feed at the breast at least 6-8 times to maintain a supply.
        Pumping took me 20-40 min, with actual pumping time and clean up. She likely has help, so doesn’t need to bottle feed, burp, or clean up, but breastfeeding and espressing milk still takes a lot of time. Therefore the math works out to having an hour or maybe 2 between feeds, and with 8-12 feeds a day, you might have 10 interrupted hours to eat, shower and sleep to yourself as a new mom.

        I am exhausted just thinking back to that time. I did it 4 times, the first being the worst because of the newness and recovery from birth. I work in pediatrics, it is rare for me to see a first time mom with that much energy at this age.

        Again, I am amazed that she can do this but it is not typical. I almost wonder if the baby is older than 2 months because that makes more sense with building up milk supply timeline. Breast milk can last 3-6 months in the freezer, so probably not using outdated ones yet.

      2. @potatochip well as I said, it is up to the baby. Some babies sleep more (like mine). I pumped 3 times per day while my baby slept and still have enough time to sleep in first and second month. I have less time after 3 months (especially when he was in wonder weeks).

  4. Yucks what an awful photo! People can take such shots for all I care but puhlez keep them for private viewing ewwww!

  5. What a wasting breast milk I’m sure her daughter needs the milk more than she needs the soap. Imagine she’s opening her own business as a breast milk soap company? What about this Carina? How come nobody calls her a gold digger? She can’t be famous so she has to married into a rich family to get famous because her mom wants her to be famous?

    1. @cutie777 LOL..Omg…exactly….How come no one is calling this nobody a gold digger too right? She dated for a short period and got knockup but that super young one dated for years and that’s all she got…gold digger to her name. This one is even more a of a nobody? haha lol…So weird!!

      1. @wm2017 FYI, they dated almost 3 years before getting marrid. Right person, right time, right marriage.

        Carina isn’t called a gold digger because she is rich and she doesn’t work in the industry much for years (just occasionally join some events) so getting married with an artist doesn’t help her to get anything in her career. She doesn’t aim to become a famous artist.

      2. @alluka
        The media portrayed the other Karena as poor so is trying to climb to the ladder. This Karina is more wealthy I think and is portrayed in a better light by the media.

    2. @cutie777 not really of waste. There are moms with a lot of breast milk and frozen breast milk should be kept for just 3 months. For the remained breast milk, what you think they should do? If she has enough breast milk for her baby, then what she does with her spare breast milk, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes people give away the spare breast milk to others however in pandemic time, people don’t do that.

      Nobody will open a breast milk soap company! The breast milk is limited for a period of time and the soap only can last for about 2 weeks. It must be crazy to open a company, lmao. The input expenses will kill the company from day 1. They just normally make breast milk soap to use for their baby and themselves. The baby also need to use soap and her mom’s breast milk soap is of course the best for her.

      Carina isn’t called a gold digger because she comes from a rich family, too.

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