Carman Lee Credits Niece For Saving Her Life

Although Carman Lee (李若彤) has no child of her own, her life is enriched by the presence of her five-year-old niece. Battling depression for the past few years, the actress was able to experience some joy while raising the girl as her own, and thanks her niece for saving her life.

Not one for fame or fortune, Carman left her soaring career behind in 1998 to focus on her relationship with then boyfriend, businessman Martin Kwok (郭應泉). Even though Carman wants to have children, Martin was opposed to the idea since he has already experienced fatherhood from a previous relationship. While their love seemed stable on the surface, Martin eventually broke up with Carman in 2008 after ten long years.

Devastated, Carman gradually fell into depression. To make things worse, her father suffered a stroke in 2009 and she took care of him until he passed away later the same year. Unable to keep her emotions in check, she often cried for no reason and has admitted to suicidal thoughts.

Fortunately, Carman was distracted from her internal turmoil when she agreed to help care for her younger sister’s newborn daughter. Spending most of their time together over the past five years, Carman and her niece developed a close relationship that continues to this day. Recently, she was seen taking her niece out on a shopping trip. Acting like an experienced mother, Carman gently carried her niece’s bag and allowed the girl to sit on her lap while they ate. Her niece later spent the night at Carman’s home.

Wanting to care for her niece properly, Carman spent time reading about parenting and child psychology, and has picked up expertise in feeding, bathing, and changing diapers. Happy to have the child in her life, Carman admits that the little girl is never far from her mind and credits her for giving life meaning. “Thank Heavens for giving me a niece. I had the happiest time raising her. She also saved my life. I have to thank my sister for allowing me to experience motherhood!”

Currently single, Carman takes a relaxed attitude towards love, and is in no hurry to find the right man. “I thought about giving dating and marriage another chance two or three years ago, but I have slowly stopped caring. Some of my friends say that I am not meant to be married, but it doesn’t bother me because I really enjoy my current lifestyle.”

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  1. Well, she put all her eggs in one basket for 10 years…

    1. I mean – that’s how loyalty works right, unless you were referring to her quitting her job and devoting 100% to her man.

      *shrugs* hard to comment on whether it was a good or bad idea when she decided 10 years ago .. no one knew this was going to be the outcome.

  2. Glad to know that she’s living a happy life now. I wish her all the best!

  3. Ah, I see. She was so popular back then. It seems like a handful left their soaring careers for love, but not everyone gets a fairytale ending.

  4. Children are a blessing! I am glad she has that bond with her niece! I totally know how it feels, my niece means the world to me, she can make any bad day bright with just her smile and the sound of her laughter. Best wishes to her!

  5. carmen life is similar to angie cheong fate as well…jayne, you should post angie cheong interview with HK ming pow news as i read it and most touching motherly love ever…angie cheong adopted young son who was abandoned near bridge as baby due to heart defect and raise in orphan and later adopted by angie… angie never hesitate to ignore her son as doctor said his condition is fragile still and she has to prepare anytime if ever son condition worsen…its very heartbreaking to read how angie willing scarifice her own love to care for this child as other men dated her left after found out her son got heart condition that might be burden…angie really changed

    1. Coincidentally, this same interview with Carman was in the exact same issue of Mingpao as Angie’s interview — issue number 2370, which actually came out last week (I honestly feel that Sudden Weekly lifted the story from Mingpao because the details are almost verbatim…plus I don’t find it a coincidence that Sudden Weekly’s articles came out this week and the content is virtually the same).

      In any case, here’s the link to the translation of Angie’s interview with Mingpao….hers is definitely a very touching story!

      1. @llwy12
        Thanks for sharing this touching article with us about Angie Cheong. I briefly read something about her and her adopted son in a Hong Kong magazine, but it was really brief. In fact, I was surprised to learn that she has an adopted son. Angie seemed to have disappeared from the Hongkong entertainment industry suddenly.

        Also the article was very well translated. Good work!

      2. yes…thanks for postings angie cheong very heartbreaking news article about her single mom status with her son heart problem issue…indeed we really respect angie cheong as not many parents would willing to adopt a child that have physical health problem…but angie indeed has proven she has the golden heart and she is not gold-digger as she is one of the most beautiful actresses to-date… hope jayne will really post angie news officially for others to read and learn from whats life is all about and inspired

      3. @sandcherry & sexie: You’re welcome! As I stated in my commentary to the article, I actually did not care much for Angie in the beginning, but after reading her interview, I absolutely admire and respect her. Not many women would be able to do what she has done! She indeed has a heart of gold!

        I’m actually not surprised that not everyone knows about Angie’s relationship with her adopted son, since that’s not something that most of the HK tabloids focus on. I remember reading a few articles last year (around the time when Never Dance Alone started filming) that kept emphasizing Angie’s broken relationship with her ex and that physical altercation that resulted in her leaving the industry (plus the ‘claims’ that she agreed to film for TVB because she needed the money, which is obviously not true at all). Hopefully, after this interview, the tabloids can leave Angie alone and stop trying to portray her in a negative light because she absolutely doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s been getting from those tabloids.

      4. That is the problem with people in Hong Kong, particularly those entertainment tabloids. Nothing is important except money. They don’t care too much about the actual natures and personalities of the artistes, as long as they are famous and make tons of money. They are marketable or interested in affiliating with rich guys/women. Sigh ~

      5. Yea, I read that interview on AF and am so touched that Angie has such a big heart. Not everybody is able to do so. I have some aunts that adopted their kids and some of them treat them better than how biological kids would treat their own parents. Angie’s case is more admirable because she is a single mom and her son has a health problem. Not many are willing or able to do that. I actually enjoyed Angie’s acting back then and am glad to see her back. Hope she makes more series. I also odd not know that she is from Malaysia. I did not realize so many Hk artists are from Malaysia.

        Thanks a million for sharing the interview llwy12!

    2. Nah angie cheong has a true heart of gold. She gave wholeheartedly for her adopted son, not her next of kin. Even though i dont begrudge anyone for doing that (its still a lovely gesture.)

      I loved Angie before she left TVB, and i love her even more now. I wish she’d come back and film again.

  6. 10 years being led along a guy who didn’t want children and when she wanted one, it may be too late. What a bastard. She has aged quite a lot. She does look her age.

    1. Yup, he’s a dog and the sooner she find out the better it is for her. Why stick around with someone that is not willing to commit.

  7. Feel sorry for Carmen Lee. She was unfortunate to have such a selfish guy as her boyfriend for 10 whole years ……… probably those were her best 10 years.

    Hope she will find a better man in future as her life-time partner/husband.

  8. You can say this guy is selfish, yet he was honest to her. This guy has kids already and I understand why he doesn’t want anymore. Hope she find a better half.

    1. “You can say this guy is selfish, yet he was honest to her.”

      LOL! He is a control freak!

  9. .. one of my fave actress, and all was from 80 – 90s, nowadays actress suck a lot. .. wish her very best. love sometimes can be truly pain in the ass.

  10. She’s forever pretty to me – best siu lung lui ever. Don’t have to be married to have a happy ending. Single can be happy too.

    1. Personally I like Idy Chan better in the role of Siu Lung Sui. Sorry to say that her version was more popular than Carmen Lee’s.

  11. I feel so sorry for her. Not that i really have the right to judge, but her ex husband is not an attractive man. I’m sad that she invested so much effort and time to their relationship only to have it end up terribly. At the very least she mightve been happier with a kid, but he didnt even give her that. I mean, aside from $$$, i really cantsee what he provided her. And now thats probablygone too unless they didnt sign a prenup (unlikely.)

    1. She is actually better off without kid than having a kid with somebody like that. Ma Yili is an example of misery left and right.

      1. Stacy Keibler was smart to dump George Clooney and stick with her own plan.

        Some women “take a licking and keep on ticking” until he finds another woman and leaves.

      2. Hmm agree and disagree. I mean i think she wouldve welcomed any child, regardless of the father, because she wants a kid that bad. But he anchored her to 10 prime kidrearing years for nothing in the end.

      3. Her needs but what about the child’s needs. 10 years was her choice. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. And as for Carmen she’s at peace with herself. A woman with confidence.

  12. what a waste of beauty…dating an old man for 10 years…

  13. This is why Barbie dolls did not do well in Shanghai and why I could never be a nanny or a tutor although I do enjoy holding toddlers and kittens.

    This is such a rare Jennifer Aniston time in her life – NO babies, no obligations – she should really pursue some kind of academic degree or professional career because she doesn’t have to cook for anyone, doesn’t have to answer to anyone ….

    I wouldn’t even babysit unless they had forgotten their latchkey and it was an emergency.

  14. She definitely got played for 10 years, its a shame she was so hot and damn popular back then.

  15. There are actors and actresses that devoted their whole life into acting that they didnt have time to date or have late marriage and not have any kid.

    Carmen on the other hand have give up her whole career to be with this one man that she thought it’s her true love, yet it ended up after 10 years.

    Now in her 40s, I wonder if she ever regret her decision?

  16. even though she is older than me i would date her.

  17. Carmen is such a good daughter and aunt. It is sad that some are just not lucky in love. Some have career while some have love while others are lucky to have both.

  18. It is an unfair world to begin wit.

    I feel bad for her, because she obviously likes kids, and had way more to lose. She also made more sacrifice – though why did she choose to cut ties with her career?

    But ANY relationship is a gamble for women, isn’t it? Bec biologically, women are somewhat like canned food, with a shelf-expiry date (pregnancy, and lookswise). A 76 yr old men with very fat wallets will still attract many bees.

    – at least her Ex was honestly upfront with her, with his selfish decision to remain childless. obviously he’s not the family man type. she chose to stay.

    – let’s say if positions were reversed: some women may also actually be happier without a child when a relationship breaks up. a client of mine was devastated last month, falling to pieces and crying daily because her husband had walked out. she was alone to care for their 2 year old, and worry about finances too. their new family situation had gotten too tough for him. she was sleep deprived, starving and needed to look for some way of surviving, while worrying about childcare.

    1. True her ex was honest. He did tell her what he doesnt want and she chose to stay. So she really cant blame anyone…

      And if she did have a kid with this guy, i highly doubt she’d be in any starving situation. Although some women can count their blessings if placed in such a situation if the family was poor. I have to say though…a family friend of mine did lose her husband (he walked out also) and i think aside from choosing him for a husband, she has never regretted the decision to have a kid. Even if she’s struggling to make ends meet. She loves her kid more than anything in thre world…so it’s really dependent on the person rather than the circumstances.

      1. LOL! It had nothing to do with being honest but it had a lot to do with being in control. Honesty was never there in the first place. LOL!

        It was entertaining reading your last paragraph. LOL!

  19. Its so sad that she chose the wrong man. She obviously did want children but it might be too late now. Womean are on a ticking clock unlike men. It comes to the limit in a blink of an eye, and it seems she has missed her chance..

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