Cecilia Cheung Takes Indefinite Acting Hiatus Due to Custody Battle Over Two Sons

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) divorce crisis has reached a point of no return. The remaining issue was the custody rights over their two sons, Lucas and Quintus. At the opening ceremony for Mutual Affection 2 <河東獅吼2> in Ningbo, Cecilia appeared with a wide smile and in good spirits. For the sake of her two sons, Cecilia allegedly will take an indefinite hiatus from acting. This will allow Cecilia to assist Lucas with his adjustment in entering school in August, building a “good mother” image in her custody battle over her sons.

Directors Still Eager to Work with Cecilia

Earlier there were rumors that due to her divorce crisis, Cecilia’s image plummeted and there were few new film offers. According to an inside source, this was false and Cecilia continued to receive numerous offers for new films. Since Cecilia hoped to set aside more time to spend with her sons, she rejected all offers “without asking any questions regarding the filming fee and who the director was.” She decided to take an indefinite hiatus from acting and will only accept simple jobs such as performing shows, filming advertisements, and being a spokesperson.

Focus on Lucas

In April, Cecilia found a good school for Lucas and placed a deposit fee for enrollment. To avoid Lucas’ failure in adapting to the new school environment and to provide the best care for Quintus, Cecilia will take a hiatus from acting after completing her current film project, Mutual Affection 2. Cecilia will only consider resuming acting after Lucas successfully adapts to his new school life. Due to rampant negative rumors this year, Cecilia was eager to resume being a full-time mother and lead an ordinary life.

Allegedly, Cecilia did not “abandon” her two sons recently. According to Cecilia’s manager, Miss Chow, Cecilia often requested “vacation days” from filming to allow her to return to Hong Kong and see her sons. Nicholas Tse also indicated that he will return to Hong Kong to see his children shortly.

Excerpt from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: It was the right decision to place her children first and take a hiatus from filming. If Cecilia did not decide to resuming acting in the first place earlier this year, I wonder if her marital strife with Nic would have escalated to the current divorce situation? My impression is that Cecilia finds the lifestyle of being a full-time mothering too binding and that was the reason she went back to acting. I don’t think her hiatus will last too long this time, maybe half a year?

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  1. How does anyone know if a “custody battle” is the reason she’s going on hiatus? I’m sure the kids are part of the reason but has there even been a formal announcement of divorce? I’m just saying other than the notice of a hiatus as usual everything else is pure speculation.

  2. It is what she should have done when she was still with Nic Tse, then probably things wouldn’t have been this way. I still believe reconciliation is a possibility.

    1. I’ve always wondered why should a female have to completely sacrifice her career once she’s married? Why can’t both couples come to a compromise where both sacrifice a little bit of their career for the sake of raising their children? Nic could’ve just done 2 films per year, instead of his normal 4+ films, and Cecilia could’ve also done 2 films per year instead of taking on 4 films? They both need to be a little more self-less.

  3. Ditto. Reports say Nic has served divorce papers but so far nothing conclusive has come from the mouths of the two people involved. The latest report says Cecilia is headed back to HK to deal with the divorce papers and discuss separation terms, but I think that once the two of them sit down and talk it out, reconciliation is still a possibility. Up to now I still didn’t get the sense that the two ever tried to work out their issues. One of them is always away.

  4. Don’t you think your views are too conservative. It takes two to tango. If Nic wasn’t putting enough effort into the marriage, the outcome will remain the same, regardless of Cecelia taking on movie scripts. Marriage alone does not bind people, having common life goals, habits and directions do.

    1. Thanks for the article, and that mainland woman have no dignity, please leave some dignity left for women please. Knowing Nicholas is a married man, don’t claim your love for him. I sure no women in this world would like to see another woman claim love to their husband.
      Stay away from married men, not only you sale yourself cheap but you will live with the guilt of break apart a family.

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