Crystal Fung Reports Kissing Scenes to Boyfriend

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Crystal Fung Reports Kissing Scenes to Boyfriend

Crystal tells her boyfriend all the details of her scenes with male co-stars to put his mind at ease.

Since airing, TVB variety program Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈> has been popular among youthful viewers, with Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) straightforward talk and occasional sexual puns reinforcing her “down-to-earth goddess” image. Working in the entertainment industry has not affected the relationship with her doctor boyfriend Martin of three years.

“Before entering the industry, everyone was worried about the temptations and lack of security. So after entering the industry, I promised him I would not save my male co-stars’ numbers and not have interactions with them, so he would feel safe. But after that I realized it is of no use, and decided to bring him along to events and introduce him to everyone. They would be clear about our relationship, and no one would get close to me, so as to give him peace-of-mind,” shared Crystal.

Kissing Not Allowed, But Bed Scenes are Okay?

Although Crystal tried her best to stay away from rumors, communication is still inevitable while filming with male co-stars. “Sometimes, before I even know what my character is like, my boyfriend would ask me sternly if there are many romantic and intimate scenes. He doesn’t mind me doing bed scenes, but forbids real kissing. He explained from a medical point of view: many sensitive nerves are located in the lip region, which will activate the emotional areas of the brain. Conversely, bed scenes on television [have their censorship limitations].” Nonetheless, Crystal felt her boyfriend’s point of view was hard to understand.

Reporting on Intimate Scenes in “Big White Duel”

The turning point for Crystal was the drama Big White Duel <白色強人>, where her character has intimate scenes with Matthew Ho (何廣沛). “Luckily my boyfriend had witnessed my growth [as an artiste], and understood how I had to be professional. He finally gave in and only requested that I report with clear details such as: ‘how many times we kissed’; ‘how we kissed’; and ‘was there any exchange of bodily fluids’. As long as I made all these clear, it was okay for him. On the last day of filming, even though I was sleep-deprived, I reported the details to him.

“I know everyone may find his behavior hilarious. As I see it, I’ll need to make him feel at peace and not put work above everything and request him to accept all these.” Crystal added that she would proactively care for Martin’s feelings and make him feel at peace, as a way to keep their relationship strong.

Boyfriend Ready for Marriage

The 24-year-old actress is heavily promoted by TVB and wants to put career first, but Martin is ready for marriage anytime and even claims to be Crystal’s “husband”. Martin said he is only waiting for Crystal to be ready, a response that thrills her.

Since Crystal is regarded as a goddess by the public, netizens tend to be critical about her boyfriend. However, Martin is wholly unfazed by the negative attention. “He feels that he is already Crystal Fung’s husband, so netizens’ criticisms of her ‘boyfriend’ have nothing to do with him!”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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6 comments to Crystal Fung Reports Kissing Scenes to Boyfriend

  1. oktang says:

    He seems too controlling. I would dump his ass but that is just me. haha

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    • coralie replied:

      @oktang i have very conflicting feelings about this.

      on one hand, i think if he’s holding her back from trying on different romantic roles, it could hinder her job opportunities and stall her career growth. and it’s not right because this is her livelihood. she shouldn’t need to compromise on that just because he’s insecure. i can understand that perspective.

      but on the other hand, it’s plain to see she’s leagues above him in the looks dept and she’s surrounded by wealthy and rich men all the time. it can lead anyone into temptation. her going above & beyond to give him security is a decent thing to do. likewise, we all praise male artists for doing the same. we call them ‘good men.’ in my eyes, she’s a ‘good woman,’ because she won’t let her job or extraneous issues get in the way of her relationship with her bf.

      at the end of the day, it’s really about what you value the most. do you value your relationship or do you value your passion? some people value their passion, like jessica hsuan, so they put aside relationships. some value their relationships, like faye wong, so she gives up her passion to be a standard gf/wife. it’s hard for outsiders to judge based on their value system.

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      • oktang replied:

        @coralie She is a good person indeed. I never watched any dramas she have been in so far but I heard good things about her acting. I should try to watch Apple-Colada and looking forward to watching her in Big White Duel.

        I agree with both perspectives. I give her many thumbs up for loving him so much that she would go out of her way to give him security. I am sure he is a great guy since he is so worried about her straying.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    My thinking is, I respect Crystal a lot. Most celebrities rid their partners as soon as they become famous but Crystal has stood by her boyfriend all this time and does not think he is an obstacle in her career. Look at Fred Cheng. Whilst he was a nobody over the years, Chun Pui’s daughter stood by him but he got rid of her as soon as he felt a little fame. It happens a lot with Miss Hong Kong contestants too so they can look to move up within the social circle…

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    • orchid123 replied:

      I have reservations about Crystal Fung’s personalities after watching TVB’s “Young and Restless”. She is a too-open person and would say anything she thinks of. She even swore in the public after winning Miss Hong Kong.

      Her boyfriend is a medical doctor/specialist. Of course, she will not give him up so easily, especially she is still not yet that popular in Hong Kong.

      Being the boyfriend of a professional actress, I think he has to accept that acting intimate scenes is part of his girlfriend’s job as long as it is required by the storyline. Crystal Fung needs to respect what is required in the script and fully understands the requirement when she accepts the job.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Nothing wrong with swearing. It’s a natural form of communication. A doctor is nothing and her career is flying so a boyfriend is just in the way but she is standing by him. It’s almost unheard of in the entertainment circle

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