“Dead Wrong” Spoilers: Cathy Attempts Suicide?

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“Dead Wrong” Spoilers: Cathy Attempts Suicide?

The following article contains spoilers for Dead Wrong, ending on December 17, 2016.

TVB’s last anniversary drama for 2016, Dead Wrong <致命復活>, has approached its third week of broadcast. After a long wait of establishing characters and backstory, central character Vincent (Roger Kwok 郭晉安) has finally started embarking on his road of vengeance, taking revenge on those who caused his imprisonment ten years ago.

In yesterday’s episode, Vincent discovers that his boss, KC (KK Cheung 張國強), was connected to the mob boss who abducted him ten years ago in Vietnam. Vincent disobeys his conscience and locks KC up in a sewer, leaving him to suffer. Meanwhile, Queenie (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗) is having second thoughts about Vincent’s messy relationship with her late sister and KC.

dead-wrong-spoilers-1A suspense drama, producer Lam Chi-wah (林志華) and the cast have told viewers that most, if not all, characters on the show were somehow connected to Vincent’s abduction ten years ago. In the upcoming episodes, a dark secret about Vincent’s ex-wife Cathy (Joey Meng 萬綺雯) will be revealed, and she will attempt suicide. Fortunately, her husband Yan (Kenny Wong 黃德斌) will save her just in time.

With KC’s motives being revealed so early on in the story, it is not likely that KC is the “final boss” that orchestrated Vincent’s capture. Cathy, Yan, as well as Vincent’s close friend Max (Vincent Wong 王浩信) are all possible suspects.

Source: Oriental Daily

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22 comments to “Dead Wrong” Spoilers: Cathy Attempts Suicide?

  1. funnlim says:

    I don’t buy that Cathy is the main guy. Still think Kenny is. Was thinking Kenny is follower so I suppose he turns out to be the main guy. Maybe she killed herself because she knew she married the man who caused her most loved’s suffering and ruined her happiness.

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  2. coralie says:

    So all of them conspired against him?

    That’s rough. I can kinda sympathize for Joey since it seems like she sacrificed a lot for Roger. Only to learn that after an autistic son and hardships they faced, he cheated behind her back. But to her child, doing this is rather cruel. If she had played a part, I think she only intended for him to be roughed up a bit.

    I have no justification for his ‘brothers’ though, if they knew about this plot beforehand.

    If Kenny participated in this kidnapping (which I suspect he did, because it was way too conspicuous when he shot the guy who was going to attack Joey at the beginning), he deserves zilch sympathy (unless he was doing it on behalf of Joey.)

    KC was also a d!ck. Kidnapping his talented and useful partner just so he can swallow the company as his own?

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  3. ivan says:

    WOw … the last 2 episodes were intense and roger was superb. If the pace continues in this direction , this will definitely be one of the top drama this year ( last year too because last years dramas were disappointing )

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  4. dramadrama says:

    Vincent still seems like a decent guy. Still don’t know who took a bag of ransom in the first place. Seems like his own brother took it.

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    • kllang7979 replied:


      after today’s epi, i m quite confident Vincent’s elder brother is the culprit as he is always in debts

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      • dramadrama replied:

        @kllang7979 Yeah. And who knows, maybe his mum was involved too. That’s why she thought she had killed her own son, and let his wife remarried. Based on selfishness of the family, I don’t think they will let the wife remarried so easily.

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    • lam86 replied:

      @dramadrama Vincent’s brother also got possible but not very much ba. if he got stolen the ransom bag then he wont be so broke lo after that. All of you got missed a person adi. That is max’s brother! Dont forget earlier they catch vincent and also max. And max’s brother always hate max. He might be the real culprit. I dont think it will be kenny because producer wont be so stupid let us guess so easily.

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      • dramadrama replied:

        @lam86 Maybe the brother just really stupid in investment. But Max”s brother seems possible as the culprit too. Just that he gets too little screen time to be seen as the big Boss.

        But who knows, the rapist who died doesn’t seems like a kalefe with so little screen time. He may appear again in play back of his relationship between him and Kenny.

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      • lam86 replied:

        @dramadrama the bag contains USD 1million, still invest for what? eat also cannot finish. Its just illogical if its his brother the real boss la. Very high chance max’s brother. Or someone that shock us. haha..

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  5. kelli says:

    Regardless who the main guy is behind the kidnapping, there better be a logical explanation why he/she chose not to kill Roger instead of locking him up. Obviously the person wanted to get rid of Roger, so why not just kill him from the start? Isn’t it more troublesome to hire people to watch him for x number of years? What is the reason/the point for keeping Roger alive? I’m surprised nobody is asking this question. There better be a reason or this will be a major plot hole.

    I hate it when writers put in a dramatic storyline at the beginning then continue with completely illogical actions that contradicts everything. So a guy miraculously escapes/returns after 10 years of being captive and yet not one news article about it? Instead, writers decide it’s “logical” to put in annoying, unsympathetic characters and *itchy co-workers that don’t give a damn about anyone because that makes the story better?!

    edit: I haven’t seen the last 5 episodes so I haven’t watched the latest turn of events – hopefully things are making more sense.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @kelli Plenty of good reason. maybe they thought the guy will kill him but remember, the smart one drowned? Maybe there is a sinister plot as in sometimes you just want that person to suffer.

      I think the story is already dramatic. I don;t think it can get any more dramatic than a guy chained in a cave for 10 years and survived and came back mild and seem so understanding (haven’t seen his revenge rampage yet since busy with Westworld).

      I do hate Emma but I must admit the actress is good and she looks unique. I think she will look very pretty in ancient costume.

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      • funnlim replied:

        I remember saying this is a series where it is not how much you like the characters but a matter of how much you dislike. It’s a scale of not like to outright hate, even for Vincent. But I do hate the son. I get it he’s autistic but there are perfectly likable autistic kids out there. This one is just annoying.

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    • lam86 replied:

      @kelli nope. we actually still duno the real intention of the main culprit la. Maybe he want to catch vincent or max we wont know. Dont forget there is max’s brother there. He also very fishy. maybe he wanted to get rid of max so catch both to divert attention and cannot only catch max. But so lucky max got escaped. And not that the kidnappers want to hide him in the cave forever. Just that the kidnapper was dead in the boat. Kenny should be not the main culprit. He killed that kidnapper headshot because he selfish dont want to save vincent back only. Should be ba.

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  6. miriamfanz says:

    In future, maybe don’t put the “spoiler” (even if it turns out not to be) in the title.

    My gut feeling from the start is that the main culprit is Kenny. We’ll see if TVB can be unpredictable.

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  7. hannah says:

    I think Kenny is the big boss who act quite. Loving the show!

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  8. jimmyszeto says:

    Max’s dad or brother I have to go for as the people behind the kidnapping. Much harder to guess than ‘Fist within four walls’

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    • lam86 replied:

      @jimmyszeto wow watch until now actually really duno who the real big boss..maybe is max’s brother but dont feel like and maybe is kenny . lol… if actually is vincent himself then more epic hahaha

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  9. sze1971 says:

    Is it me ..does anybody mistaken vincent wong as edwin siu..look so similar.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @sze1971 no. Totallt different. Vincent a much better actor for this co plex role thta manages to make max the reckless guy as someone i can care about.

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    • george replied:

      @sze1971 No way. The two look nothing alike!

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  10. itgirlnyc says:

    Cathy did not attempt suicide. Her husband poisoned her by switching sleeping pills with her pain killers. Her husband was jealous of Cathy being in contact with Vincent. Her husbands seems like a nice guy on the surface but he is full of schemes and would even risk her life to get Vincent to stay away from her. He is evil.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @itgirlnyc seriouslŷ messed up guy. Then the series spoilt it by making him justify it and sound like decent when it is very very scary. I hope there is no justification. I wnat kenny to be a psychopath. It makes better story.

      Anyway tracy is growing on me. I ship max and tracy.

      This series though is seriously messy. One second here next second there. But i was wrong about ck. he did the right thing in the end,

      So ultimate villain? I dont see max father as one. Max brother would have been too young. Still think yan is a follower. Cant see cathy as the villain, no reason to be.

      I just hope it wont be max father. Why? That poor guy already so guilt ridden, dont put that guilt on him too!

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