Dishonest Andy Ng Stole Money At A Friend’s House?

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) heartlessly hacked her nine-year relationship with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and embarked on a new romance with Andy Ng (吳帥). In recent days, Andy’s background as a third party was unearthed and even revealed to be a man who  loved putting up a deceptively wealthy front.
Although their relationship was officially over, Gregory still loved Shirley deeply. On the other hand, Shirley kept silent and avoided talking about her new romance.
Two nights ago, on a song dedicating program, <轻谈浅唱不夜天>,  the host read out a song dedication by someone called CK, asking for Boran Jing’s song, Where Has The Love Fallen <爱情掉在哪里>, to be dedicated to Gregory.
This inevitably led to suspicions and rife discussions among netizens that it may be Shirley who had dedicated this song under the alias, “CK”, in hope of using this song to pass her message across to Gregory.
At the end of last month, Shirley ruthlessly dumped Gregory Lee and wasted no time in openly admitting Andy Ng as her new lover. Shirley also came up with an atrocious idea of pretending to be pregnant with Andy’s child, which totally broke Gregory’s heart. In the process, Shirley was caught in the fire of her own lies and as a result, her image went in a downward spiral.
Despite earlier claims that he was rich, Andy turned out to be only an “empty shell.” Many people were worried that she had chosen the wrong guy to love. When a song was dedicated to Gregory by a person named “CK,” this inevitably led to speculation whether “CK” may be Shirley, who had planned to use this song to let Gregory know that she could not let go of her feelings for him.
Caused A Stir Amongst Netizens
Although Shirley and Gregory have yet to respond to this matter as of yesterday, the lyrics of the song dedicated in the radio program spoke of a woman who could not bear to let go of her feelings for a man. One line in the lyrics was of special note, “Where did the love between us fall to, why did the happiness achieved become a happiness for nothing in the end?” This song dedication,  whether there was hidden meaning or a spoof, lead to a rife discussion amongst netizens that the intent was to let Shirley and Gregory have a reconciliation.

New information of Andy Ng’s background was unearthed almost everyday and just yesterday, a reader revealed that Andy claimed that his father was a retired army general and that when Andy was an insurance agent, he often used his father’s identity to get clients.

Finance Companies Chasing Up His Door
Now that Shirley and Andy’s relationship was exposed,  Andy has been trying all means to evade the media, leaving girlfriend, Shirley, to clear up the remains of this mess all by herself. Although Shirley has been keeping quiet over the new romance, Andy’s background has been getting “stinkier” through the media’s unraveling of his past.
One informant reader disclosed that between 2005 to 2006, he met Andy Ng through another insurance agent, S. After everyone was familiarized with each other, Andy Ng requested their help in moving his sofa. The reader then discovered that Andy was living in a room of a public housing estate in the Hung Hom district. This conflicts with Andy’s good friend, Yu Yue ‘s (俞越) , claims that Andy lived at  Royal Court, Kennedy Town (a luxurious apartment in the Mid-levels). Some even pointed out that the room of that public housing estate  was registered as the address of a company called Sui Wah (Hong Kong) Limited, and that company was registered under Andy Ng’s name.
The reader also indicated that his insurance agent friend, S, also divulged that Andy Ng soon left his insurance job. There were finance companies who went to his former insurance company to demand the debt returned, while revealing that Andy was in deep debt due to his constant borrowing to pursue Shirley.
Andy Ng was also exposed to have often “wooed” his friends out to have nights of fun at Shenzhen and even thick-skinned enough to stay at that reader’s house in Shenzhen for more than a month.
During that period of time, Andy also brought a student back to that reader’s Shenzhen house to stay. After Andy left for Nanjing and handed the keys back over to him, it was then that the reader discovered that some items were missing from his house. When the informant reader first asked Andy about the missing piles of DVDs from his house, Andy claimed that the student borrowed them.
After which, the informant reader immediately searched the house again and discovered that a stack of old dollar notes which he placed at his bedside cabinet was gone (the value of the notes was estimated to be worth $60,000 to $70,000 Yuan). However when he called Andy again to demand an explanation, Andy did not pick up the call.
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  1. Earlier there was someone who said Andy and Shirley made a perfect couple. Now I believe it! Both are free-loaders! 😉

  2. I’ve listened to that particular song dedication. It might be just a coincidence or a prank. The dedication is from CK to Wing Ho.

  3. Looks like she picked up a real winner! What a pity… she gave up such a sweet man for this loser! I wonder of Shirley knew about this before breaking up w/ Gregory or if she was deceived by him. Now she has no career… and who else will want her after what she did to poor greg?

    1. LOL if he is indeed an empty shell then she has really bet all her money in the wrong horse.

      Hope Greg can move on and never ever consider getting back with this evil lying goldgigger.

      Judy, you are right no one would with their mind normally functioning would engage with her in a serious relationship besides one night stands. Well you always have some grandpas, soft rice eaters and foreigners that wouldn’t mind playing her for fun haha…

    2. Haha. I read in hkforum and golden forum. Netizens there also express the same sentiment but for Greg. Which girl dare to date Greg after seeing the action of his family?

      Breaking up with him will have hiss whole family going after the girl.

      1. Not an issue at all this all mess is because of her lying about being pregnant and handle the whole break up like a moron. Guess she is not the sharpest tool around.

        As long as Greg. future gf don’t cheat on him and keep the record straight when dumping him i don’t see any problems.

        Worst for shirley as she is already reaching expiring date and her value is declining rapidly. So if she is indeed pregnant she will stay with him i think,

        Funny if andy also is a freeloader cause in a relationship of two beings its won’t function properly with both freeloading of each other LOL

      2. Exodius,

        Wearing such a tight dress at the Shenzhen concert, I doubt that Shirley is pregnant.

        The recent claims that Andy is a liar about “pretending to be wealthier than he is,” not repaying his debtors, and stealing money from a friend’s house are serious allegations. Asked directly about the matter, I wonder why Shirley did not clarify the situation. Apparently, Andy has been quiet on Weibo regarding recent claims as well? These rumors are very damaging and while Andy’s debtors filing Small Claims may be true (which can easily be checked with the Small Claims department), the other rumors are more hearsay yet very damaging against his reputation.

        Since Shirley knew Andy for 11 years, she should know enough of who he is before deciding to date him. She took a big risk by breaking up with Gregory, whom she dated for 9 years, to be with Andy. Surely he must be worth it in her eyes.

      3. Hehe!! Maybe they purposely said Andy steal money from friend’s house, and being in debt, to make it seem that Shirley is not a gold digger, LOL!!! Who knows what kind of business Andy’s family or he have behind the scene.

  4. Haha!! What goes around comes around.
    Shirley, Shirley! You see in life, if you smart, you benefits. If you stupid, you will pay your consequences for your stupid choices. That is why try to make wise choices, there more to a man than just his “money” surface.
    Good luck Shirley, hope Andy married you, since you use the “pregnancy” excuse to dump Greg, seem like you DESPERATELY needs to be with this Andy, therefore, I hope he married you, Haha!!!!!!!

    1. @ Leila,

      My predict is that they will goes different direction. ( Break Off )…
      He He

  5. Have another thinking come to my mind: If Shirley already knew Andy isn’t rich at all from the beginning, now can anyone name her gold-digger?

    1. LOL, nope.

      Everyone will call Andy “eat slipper rice”!

    2. Maybe she knows, maybe she not knows.
      Maybe she not knows that Andy have all those debts, now it just start coming out. Maybe she not knows that he is fake, and now she knows but too late for her to regret, so she just have to stick with her choice of choose Andy.

      1. Yes, in the first case, can’t say she go for Andy for money because if she knew he is in debt but still with him, she doesn’t care for his money.

      2. If that was the case, but we don’t know this. We are outsider, so we just guess based on the news and the interview.
        What ever it is, it already done and over, she made her choice, she have to pay the consequences to her actions.
        I hope Shirley take this as a lesson in life for her. In the future if she and Andy break up and she find another man, hope she looks into the man beyond just “money” on the surface. Have money is one thing, but know how to handle money the correctly way is another thing. There people have money but gamble and engage in business that might lead them to bankruptcy.

      3. Lol, still come back to the first assumption: She knew or not.

    3. ” If Shirley already knew Andy isn’t rich at all from the beginning, now can anyone name her gold-digger?”

      Still want to fight for Shirley just for the sake of fighting? 😀

      No, people won’t call her gold-digger then, but, will call her ‘stupid’ or even ‘fan jin’ for choosing a lying, cheating, gambling, borrowing-money-not-returning, pretending-to-be-rich man.

      If you argue with the the assumption that Shirley knew he’s not rich from the beginning, then you must also assume that she knew all his other stuff.

      Cannot pick and choose since we are talking about Shirley choosing the wrong man because the man is poor pretending to be rich.

      1. Not for fighting for her. Just curious that ppl will say she is gold-digger or not.

  6. You know who else will be bawling? Shirley’s mom!

  7. well i guess Shirley can thank the media for unraveling her new lover’s secrets before she married him, or else soon find all Andy’s debts transferred to her if he ever decides to play the disappearance game one day. i wonder if Shirley’s mom can still dislike the honest and debt-free Greggory right now, at least he was a good man that cared for her daughter, didn’t steal from others, filial, hardworking, and took multiple jobs to support Shirley. you reap what you sow. maybe that song really was from Shirley, giving a Homer Simpson reaction at what she did.

  8. This guy is quite a character! If all this is true, he is thoroughly ugly on the outside and the inside. Without wealth, what does he have to offer any woman? Most of us could already guess what type of person this Andy Ng is by the disparaging and taunting weibo messages he left. I would also add his Yu Yue to the list of desicable characters. The measure of true character is someone humble, who does not go around showing off wealth or education and does not look down on others for having less.

    Biggest loser in all of this? Shirley Yeung’s mother. I’m guessing this guy had the full support of Mrs. Yeung, she thought she found a gold mine, and ended up with only fool’s gold. If any of this is true, of course! Funny how Andy is so quiet now that the press is on to him. Where’s the truth now, Andy?

    1. I disagree about Yu Yue. He’s just standing up for his friend, just like Greg’s family stood up for him.

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