Eliza Sam Leaves TVB; Returns to Canada to Rest

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Eliza Sam Leaves TVB; Returns to Canada to Rest

TVB actress Eliza Sam (岑麗香) opted not to renew her contract after it expired this month. Currently in Canada to rest, the 33-year-old actress said, “I’m currently on a break with my family, to regain my optimal health. I’ll work hard again after my break; I’ll see everyone then!”

Winning Miss Chinese International 2010, Eliza signed with TVB and won over viewers with her cheerful personality. Although Chinese was a struggle for the Canadian native, Eliza continued to work hard over the last eight years in her acting.

However, there were signs that Eliza may be burnt out and desiring a change. She dropped significant weight in the last three years, but continued to say that dieting and exercise were the reasons behind her skinny frame. In 2016, Eliza got married and her husband, Joshua, relocated to Hong Kong so she can continue her TVB job. While Eliza appeared to balance her job and marriage well, she eventually decided that it was time to leave TVB.

Goodbye Letter

Announcing her official departure from TVB through Instagram today, Eliza wrote: “I still remember the first time I entered TVB when competing in Miss Chinese International. I can’t believe so many years have come and gone and that our contract is now finished. Words can’t fully express the gratitude, respect, and appreciation that I have for my TVB family in my heart.”

Eliza thanked Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), Sandy Yue (余詠珊), and many TVB managers and producers for their trust in her as an actress and their support. “Without your protection, patience, guidance, encouragement, and teaching there would not be the Princess Heung Heung that the audience knows today. Thanks everyone for being there during each step of my growth. As a proud TVB daughter, I carry a heart of not wanting to let go and forever thankfulness as I take the next step into the future.”

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10 comments to Eliza Sam Leaves TVB; Returns to Canada to Rest

  1. tiffany says:

    Maybe pregnancy news next

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    • coralie replied:

      @tiffany or planning for a baby. Can’t really have one when she’s so busy filming all the time. Anyways if she doesn’t renew with TVB after her break, I’m sure we’ll see her again in another capacity. G’luck to her. Always thought she was a pretty woman!

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      • janet72 replied:

        @coralie eliza is sweet…in fact her acting is better than linda chung.

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  2. cutie777 says:

    Definitely will missed her. Maybe she can be the next Linda Chung and Aimee Chan be a mom and stay home with her children.

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  3. itgirlnyc says:


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    • jayne replied:


      在過去的三年裡,我可以看到Eliza 在TVB不開心。 她在新聞採訪中仍然聽起來很友善,但她的眼睛通常很累,她的笑聲只在那裡讓別人開心,而不是真正從她自己內心。


      無線電視台總是更換角色,我相信 Eliza 明白這一點。 她看起來也不像一個盲動的人。 我認為她可能厭倦了漫長的拍攝時間和公司政治,可能已經考慮離開很長一段時間,只是等待她的合同到期。

      好朋友互相影響。 由於Eliza與Linda Chung,Christine Kuo和Leanne Li(他們都結婚並且離開演藝生涯去找個人幸福).在同一個社交圈中,Eliza 也決定現在是時候進入人生的下一階段。

      For the last 3 years, I could see that Eliza wasn’t happy at TVB. You can see it in her eyes during interviews…she would still sound friendly in press interviews, but her eyes often looked very tired and her laugh was only there to make others happy, not herself.

      Also she dropped a lot of weight (looks like at least 10 to 15 pounds to me) and looks borderline anorexic.

      TVB changes their cast all the time, I’m sure Eliza understands that. She doesn’t look like a rash person either. I think she may be tired of the long filming hours and the company politics and may have thought about leaving for a long time, just waiting for her contract to expire.

      Good friends influence each other. Since Eliza is in the same social circle as Linda Chung, Christine Kuo, and Leanne Li (who all got married and prioritize personal happiness over their acting careers), Ii think Eliza decided that it’s time for her to move onto the next stage in life.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Yep. Seems like each celebrity group have their own priorities and influenced by each other. One group battles for everything and targeting bachelor after bachelor, one group believe in God and prioritise family…

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  4. anon says:

    Thank god!

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  5. passingby says:

    I’m really thankful she’s decided to stop torturing viewers. I stopped watching Apple Colada party becos of her. Next Grace Chan and then Priscilla pleasseeee.

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  6. funnlim says:

    Probably to start a family.

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