Etta Ng Leaves Hong Kong for Some Downtime

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Etta Ng Leaves Hong Kong for Some Downtime

Last week, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) was being investigated on suspicion of intimidation. She was arrested but then released on bail. It was her teenage daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林), who had reported her to the police.

According to the reports, Elaine and Etta had some severe disagreements, which resulted in Etta turning the matter to the police and running away from home. Etta closed off all contact with her mother. Elaine had to enlist the help of reporters to contact Etta, asking her to go home.

Etta finally responded on her social media, in which she ranted about her stress. She said at the time that she would be leaving Hong Kong temporarily to get some rest. Reporters tried to catch her at the airport, but to no avail.

According to a source, Etta has left Hong Kong for Thailand with one of Elaine’s friends. Elaine confirmed these reports in a phone interview, stating, “I have a friend who is with her. Let her have some downtime and the space to think.” (Have you talked with your daughter on the phone?) “I know she’s okay! My friends will take care of her there.” (When will she come back?) “It depends!” (Will you allow your daughter to study out of the country?) “We have thought about that, but we don’t know where yet.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Etta Ng Leaves Hong Kong for Some Downtime

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  • 21 comments to Etta Ng Leaves Hong Kong for Some Downtime

    1. karina says:

      Etta seems to be a really entitled kid. Elaine probably doted on her too much and now she has become too spoiled and rebellious.

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    2. funnlim says:

      Maybe what Etta needs is tough love. Like go get a job or get lost. Definitely not vacation unless Elaine knows she did something terrible and Etta as right. Where got child reported mom to police and then got free vacation?

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    3. happybi says:

      So she got her Mom in trouble and then get a free vacation to release some stress? This girl need to grow up! Everyone have stress, just learn to deal with it! Try being poor and see if you can just travel like that! And what? She is staying with her mom friend this whole time! Consider herself lucky that she is not kicked out of the house yet!!!! Both Mom and brat need a wake up call!

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    4. nomad822 says:

      Millennial selfish brat needs to grow up, before she becomes a destructive entitled menace to society. Who’s funding her Thailand trip? She has/had a job?! Wake up kiddo. Her mum is more in need of downtime than HER!

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    5. Lol a bunch of adults acting like you know what’s really going on in their home situation and scolding a minor on the internet. Real mature people. How old is this kid anyway? 15? 16? Instead of criticizing a mentally and emotionally unstable minor for the way she acts out in what is clearly a desperate cry for attention, why not wonder what it is that drove her to this point?

      I’m not assuming anything and I don’t have any particular thoughts about Elaine Ng one way or the other but why doesn’t anyone question her role in this whole situation? Or is calling the cops on your mom just something any ‘entitled and selfish brat’ would do according to you guys? I was a pretty selfish and bratty teenager many moons ago but that is not normal behaviour for anyone.

      Is it so hard to imagine that Elaine may not be as understanding and wholesome a single mother as she portrays herself in the media and may or may not have been emotionally abusive towards the daughter who looks exactly like the man she resents. Not saying this is the case because that would be unfair to her as I don’t know how their relationship is. But so is putting a mentally unstable teenage girl down for a story with so many unanswered questions.

      Besides, what exactly is the reason that Elaine brought Etta to HK? Just for school? Did she not know her daughter would go through hell? Incompetent parenting at best and just downright horrible at worst.

      Login or Register before you can reply to peanutbutterjelly
      • happybi replied:

        @peanutbutterjelly as i said in my previous comment, both side have issue. Yes, we don’t know what goes on in their home but like you taking the kid side. Me as a parent will lean on the Mom side. Etta is 17 yrs old so don’t tell me she doesn’t know what she is doing. If you think her acting out like this to call out for attention is ok, then hey good for you. For me, Its not ok. Her mom is at HK because that is where she has a job. Elaine herself could be going through issue too. As a daugther she can be more understanding of her Mom problem too. So she may not be a good Mom and have issue herself but Etta is no angel either.

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      • glassheart replied:

        @peanutbutterjelly Thank you, i too can not believe the lack of sympathy from many users here for a minor who has shown a lot of psychological issues. I hope both mom and daughter go to counseling together and see psychiatrists as inviduals, they are both in need of help.

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    6. cuckoo says:

      Etta has just hospitalized

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      • glassheart replied:

        @cuckoo I hope Etta will be okay and that she gets the help she needs
        Imagine growing up knowing that your dad wants nothing to do with you and even denied your existence. Adding to that, the media and probably everyone in HK know and she is always put under the spotlight…Etta I think is very depressed as shown by her multiple act of rebellions and suicide attempts. I hope getting mental help is not a taboo in HongKong like other asian countries.

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      • coralie replied:

        @cuckoo I hope she gets some medical help including psychological therapy and that she’s ok

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    7. coralie says:

      Coming from someone who has a very rebellious niece and knowing that her mother can be overbearing AND overindulging towards her daughter, I do think the blame should be on both parties. However, since the mother cannot stop her overbearing ways and the daughter wants her independence (despite the fact that she’s spoiled rotten), then I say the daughter should split up from her mom. Maybe have some rehab time where she will learn to appreciate and miss someone who cares about her very deeply and the mom can have some time to herself to cultivate her own interests outside of her daughter.

      The only problem with what etta is doing and that draws ppl ire is that she’s displaying her need for breathing space in a flagrantly spoiled manner. Going on vacation on mom’s dime after calling the cops on her…really? Go live with a family friend, spend some time outside of mom, but to go on vacation and wasting her mom’s money just seems like she’s asking for it.

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      • glassheart replied:

        @coralie So because a teenager spends her own mother’s money she is asking to be name-called and berate by strangers on the internet? Please step down your judgmental pedestal and give the poor girl a break! She is currently hospitalized and you still blame her for being too spoiled for your liking. I have seen pictures of Etta at events and variety shows so how do you know she doesnt have any money? Depression is an illness not just a display of spoiled behavior. We should wish the best for her health and stop there.

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        • happybi replied:

          @glassheart you can’t believe the lack of sympathy from the users here and @coralie is trying to explain why we feel the way we do in regards to Etta. Unfortunately her behavior does not seem like a mental disorder to us. Were we harsh in our criticism to her? I don’t think we were that harsh. Liked I said before, she’s 17 years old, old enough to be working and making her own decision on many things. If she does have mental disorder then it’s good that she check herself into the hospital because then she can get the help she need. I hope Elaine can do the same as honestly, I think she need more help then the daughter. Being a single Mom is not easy.

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        • coralie replied:


          She’s spending her mother’s money (not being appreciative or grateful) and she’s spending her mother’s money after treating her mom like some sort of criminal. Very hypocritical. You should get off your cloud 9 and wake up. No one is entitled to anyone’s money JUST because. Etta is almost an adult.

          I sympathize with her current condition and it’s best that she does get medical help. She sounds like she needs therapy and medicine and time away from her mom. I don’t begrudge her for that; I begrudge her for treating her mom like a criminal & for taking advantage of her mom.

          For the record, my niece is very similar to Etta. She’s headstrong, emotional, rebellious but does not have mental or medical problems. She’s spoiled & tired of my sister’s overbearing antics so she acts out to get her way. And yes, she’s threatened to call the cops on her mother too – her only parent.

          Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • glassheart replied:

          @coralie @happybi You can be encouraging towards Elaine without resorting to blaming Etta. Plus I believe with the appearance fees Etta made over the years are more than enough to cover her short trip to Thailand. I won’t comment on this topic any further, let’s just agree to disagree. I have nothing left to say because it is beyond me that someone would think it is not harsh to post negative comments on a suicidal 17 years old. Wish the best for Elaine and Etta, hope they can mend their relationship and are both healthy.

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        • coralie replied:

          @glassheart Because it’s very apparent that Etta is at no fault because she’s suicidal. You can sympathize with someone and not think what they’re doing is right. Regardless of this incidence regarding her trip, you really think it’s necessary to call the police on her mother, not once, but twice and not even for anything major?

          I concur with your sentiments that we can agree to disagree. But it baffles me that someone who admonishes others for pointing fingers is so glad to point fingers herself.

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        • happybi replied:

          @glassheart I do feel bad for her but that doesn’t mean I don’t find her at fault. Please stop treating her as if she’s a 5 years old. She’s 17, old enough to know what she is doing right or wrong. The problem with today society as @jjwong pointed out is we as parents do have fault for raising them that way. Snowflakes as we now call them in the states. That is why I said both side have issue but as someone who is old enough now, she need a better way to deal with her issue instead of wasting police time. Let agree to disagree and move on. You have your point and so do we.

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        • coralie replied:

          @happybi right?! people act like teenagers have no brains. when i was a teenager, i was still very cognizant of everything i was doing. sure i was depressed, moody, typical teenage mode, but never was I unaware of what’s happening. and the funniest thing is, people think that just because she’s only a yr from being a full blown adult, that somehow makes her behavior okay.

          maybe when etta goes off to college someday without her mom in tow, she’ll finally understand that having a mother is much better than not having one and start to appreciate a mom who does spoil her rotten.

          i agree that etta’s behavior is driven by elaine’s upbringing (most likely her guilt over raising etta under such harsh limelight & not having a father for her), so you can say that elaine has faults, but she does it with good intentions. you can’t say the same for etta. why would any daughter try to criminalize her mother? how do you even wrap your mind around that?

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        • happybi replied:

          @coralie Unfortunately, that’s how society is these day. Teenagers are not given as much responsibility as before. They are treated more like babies than young adults. So yes, we as adult are in part to blame but for them to be that age and not have any common sense at all is just plain unacceptable. I’m from a huge family and my parents used to work very longs hours… I started working when I was 15 years old.. 13 if you count the “under the table” Chinese restaurant job. Also work and went to college at the same time to pay off tuition. So it’s hard for me to really pity Etta. I feel if she truly understand what her mom is going through, she should be more understanding.. but I don’t see that right now. Both need help as if this continue, it’s not healthy for either of them.

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    8. jjwong says:

      My 2 cents.

      What’s the first thing we say when a child is obedient, successful and has a “good head over their shoudlers”? It’s: oh, their parents raised them right. You (parents) must be proud.

      What’s the first thing we say when a child acts out, wants things and outspoken? We say: good D spoiled, rotten, entitled millennial. Need to grow the eff up, piece of crap.

      Can we not see the hypocrisy? The parents get the praise and the child gets the blame. Not saying it’s 100% this way. Just tired of people blaming amd berating the generation, i.e. millennials, when in reality, we set them up that way. Who got them spoiled and rotten? Who planted safe space idea? Who created social media? Who came up ways to be self obessessing? I’m not saying they’re blameless, but we, the generatiom before, need to take responsibility too. Every generation before tends to easily written off the generation after them because of the changes and new things they didn’t experience in their life. Baby boomers weren’t always liked and were seen as entitled before there’s such rhing as gen x, y amd millennial. So stop riding our horses. Dismount and actually do something to shape our next gen. If we want them to be less obess with the camera, take away their phones. If we want them to spend more time outside, go take them to the beach. All the possibility we can and should do with them. We say they’re young and don’t know better so our way or the highway; yet we scream and call them names when they’re detour and misbehave. Teach them. Show them.

      *steps off soap box*

      No, I don’t have a comment specific to this article or situation xD

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    9. says:

      I always have to do a double take when I see Elaine Ng. Am I the only one who sees Linda Chung in her and vice versa?

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