Etta Ng on Father Jackie Chan: “He is a Stranger”

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Etta Ng on Father Jackie Chan: “He is a Stranger”

As the illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan (成龍), 15-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林) has always been scrutinized by the media. A result of Jackie’s affair with actress Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), Etta was raised by her mother and never had a chance to know what her father is like. Admitting that Jackie “is a stranger” to her, Etta said she never thought about meeting him.

This year, Etta’s relationship with her mother Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) was tested to the limit. Due to Elaine’s alcoholism, Etta had attempted to run away from home several times. Nonetheless, the mother and daughter managed to reconcile and brought them even closer together.

After Etta’s incident, Jackie finally broke his silence on his illegitimate daughter and confessed that he had felt a lot of guilt towards her.

After Jackie’s confession, there were reports claiming that Etta wanted to see her father, but the 15-year-old clarified in a recent interview that the rumors were false. Although she is not against the idea, she never thought about wanting to see her father.

While she does not mind the media calling her “Little Dragon Girl”, she said most of her close family and friends just call her “Etta” and do not associate her with Jackie at all.

Wondered Why She Has No Father

“I don’t have a father,” said Etta. “The one who raised me is more important.”

Etta admitted that there were many times when she questioned why she was fatherless. The saddest moments in her childhood occurred when her classmates talked about the activities they did with their fathers, while Etta had none to share.

However, Etta said she never had any anger for her father. “I don’t have any feelings for him,” said Etta. “I am used to life without my father.”

Loves Mother

Etta once asked her mother why she did not have a father, but after hearing what Elaine had to say, Etta said having a mother is enough. Etta feels fortunate to have Elaine who  can take on the responsibilities of both mother and father. “I rarely say ‘I love you’ to my mother. I usually say ‘I care about you’, because I feel that ‘care’ carries more meaning than ‘love’. I hope my mother can live life happily.”

Bullied at School

It has never been a secret that Etta is the illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan. Because of her identity, she was often physically and mentally bullied at school. Etta became shy, introverted, and hesitant to make friends. Because of her relationship with Jackie, Etta feels hesitant to pursue her true passion — filmmaking. As both of her parents are actors, Etta is afraid that her decision to pursue filmmaking would create more gossip for her family.

Asked if she has watched any of Jackie’s films before, she said, “I don’t know him, so I will not critique him. He was never in my life, so when I see him in film, he is just a stranger to me. I never say he is my father. I just say he is Jackie Chan, an actor.”


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11 comments to Etta Ng on Father Jackie Chan: “He is a Stranger”

  1. tess says:

    I wonder how would Jackie feels when he reads Etta’s perceptions on him. He’s a hero in everybody’s eyes but his children. How ironic.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @tess Not to me. I never liked Jackie Chan. I read about her relationship with Joan Lin in the past and his reactions to her after he heard about her pregnancy. He asked Joan to have an abortion but eventually it was stopped by one of his producer-friends (Ho Koon Cheung) in Shaw Brothers. How could I treat him as an hero, a man lack of responsibility?

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      • tess replied:

        @orchid123 The term hero refers to how he is seen in movies not his complicated personal life.

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  2. funnlim says:

    The headline is the greatest understatement ever.

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  3. freedalas says:

    How is this newsworthy? No one would be surprised at this at all. Jackie Chan is totally not worthy of any respect as a father even by his legitimate son Jaycee, so should we expect anything else how an illegitimate child like Etta feels about him?

    As I said here before, people has no regard for Jackie Chan anymore, in fact, the mere mention of his name is disgusting. Reporters should simply stop talking about him. There are plenty others whose lives we are very much more interested in!

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  4. onlyyou says:

    I stopped watching his movies since knowing his character. And it was getting cra ppy and with his terrible english.

    And this news about him nails it.

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  5. bloom11 says:

    Fully understand what she meant by that, biological parents mean nothing if they were never part of your life

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  6. azndoraemon says:

    Every families have issues but over all it’s still a family. At times we need a little forgiveness and enjoy life with each one of us before it’s too late. I wish this family happiness.

    I’m shocked to see so many very angry people here on jaynestars. There are enough suffering people in this world. I hope to see nice things from people. Life is short live in the present don’t live in the past.

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  7. Being a ‘father’ means more than just impregnating someone and resulting in a kid. DNA means nothing if you don’t have the bond or relationship. Chan doesn’t qualify as and thus shouldn’t be seen as her father at all.

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  8. amochi says:

    It is normal for her to feel he’s a stranger and she may feel like that for the rest of her life. Not everyone get along with their parents even for those living with the parents since birth.

    Etta might still feel he’s her father from inside and lets hope for improvement. She’s still young to think about this stuff. Some people takes a lifetime.

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  9. msxie0714 says:

    Must be something in the creative genes, but throughout world history, men with extraordinary talents tended to have been unconventional and irresponsible in family matters.

    Am not excusing Chan’s personal behavior , but I still have to give him props for his contributions to popularizing HK film stunts to the world.

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