Fan Bingbing is a Great Boss, Showering Employees with Gifts

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Fan Bingbing is a Great Boss, Showering Employees with Gifts

Mainland Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) kept a low-profile for four months since her tax scandal broke out. Admitting to tax fraud, Fan Bingbing has to pay back tax authorities 883 million yuan. Although the 37-year-old actress may have been reluctant to pay her taxes, she was apparently very generous with her own company employees.

Her staff said Fan Bingbing is an incredible boss. Within the last three years, her studio never lost a single employee. Is it because of the tempting “employee benefits”?

Fan Bingbing certainly knows how to shower her employees with gifts. Not only does Fan Bingbing treat her employees to fancy dinners, but she also gives them a six to seven figure sum bonus at the end of each year. She has even been noted for treating her employees to extravagant gifts like vacation, laptops, iPhones, diamonds, and even Louis Vuitton handbags.

For one of her employee’s wedding, she even gifted a house. Rumor has it she one said, “I’ll pay for all the ladies’ weddings in this office. It’s my job to see you all get married happily.”

Apparently, Fan Bingbing’s studio has a “5 year Best Employee” award in which the prize is an all-expense-paid vacation for one month to a destination of choice.

It may be stressful to work in the entertainment industry, but the studio claims that employees there gain a family in return. Looking at the way Fan Bingbing rewards her staff, she definitely splurges on them like family members.

Source: HK01

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  1. littlefish says:

    About a week ago, I think around the time she cut the deals with the government, there are articles popping up talking about how she’s such a great person, to her Co-worker, her colleagues’s relatives, etc. and anyone who is reading it would know it’s an attempt to improve her image, making people to forget her tax fraud. Good job, FBB, I see you are paying the media to make you look good again, but we all know better!

    Also if it’s any like the west, any of this gift expense will be accounted, and she can balloon the figure to reduce her tax >_>

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @littlefish Exactly! So now that we know a lot of that money was from tax fraud, would all those employees who were recipients of her “lavish gifts” be considered “complicit” in her misdeeds, albeit indirectly and unknowingly? Can’t help but wonder what those employees must be thinking right now….

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