Felix Wong May Film New TVB Series with Michael Miu

Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Felix Wong Yat Wah, Yu Kam Yuan, and Cheng Dak See attended the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ bowling competition kick-off ceremony several days ago.

Michael indicated that he will be taking summer vacation with his family, although the location was still undecided. Michael’s wife, Jamie Chik Mei Chun recently lost significant weight while endorsing a slimming company.

Did Michael prefer the chubby or skinny Jamie? Michael said he did not mind either way. Jamie’s chubbiness was cute in a way, while being skinny had its good aspects too. However at their age, Michael believed that there should not be such a drastic weight loss. Although he did not mind Jamie being fat or thin, being overweight lent to more ‘clumsiness.’ Being healthy was the most important issue. Did Michael join Jamie’s weight loss program? Michael indicated there was no need to since he normally loses weight while filming a series, due to lack of sleep.

Felix Wong Yat Wah appeared in a recent episode of Stephen Chan’s “Be My Guest” last week. Stephen joked that Felix and Michael were terrible singers. Although Michael has never heard Stephen sing in the past, he joked, “I sing better than Stephen! He is an eloquent man, but that does not guarantee he has a good singing voice.”

Michael noted that he had his own individual singing style, which Stephen may not appreciate. Michael admitted that Jamie often dominated the microphone when they sing karaoke. Jamie’s singing skills were quite good.

Beginning in September, Michael will film a 30 episode TVB modern series. TVB is currently attempting to recruit Felix Wong to join the cast. If Felix accepts the role, this will be the first time Felix and Michael will appear in a series together in twenty-four years.

One of the requirements Felix stipulated in the filming negotiations was to have 6 hours of sleep each night. Michael laughed, “That’s easy!” TVB was deeply interested in having Felix act in a series again. Michael revealed that Felix was currently considering the offer, noting that Felix was in a semi-retired state and not eager to work. Thus persuading Felix to film for TVB again may require a lot of effort.

Felix said that he has not decided whether to film a TVB series or not. Reporters quoted Michael’s confirmation that 6 hours of sleep each night would not be difficult. Felix laughed and said that Michael was a spokesman for TVB. The last time Felix and Michael appeared in the same series together was “The Yang’s Saga” 《楊家將》.

Was one of the determining factors whether Felix can perform onstage in Mainland? Felix laughed, “Yes, that’s standing in the way of making money…actually, I was worried since it has been many years since I have filmed a television series.”

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: I think it will be quite likely that Felix will agree to film for TVB again, otherwise he would not have appeared on Stephen Chan’s show. Also a 30 episode series is not too long an agreement, unlike filming a 60 episode grand production which may drag on for half a year. Now the big question, who would be a suitable actress to pair with Felix?

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