First Sighting of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby Boy, Marcus

Since giving birth in November 2018, single mom Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) has managed to successfully hide her son Marcus away from the public eye for many months. Despite her deliberate secrecy, the Hong Kong paparazzi managed to photograph Cecilia carrying seven-month-old Marcus outside her two older boys’ school recently.

It was speculated that Cecilia had broken up with Marcus’ father even before the baby’s birth.The 39-year-old actress refused to reveal who the father is despite rampant speculations regarding his identity, even choosing to omit his name off Marcus’ birth certificate.

Recently, Cecilia attended a school function and brought Marcus with her. The baby’s plump legs were seen dangling outside the baby carrier. Also accompanying Cecilia was her younger brother, Ronnie Cheung (張豪龍), who often serves as a father figure to her three boys. Since it was parents’ day at the school, Ronnie showed up to support his nephews Lucas and Quintas.

Cecilia with her brother, Ronnie

To avoid the Hong Kong paparazzi, Cecilia even borrowed her manager’s car that day. Although reporters photographed Cecilia stepping out of the car with Marcus, the baby’s face wasn’t visible.

After Marcus was photographed, Cecilia grew more careful and wasn’t seen taking the baby out again for days. She would either meet up with Ronnie or head outside alone.

Reports claim that Cecilia has successfully transported Marcus to Singapore on June 14. It is unclear whether Cecilia is there on vacation, or to bring Marcus to meet with his rumored father, a wealthy 65-year-old Singaporean businessman.

Source: Sohu

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