Fred Cheng and Stephanie Ho Are Rumored To Be Dating

Sparks are said to be flying between Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩), who were caught out on a date a few days ago. The two TVB singers reportedly grew close after collaborating in the theme song for Married but Available <我瞞結婚了>. They played a couple in the song’s music video.

Stephanie, who was in Beijing to film Succession War <天命>, returned to Hong Kong a few days ago, reportedly to meet up Fred. Paparazzi first saw Fred driving Stephanie back home to her apartment in Tai Po, where they stayed for a while. Four hours later, Stephanie drove Fred to a nearby village, where they met up with Winki Lai (賴慰玲). While waiting for Winki, the rumored couple stood close together by the sidewalk and chatted. At one point, Stephanie brushed something off of Fred’s chest. When Stephanie started to smoke on her e-cigarette, Fred stepped away. Winki arrived a few moments later, and the trio went into a cafe.

Fred and Stephanie immediately bounced off from each other after seeing the reporters. Fred, who originally came in Stephanie’s car, called someone to pick him up. Asking why Fred isn’t going home with Stephanie, he said, “I have work.”

Asking if she’s dating Fred, Stephanie said, “Give us some time to think about how we’re going to answer that!” (Why aren’t you guys going back together?) “He has work.” Asking again if she’s dating Fred, she said, “If you think we are, then we are! If you think we’re not, then we’re not!”

Stephanie accepted a phone interview later to clarify the rumors. “Fred took me back home that day because I had a lot of drinks. It’s a common courtesy.” (Does Fred always go to your home?) “Several times.” (Are you two dating?) “We are friends. Don’t make everything seem so dramatic. It gives us a lot of pressure.” (What do you think of Fred?) “He’s a great guy. I love guys with a good singing voice. This is a quality I’ve always admitted to admiring.” (Has Fred met your mother?) “She met him when my mother visited me on set.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Hahahah so many people clicked the angry emoji ^ I think they look really cute tgt!!!! Didn’t know Steph smokes tho :/

    1. @heunjx i didn’t even realize the emojis were a thing on this site lol. and yes they do look cute, not sure why ppl be hating. they make an adorable couple & steph is pretty frank about her admiration and interest.

      also, yeah, i’m surprised about the smoking thing too. she has such a good girl image.

    2. @heunjx I think the angry emoji is because of Fred’s ex-fiancee that he supposedly dumped for Steph. Fred’s getting smeared pretty badly by media right now!

  2. At first, I thought it was just rumors to promote their new duet together but it turns out it might be true. They would make a cute couple.

    There’s actually more to the story. It looks like his ex who he recently broke up with is showing pictures and texts to the media to prove their relationship. I don’t know if the ex-fiancee title is entirely correct because it seems like he proposed, she said yes, but then later told him she didn’t want to get married or have a family which led to the break-up. This storyline would have actually really fit in with the Married but Available series. haha

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