Gallen Lo to Slow Down Work Output; Tavia Yeung Tells Him Law to Work More

Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) and Him Law (羅仲謙), costars in Infernal Affairs <無間道>, sat down together for an interview to promote their new TV series, which takes place in the same universe as the 2002 Hong Kong film of the same name.

Both Gallen and Him are married men, and both of their wives are also actors in the entertainment industry. Though Gallen and Him are over twenty years apart, the costars showed no generation gap in their conversations, as they both share a common passion in loving their family.

Gallen and his wife Sophie Su (蘇岩), who he has been married to since 2009, have one four-year-old daughter Sela. On how he manages his time between family and work, Gallen shared, “Our daughter is turning five soon, and my wife hasn’t been working as much as before. I’ve been working less as well.” Him joked, “That’s because he’s made enough to retire!” Gallen quickly clarified, “It’s my wife telling me not to work as much!”

The 55-year-old said he wants to enjoy his time with family, which led to his decision of doing about one TV show per year. Asking if his wife would having acting cravings, Gallen said, “Of course, but our daughter is still very young, so we don’t want to be away for too long.”

Him, on the other hand, has actually been working more since his marriage to Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Him joked, “She told me to work more!” The 33-year-old then added that he should be working harder, saying, “I can’t stop now. Times have changed. The market and competition is now all of Asia. I need to hold onto every opportunity that I come across.”

Pointing out that Tavia has slowed down her work output, Him said, “Like Gallen Gor, Tavia is able to come out if she finds a good production or script to work with. It’s an 180 degree change from before we got married. She has gone from working all year to now working only once per year.”

Gallen Finds New Acting Challenges in “Infernal Affairs”

Though it’s not the first time that Gallen has played a villain, the veteran actor finds his role as “Hon Long” to be his most challenging role yet in a TV drama. “Acting does get harder and harder,” he shared. “You have to show something different every time. For Hon Long, I had to tone down his body language a bit. That actually made his character harder to portray.”

Him said Gallen was a good mentor on set, and shared some of the tips that Gallen had taught him. “He told me my eyes are too black and white. Very alert and shiny. When it comes to playing complicated roles, that feature becomes a weakness. I had to learn how to make my eyes less ‘clean’.”

The Infernal Affairs star, who plays Senior Inspector Wai Chun-hin, then added, “I don’t know if it was a random coincidence or what, (Gallen: “It’s not. You were doing your homework.”) but I’ve realized that if I don’t sleep enough, I’ll achieve that look!”


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  1. The series is quite boring and filled with typical tvb coincidences. Its nice to see some new faces but that’s about the only thing that keeps me watching it. Just not feeling it with the other main character’s (Wayne Wang) poor acting. Off topic but he kind of look like lam fung in certain angles…must be the same surgeon…

    1. @mike The TV version is produced / directed by Tommy Leung, right? No wonder it’s so “TVB-flavored”. I actually tried watching the first few episodes and was bored out of my wits (my mom tried watching and was confused as hell while my brother is boycotting the series because he’s a huge fan of the movie version and is pissed that they are messing with his favorite franchise, lol). Needless to say I gave up on this one already….would rather spend my time re-watching OCTB (which by the way, is officially a Netflix series now — first and maybe only HK series to be featured on Netflix platform). While TVB and the other production houses doing web series are busy putting their series on various Mainland platforms (and working primarily with local actors), OCTB is now officially on the international circuit, with season 2 cast rumored to include Hollywood actors. 😉

      1. @llwy12 @llwy12 Tommy Leung? No wonder Toby is in in it.

        I don’t like how they dubbed over all the Mandarin artistes in this IA series. I prefer OCTB where they chose to use Mandarin speaking casts and wrote them into the story to explain their accented Cantonese and still allowed them to express their roles with their own voices.

        Looking forward to Season 2.

      2. @elizabeth LOL…yup…I think she’s in the other web series he’s producing right now as well (the name of the series escapes me at the moment but I saw the press conference awhile back ago and remember that it has boatloads of veterans in it).

        Yea, exactly. And not only that, the OCTB production team actually took the time to teach the Mainland artists (the few that were in the series) Cantonese and practice with them so that they would be able to speak it properly while filming. Little things like that go a long way in my book because to me, how sincere and passionate a production team is about their craft is evident in the effort they put into the “extras” outside of filming that ultimately affect the quality of their productions (one of the reasons why I was so supportive of HKTV back then was precisely because they were willing to put this type of effort into every single production).

        I’m looking forward to OCTB season 2 as well, though bummer that filming has been delayed until March – I’m dying to find out which artists will be joining season 2 cast…end the speculation already, lol! (By the way, there are some important OCTB updates as of late, which I wrote up on my blog so feel free to check there for more details).

    2. @mike I actually think apart from the veterans, everyone else’s acting is very bland. I dropped out at ep 5. And the singing puts me off. Richie Ren is a lovely guy, but him singing one of my fav songs in Cantonese is very irritating.

    1. @qweasdzxc21 Actually, we haven’t seen most of them in TVB dramas in a long time anyway. And for me, that’s perfectly fine because I don’t watch TVB much anymore. Besides, as long as those artists are still active in the industry, we will see them onscreen at some point…there is more out there nowadays than just TVB.

  2. what happened with gallen? he looks haggard, not only in this picture but also in recent interviews. ok he isnt the youngest anymore but he has lost a lot of his charismatic looks if compare in his tvb days. he should rest more and do more on sport like jogging,or tai chi everyday.

    1. @kolo he just hasn’t aged as well as older tvb guys. he has a saggy face which makes him look haggard. he probably refused to do stuff other old tvb guys do to their face so hence the difference.

    2. @kolo probably a combination of stress and bad genes. Gallen has been working hard to support both families and travelling a lot. But some people just age better regardless and their skin retains more collagen. look at the other guys from “A Threshold Of An Era” who have all been through a lot in their personal lives. Roger and Sunny still look great. Nicky, Joe Ma and Louis also has kept their looks.

      1. @elizabeth
        Gallen is 2 years older than Roger but the rest are a lot younger. It is not the best idea to compare Gallen’s aging process with those you have mentioned.

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