Gong Jun Files Police Report for Online Slandering

Chinese actor Gong Jun (龔俊) gained traction in his career and saw a rise in popularity after starring as one of the male leads in BL drama, Word of Honor <山河令>. However, fame comes at a price, and increased popularity often leads to more rumors and scandals. Just last month, the 29-year-old was faced with criticism for violating pandemic prevention regulations.

One of the more scandalous allegations claim that Gong Jun had gotten his girlfriend pregnant and has a child already. The reports stemmed from suspicions that a Baidu account with the username of “gongjun91” was actually used by the star personally. Hawk-eyed netizens went through the user’s history and did a deep dive into past posts. The user had asked questions about Down syndrome back in 2012, which led netizens to believe that he is already a dad now.

The scandalous allegations do not end there. There was a photo posted claiming that he had once been a male escort for the popular private women’s club in Shanghai, White Horse Club (白馬會所).  The “gongjung91” user had responded to the post with harsh words.

A netizen has also been suspected of hacking into and accessing Gong Jung’s personal information, including his phone number, email, home address, family information, and passwords on various platforms, and published the information online.

The actor’s company denied the damaging claims and reported the privacy infringement to the police. The statement noted that Gong Jun is currently single and does not have any children. Warning evil doers of potential legal repercussions, the company wrote, “The rumors are fabricated from thin air and are intended to maliciously slander Gong Jun! The Internet is not a place outside of the law. During a time when the country has launched Operation Qing Lang and is focused on cleaning up the Chinese Internet, we will definitely seek legal counsel on the matter and investigate the incident!”

Forwarding his company’s statement on social media, Gong Jun wrote, “I can’t bear it anymore. Everything will be dealt with in accordance with the law!”

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. First Zhang Zhehan gets pulled down so dramatically… now Gong Jun get smeared with rubbish. I really hope those that started such slander answers for their deeds….

  2. I highly doubt Gong Jun is stupid enough to use his own account with his name written all over it to ask these kind of questions. Some other article I read said this account also made fun of Xiao Zhan. What a way to start a fan war. It seems like some people really enjoy ruining the careers and lives of people they don’t know, and creating unnecessary chaos.

    1. so many parallels in the smear campaigns against XZ and ZZH and similar berating of WYB and GJ for capitalizing on CP for self-benefit. Could it be the same people pulling the strings behind the scenes?

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