Gong Jun Harassed Onboard Plane Flight

Gong Jun throws a blanket over his head while hostile fans yelled at him onboard a flight.

Chinese actor Gong Jun (龚俊) became an overnight sensation after the airing of Word of Honor <山河令> in February. His face can be seen everywhere in China, as he endorsed nearly 20 brands in the past four months alone. Due to his striking features and 6-foot-1-inch stature, Gong Jun is easily recognized everywhere he goes and has little privacy left, even when he is trying to rest onboard a flight.

News emerged that Gong Jun was yelled at by fans during a flight, but his studio declined to comment. Afterwards, a passenger on the same flight revealed that the actor was harassed by hostile fans and how the exchange started.

Yesterday, Gong Jun had a very packed schedule where he had to fly from Xiamen to Shanghai for work. After completing the events, he had to return to Xiamen for filming that evening. Thus, he took advantage of his time on the plane to sleep and get some rest. Sitting down next to his bodyguard, Gong Jun threw a blanket over his head for some privacy.

Unexpectedly, around 10 fans bought tickets and followed Gong Jun onto the plane. They barged into the first-class cabin and asked to take photos with him. The flight attendants intervened, but the hostile fans started yelling at Gong Jun and saying demeaning things such as, “I spent money to come see a d**k” and “Now that you’re a big celebrity, things are different.”

The situation became very awkward, and the hostile fans were so loud all the passengers heard them. Gong Jun had his headphones on the entire time and covered his head with his blanket, but it is speculated that he heard their crude words.

After reading the account, many netizens praised Gong Jun for his EQ and condemned the hostile fans for their intrusive behavior.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu
      They should be arrested. They can put other passengers in danger also – disrupting a flight. These people need to get a life. It’s so sad and crazy.

  1. The incident reminds me of Xiao Zhan. These people are surely hell crazy.

  2. haha lol…Damn these crazy fans. I remember I also watched a few series of his and also can never pass 2 episodes. hahaa lol….Overnight sensation indeed!!

    1. @wm2017
      Well you cannot blame it all on him as a series is made up of many factors rather than just him and the cast. There is more to a series than just the cast.

  3. “Hostile fan” is the oxymoron of the 21st century. The airline should put these passengers on the no fly list and report it. they have zero right to go into the cabin if their seat isn’t there. No one should be verbally abused like that, celeb or crook.

      1. @hohliu
        Yes, they have a term in Korean which is “saesang”. Saesang fans have even kidnapped their idols before so this is nothing.

      2. @hohliu
        Yes they did. It was in a foreign country and it was the daughter of the president or something like that. Basically, someone with power but they still don’t have the right to do that. They had a Kpop group ( I forgot which group) picked up at the airport and took them somewhere so she can meet them privately. The members were so scared as they did not know where they were being taken to.

        Honestly, she could have easily asked her father to ask the company for permission to meet them without having to “kidnap” them. That is truly creepy.

      3. @hetieshou Goodness, such abuse of power…. I wonder which KPop Group was it?
        The worst must be those directly harm and hurt to their idols…

      4. @hohliu
        Yup and I forget which group it was… it was not BTS but a pretty popular group. They were popular enough for her to do such a thing. It is so shameful. The guys were so scared since they due not know where they were getting taken to and what would happen.

  4. Jesus Christ. Sometimes I wonder where these “fans” get the money and time to do such things, or where their friends and families are to not be aware of such actions? Didn’t Zhang ZheHan recently get stalked too? The entitlement of some people. Yes, being famous comes with its up and downs but celebrities don’t deserve to be belittled/invaded in their own private time and space. That’s why there’s fan events and variety shows. These are plain stalkers, not supporters.

  5. I really can’t stand behind “fans” that think they own celebrities or idols just because they spend money on them. Please respect human beings and not just money. What’s wrong with people these days.

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