Gregory Lee Misplaced Love Feelings In Married Woman, “Miki”?

The complexities behind Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) saga received an unexpected twist recently. After unmarried mother Shirley had given birth and was rumored to have broken up with boyfriend, Andy Ng (吳帥), Gregory revealed that he was in the initial stages of romance with Chinese-Korean model, Miki. According to Apple Daily, Miki turned out to be a married woman! Did she intentionally keep her marital status a secret while seeing Gregory behind her husband’s back? Or was Gregory too eager in looking for a new love, failing to realize that Miki was already married?

The mysterious Miki kept several different online alias. Allegedly, her real name was Jinling Huang and she worked in a clerical position, instead of being a model, as initially reported. After rumors with Gregory broke, she changed her Weibo alias to Rose Kitty. Her husband’s name was Jerry Tsang, who confirmed that the woman appearing in the recent tabloid news with Gregory was in fact, his wife. Their wedding photos were found on Jerry’s Facebook account.

Jerry claimed that Jinling’s bikini photos, which were recently featured in the tabloids, were taken in the Aegean Sea during their vacation. Professing that his wife did not wish to be bothered by the paparazzi, Jerry revealed that he did not know that his wife knew Gregory. “I did not know who he is; I have only watched him on television, until I found out his name in the newspapers recently.”

Was it possible that Jinling possessed a habit of becoming friends on the side with male celebrities without her husband’s knowledge?

Allegedly, Jinling met Gregory through their mutual interest in car racing. Boyz member, Steven Cheung (張致恒), revealed that he had known Jinling for three years. “A friend introduced us. Although we have known each other for three years, I did not know whether she was single or whether she had a significant other. She is not a model, simply a clerk.” Obviously, Jinling did not possess the habit of wearing her wedding ring or talking to her friends about her husband.

Was Gregory too eager to divert his past hurt feelings from breaking up with Shirley Yeung? Did he know that the woman he claimed to have just started seeing was in fact a married woman? Was Gregory misled in his feelings towards Jinling?

While the answers remained unclear, Gregory was explicit in stating that he has not been in contact with Shirley. Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎) earlier stated that he was against Gregory and Shirley reconciling. Gregory stated, “The incident has already passed; I no longer wish to dwell on it to avoid further imaginative speculations. If tabloids continue to write about this, it is not good for Shirley and her postpartum spirit.” Gregory added that he has not been in contact with Shirley and only learned of her recent status through news reports.

Gregory’s father, Ding Yeh, indicated that he has not met Jinling and was not concerned as to whether Gregory had misplaced his feelings. Ding Yeh stated, “He is a big boy and has his own perspective. There is no way to hold him back; you can only respect and support him.” Ding Yeh’s response alluded that Gregory will need to learn from his own mistakes.

Image source: Ming Pao

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Jayne: Is it too preliminary to say that “Miki” had intentionally misled her two male celebrity friends, Steven Cheung and Gregory Lee, into thinking that she is still single and available on the market? It appears that she does not wear a wedding band and does not tell her friends that she is married. From earlier reports, Gregory allegedly admitted that he was in the early stages of a relationship with Miki…umm…it doesn’t sound good, or did he read too much into her concern and support?

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  1. Yes it’s still early to predict anything about Miki. As for not wearing ring etc, i think that’s pretty normal cuz I dont wear mine too all the time but that doesn’t mean I disrespect my marriage or etc. I don’t get why Miki didn’t inform her friends of her married status though..fishy here.

    1. Why does it matter if she is married or single? And why should she mention her status? What’s the big deal if it is a friendship whether it’s with a man or woman.

      1. Its an acknowledgement to the partner if their current status is only revealed to their close ones like family, far relatives, friends… Not to the whole world of course..

    2. And besides that “WHAT” cheating – she was ONLY sending messages – support messages from a friend to a friend. WHO said there was any sex or kissing involved. PEOPLE ARE SO GULLABLE TO TAKE WHATEVER OUT OF PROPORTION. I don’t see anything wrong with what Miki did. If she wants to leave her private life private – that’s her own business no one else’s – even if friendship.

      1. Well, marriage is a privacy for some people. Won’t she be happy if she tell her friends and share with them?

        Sending messages to each other supporting the other is good but she must be aware that Gregory is a celebrity and reporters are dying to get gossips.

      2. I don’t think being married is something that you should keep secretive… I mean, sex life and all are definately private but revealing whether you are married or not should not be a big deal in my opinion…

  2. “According to Apple Daily, Miki turned out to be a married woman!”

    *Funn pointing her fists to the stormy sky of Malaysia* WHY? WHYYYYYY ARE YOU SO CRUEL?!?!?? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!??!

    1. LOL, are you referring to the girl or the sky for being so cruel?

    2. Not cruel totally, greedy and selfish about her self.
      Marriage is a commitment; yet, she cannot hold to that promise.

    3. Funn,

      Maybe the heavens will respond to u: “don’t blame me. Ask Greg why, oh why is he so gullible?!”

      1. I know I said he moved on too soon but imagine his fragile heart and the out of stick Kleenex. But the fun is how his brother would respond?

    4. Funn…. your comment really really make me laugh!!!!!

  3. Miki gives women in general a bad name. she can’t be very genuine as a friend if she chooses to hide who she is or the basic fact that she is married. Maybe she is trying to run a double life…fantasy vs reality. AND you can’t be that dumb to believe that no man will be interested if you spend so much time with them.

    1. TK,
      I do see some people leading a “double life” from their significant others, in which friends are carefully kept separate, especially friends of the opposite sex. Such friends remain in the “safety net” for catching other fish in the sea in case such interests arise, to keep one’s options open etc.

      Online cheating, by placing ads in dating sites, also facilitates easy cheating on partner.

      1. I think as long as one keeps a very separate group of friends from significant other, it makes it a lot easier to cheat. If the significant other rarely keeps tabs on new friends, and do not know her group of friends well, then hard to keep track of whether she is really with a particular friend she is claiming to be with. Much more difficult to validate stories if one doesn’t know the others’ friends well.

      2. I don’t like practice like that. When your spouse trust you enough to not check on you and give you freedom, you have to cherish that trust.

      3. I agree with Kidd that if your husband/wife gives you that much freedom, then you should cherish it.

    2. In conclusion, dangerous woman with double personality indeed brings lots of trouble..

    3. @TK,
      I agree with you to some extent, but aren’t there opposite sex friends out there that are friends with you just because they really want to be your friend?? In my case, then I can’t be really close friends with any guys but I have seen many others that are just friends and yes, they are both single too. Do you think a single guy and girl can’t just be “friends”??
      I agree that Miki seems to want to live a double life or something. If she is married then tries to hide it, that shows something about her… It seems like she wants to still have her options open or something.. Or maybe she lacks male companionship and wants to have more male friends?? I think it is ok for a married woman to have male friends. But of course for the really traditional people, they don’t want to allow that and feel it is wrong.

  4. Wow another hard hit. That is quite suspicious of no matter how you look at it. Feel sorry for her husband actually… Imagine the shame brought to his family if people he knew saw the tabloids. And Geoffrey again played like a fool. He really does have bad luck in love!

    1. Both guys are affected.

      What’s worst would be broken relationships and trusts…

  5. Wow, Gregory’s dad is worth to be admired. Flexibility and readiness to let young people to explore the world is important. Not like some traditional parents, who always decided for their ‘old kids’…

    1. if gregory’s dad was that open, he should have kept his mouth shut and let Gregory fight his own instead of attack Shirley like he did.

      1. Snoopy, I’m not sure about that. I commented that based on this article after reading it.

        Probably, that is the dad’s way of protecting his son..

      1. Nope.. But, reading this articles gave me the idea that his open to forgive and let go of the past..

      2. I have a feeling that Lee Ka Ding has a hard mouth but a soft heart. He may get really mad and curse and all at the moment he is mad. However, once he is given time to cool down, he forgives,forgets and moves on… But I can’t say the same about Augustine… He seems more petty and unforgiving than his father is.

  6. Steven Cheung known Miki for three years and doesn’t know that she’s married. They’re probably not that close (as a friend). It’s not like she’s gonna talk about her husband in every conversation…

  7. There seems to be double standard here. Gregory and Shirley were just ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ and when a third party enters the scene–> all out war against Shirley about cheating, getting what she deserve, what go around comes around– those sort of hurtful statements. Yet when Gregory is found be to involved with a ‘married woman’, everyone is out of their ways to forgive him saying that he has been hurt, had a rough time blah blah blah… making excuses for him. Why isn’t anyone saying ‘hey you #$%^, why are you messing with someone else’s wife?’ and bag him for it???

    1. Snob* because Gre guy is a ‘fragile’ guy and Shirley is a black sheep. Black sheep should be died while ‘fragile’ guy has bad luck. Lessons: shouldn’t be hated :P.

    2. Snoopy, does Gregory knows that the woman is married?
      If yes, its not fair for Shirley to receive all the condemnation from the public..

    3. To be fair, you can’t blame the guy (Gregory) if the girl (Miki) is with holding that kind of information from him.

      Obviously how is he supposed to know that girl is married. In this scenario his “celebrity” status helped him and the papz were able to dig up the truth about this girl, if in fact they were beginning to date.

      1. I agree that it isn’t Greg’s fault since he did not know that she was married. I think that if you know someone for a short time and they are being their real self, then you would eventually find out that they are married…I really wonder if he was not a celeb?? Would she still lead him on and still hide the fact that she is married???

    4. Because Greg didn’t know she was married while Shirley knew she was still in a relationship yet cheated anyway. If Steven and miki’s close friends did not know about her marital status, how would Greg, the newcomer suppose to know?

      1. I am still very shocked that Miki’s long time friends did not even know that she is married. I guess she never ever talks about her husband or anything about her marriage life. I wonder why??

  8. It turns out she’s a married woman who cheated on her husband? More drama for drama King Gregory. Bad luck in love

  9. You know, the only logical next step is for TVB to hire a writer to base a series off this whole mess. Their plots have been formulaic lately anyway, and this proves to be good drama!

  10. Hahaha i wndr if he n shirley wl get bck tgether. Tvb should make a series out of ths drama. It seem mre interestng thn sme drama i seen recently.

    1. It would be really interesting if they did but of course they would have to change things around and change all of the names or else…

  11. Well, looks like I spoke too soon about him finally finding himself the perfect match. =P

    1. You aren’t the only one.. I was intially happy for him to, but now to know that she doesn’t just have a boyfriend but is married… What a big blow…

  12. Seriously, why so much news about this kelefare actor? We can’t even call him a supporting actor with all those bit parts he does.

    1. Nicole,
      I do like Gregory as a person and he was an awesome child actor, thus the extended coverage of Gregory Lee on this site. 🙂

      1. I appreciate your coverage of this news, Jayne. It’s difficult to find translated articles, especially when it concerns the lesser-known people. I also like Gregory as a person and really liked him as a child actor. I hope he has a happy ending one day.

      2. Jen,
        Thanks for your note of appreciation! You should follow Gregory Lee at his Weibo blog to show your support!

        He can read English well, so you can leave comments in English. Although he may not personally respond to each comment, I know he likes to go on the internet a lot and read fan comments.

    2. Gregory Lee was a special child actor so what is wrong with a lot of news about him?? I really wished that we had more news of Fung Chi Feng my other favorite child actor. I guess he is doing well now so maybe it is a good thing that we don’t hear anything about him.

  13. At his age, it is harder to find single and good girls since a lot of them are already taken… I heard that if you want to know if a girl/guy is single or not and you are interested, then you just have to straight out ask them. It is hard and awkward, that’s the best way to go…

    I feel it is sad to fall for someone that is married. That reminds me of Xiao SHi Yi Lang falling for Shen Bi Jun.How tragic…

    Funny how you guys talk about the ring. Yea, not everyone that is married always wears their rings. One of my cousins doesn’t because she always works with hair chemicals and is afraid that her ring will get damaged so she never wears it when she works or on a day to day basis. I always wear a ring, but it is on the right hand. I always get the question if I am married or not… I thought it was the left ring finger?? Is it different in asian countries?

  14. I hope that Gregory will find someone one day that will love and treasure him…

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