Hawick Lau Responds to New GF Speculations: “I Don’t Know Her”

By on September 23, 2018 in NEWS

Hawick Lau Responds to New GF Speculations: “I Don’t Know Her”

A few days ago, a woman known as Britney shared a picture she took with Hawick Lau (劉愷威) on social media. When a netizen mentioned Hawick’s wife Yang Mi (楊冪) in a comment, Britney responded by saying that the couple have already been divorced for two years.

Divorce speculations between Hawick and Yang Mi have been circulating for at least a year. On September 12th, Yang Mi’s 32nd birthday, Yang Mi shared a picture she took with friends on social media, but Hawick did not offer any comments nor give Yang Mi a birthday greeting. Yang Mi and Hawick’s interactions on social media have been minimal to none, and the couple have always stayed silent about divorce rumors when they were reached out for comment. It’s been said that the couple had to maintain a lovable image due to their joint endorsements.

Hawick did, however, respond to Britney’s bold claim. A staff member from Hawick’s production studio told the media, “Hawick does not know this woman. That photo [of Hawick and Britney] was taken while he was at work filming. Studio staff brought the woman over to Hawick because she wanted to take a picture. Hawick was being polite. The two of them did not interact much. We don’t know why she would make such irresponsible claims on social media. When we found out, we went on her Weibo and saw that she had already deleted the comment.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

6 comments to Hawick Lau Responds to New GF Speculations: “I Don’t Know Her”

  1. kmfayb says:

    Okay, why doesn’t Hawick Lau sue her then? He and his agency, manager and lawyer should not just deny, deny, deny. Do something about it, or zip it. I remember the manager of a certain ‘god’ said that his and his wife’s neighbors were talking rubbish and tried to make the neighbors look like fools when they said they saw the great one and his wife on the patio. Turns out the neighbours were right. Actually, this is not the first ebiz couple I heard were divorced and still pretending to be married for business and monetary reasons.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @kmfayb on other sites who also published this news highlighted every fact that Hawick didn’t deny the divorce rumour, just denied knowing her. It’s a tell tell sign right now

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  2. winnie says:

    They don’t look cozy or friendly in the photo, in fact they look awkward, like 2 stranges coming together for a photo op. So i do think Hawick don’t know her, and for her to make such a bold statement about someone else’s marriage or divorce, she has no business doing so, unless she’s the GF.

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    • kmfayb replied:

      @winnie you are right. If Hawick does not know this Britney woman, that is a very bold statement to make about his marriage, or lack of marriage. What I find more puzzling is that he and a member from his production company have only denied that Hawick knows Britney. They have not uttered a word about whether he is still married, or divorced from Yang Mi. I find that rather interesting

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  3. gunit101 says:

    Yang mi is a hoe that’s a know fact, I just don’t understand why he stayed married to her knowing that she sleeps around. She’s not a good actress she’s just popular

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