Tavia Yeung and Him Law Secretly Married in England!

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) are officially married! On Saturday, a photo of Tavia and Him posing in front of England’s Leeds Castle was posted online. It was taken on March 22, the day Him and Tavia officially registered their marriage. The couple have been dating for four years.

In the photo, Tavia wore a long bridal gown with a low-V cut. Him has taken the role of Prince Charming himself, dressed all in white and holding a bouquet of flowers. Witnesses to the marriage was Tavia’s mother and Him’s father.

After walking down the aisle and exchanging their vows, Tavia held onto both Him and her mother as they walked out of the castle. Him stood straight as he walked, looking visibly nervous.

The wedding was held in absolute secret. And though neither Tavia nor Him have made official announcements, their friends rushed to social media to congratulate the newlyweds.

“You’re so sly!” said Sharon Chan (陳敏之) on Weibo. “Congratulations to another sister for joining the sexy wife club! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Law’s marriage!”

Grace Wong (王君馨) said, “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Law! Happpppppy Marriage n Blessings forever!”

Leed’s Castle is located in Kent, England. On site since 1119 and with nearly 900 years of history, it is one of England’s oldest castles. It is a popular destination for weddings, which can cost up to 15,000 pounds.

Source: IHKTV, Mingpao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Have they really?

    Just earlier today there were reports of them only taking their wedding photos in England and not the real wedding.

    Although it was only a matter of time. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  2. Omg congrats to this beautiful couple!!!!!

    The picture looks so romantic. The prince with the princess in their castle

  3. Very shocked by the news! Although there were reports that they were buying a home together, didn’t expect the wedding to take place so quick! Him Law’s career is still rising and given his image as a sex symbol, thought they would hold off their wedding for some time.

  4. Congrats! Def didn’t expect it (same with Linda). I wonder if there will be a banquet celebration later.

  5. Aw .. yay! Congratulations to the happy couple! And kudos to them for being able to pull it off in such secrecy!

  6. I have mixed feelings. I’m not surprised that Tavia would want to get married, maybe because she’s at about the same stage as Myolie in terms of career and age where they have reached a certain level and it just makes sense to move onto the next stage in life.

    Not sure what else is in store for Tavia in terms of career because she doesn’t seem to have a market in mainland China, so while she is still free, it just seems like the thing to do. Him seems serious about Tavia and I really like how Him hasn’t reached the A-lister status yet, but still open to marriage. This gives hope that not every guy is looking to achieve a certain level of success in their career before they get married. In those cases, it just seems like when the woman is ready to get married, but the guy isn’t, they will just break up and the woman will find someone is ready. It’s not bad or wrong of course, it’s just a pattern that seems to happen.

    1. @ladykriselle not surprised….just a matter of time because they have been together for a while. Like what someone mentioned, Linda chung’s marriage is the shocking one.
      Just wonder how they pulled it off so quietly.

  7. I was already shocked at Linda’s sudden marriage announcement, and now Tavia and Him?! For some reason in the past I never really saw them as a couple as they were both quite passive speaking about the relationships and showing a lack of affection to the point I thought it was a PR stunt. But now unless the marriage is also part a PR stunt (of course not), I find them a sweet couple even if others think they’re bland together. #allthebest #congratulations

  8. Another bombshell out of the blue! But hardly as shocking as Linda in the sense that we knew both were dating though there were some who were skeptical. It’s just the suddenness of it all that’s surprising.

  9. Boy..never knew they will last this long time since they called him a woman beater and I’m surprised that he didn’t fix her nose like everyone was thinking when they started dating. England must be very expensive they must have the money. I always thought Him and Mandy Wong make a cute couple or even Toby Leung too bad none of them end up with him. For Tavia I always thought she match with Moses Chan or Steven Ma Lol. Next might be Nancy Wu getting married who knows right? Anyway congrats to them.

  10. What a pleasant surprise! I really like this couple. They have been such a steady couple.

    When Him and Tavia was first reported dating, I didn’t think they would last due to the Him/Theresa domestic abuse fiasco. That really gave a bad impression on Him for me. But, after dating Tavia, Him seems such a steady boyfriend that my view of him slowly changed. There were no bad rumour on this couple on the 4 years they were dating. No rumours of Him or Tavia cheating or fighting. When Tavia got the Best Actress award, Him look so touched.

    Now that they have tied the nod, I’ll really happy for them. Kind a surprised that Him is ready to settle down when he’s just 31. Few HK actors at his stage of life will do so. They always gave reason that their career is not steady yet, and drag their girlfriend for ages. Shows how serious Him is on Tavia.

    Wish them a wonderful marriage life in the future. 🙂

    1. @kidd I was thinking about that too. Maybe he’s really changed. This makes me think, when a woman doesn’t respect herself than the man won’t. Him Law inarguably is wrong for beating women but Theresa must have done something to cause her to lose his respect too. Tavia seems like a woman with principle. Or maybe he’s only tamed by older women. Regardless, happy for her!

      1. @kaykay408 tavia and him is synonymous with car rocking incident. These female artistes are getting married one by one…it will be a pity if they leave…because we will be stuck with Sisley, Grace, moon.

      2. @kaykay408 Honestly I am happy for Tavia but I’m still not a fan of Him. Sorry but once a beater, always a beater in my mind. Unless Theresa was the one who was hitting him first it doesn’t justify his behavior. If she was such a terrible person, he should have just broke up with her. Instead she caught him cheating and she broke up with him but he convinced her to give him another chance. That tell me the issue was on his end. Anyway, it’s over with. They are married.. just hope he continue to treat Tavia right.

      3. @happybi
        Girl…I agree with you again. That Teresa Fu is nowhere to be found now cuz she had to go the mainland and start over and out of cookies I think she must be the most unlucky one.
        I am also surprised none of these sistas backed her up when she exposed that assault scandal? Like wow, you know…..Sigh…. TY – she’s a grown woman, she probably knows what she’s doing I mean the dude is younger and looks much older but she probably have lots of confidence that he will not treat his other g/f’s like he treats her. Best of luck and plus her biological clock is ticking too I guess it’s whatever. lol….haha

      4. @kiki yes agree. I think her biological clock is ticking so its time to just get married. Wishing her the best for sure.

        As for cookies. Really doubt these girls group get along off stage. They might act bff in front of camera, but bsck stage may be a different story. Liked the girl group in Korea. One member left and posted that she was bullied when she was part of the group!

    2. @kidd I completely forgot about the Him and Theresa thing. Now that he had Tavia are married, I’m wondering what he saw in Theresa that made him date her since the two women seem quite different in personality. Tavia seems like an all around mature person, even since her early career. I don’t know much about Theresa as a person tho. Maybe it’s Him who changed and matured as a person, but I’d admit the turn around seems so quick and effective, whatever happened in between. But I trust Tavia’s decisions so there must be something that he likes about Him. I’m quite neutral on the couple.

      But yes, most actors aren’t ready to get married at 31 today. Not even women, let alone men. I suppose if Tavia is really the one, it doesn’t matter the age. The nature of the relationship doesn’t change much if it’s a steady relationship, I don’t think.

      1. @ladykriselle
        Actually, that ex Teresa is all I remember if I see this Him Law? haha Lol…. Because at the time, I find it really sad that Teresa Fu is clearly the victim or it seems that way b/c she was fed up and exposed their relationship and the violent assault she encountered. We of course don’t know how truthful she was but as the saying metaphor, no waves if no wind or something? haha…So anyway, she was actually the victim if that was the case and she was frozen by TVB and her music company or something and her cookie members didn’t like her much either after she spoke about it? Like really? You get a whatever attack and you are suppose to hold it in for your images sake? Hard to understand the chinese showbiz sometimes I mean if for Americans it’s all about sueing and reporting to the police first thing but hey every country is different I guess. I never remember this guy much but just that TVB is lacking in actors/actresses that they always pair him up w/older women well in looks anyway cuz he always seem to look younger to me esp always pairing up w/the same boring Mandy Wong back then cuz really literally no other actresses? Tavia Yeung probably loves his cute looking face if nothing else…..if he’s not the violent/b/f/hubby to her, I guess he’s now tamed by an older woman. I do remember he admitted to hurting Teresa but didn’t brutally attack as she claimed or something but something happened alright. haha lol….Best of luck!

  11. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  12. One of the worst wedding pictorial as if each taking picture individually and then pasted together. Never see much chemistry as a couple, dont like him but perhaps tavia tamec him.

    1. @funnlim Agree ………….. one of the worst photos showing a scary and sad bride who looked worried and sad that she would be left behind by her groom.

  13. Didn’t expect them to marry so soon but I’m not surprised. Tavia is 36 and probably wants to have children before she turns 40. Anyways I’m very happy for them.

  14. Well its official, Him & Tavia arrived back in HK and gave a press conference. They are officially Mr & Mrs Law
    They make a lovely couple..
    So who’s next. The married bug is spreading in TVB.
    In the last 12 months these have tied the knot.
    Tavia Yeung
    Linda Chung
    Myolie Wu
    Rosina Lam

    So who is next.

    Maybe these ones

    Elisne Yiu
    Selena Lee
    Nancy Wu
    Mandy Wong

    These all in stsble relationships

  15. To me they really look like big sis and little bro. When Him kissed her temple it was like a little kid kissing his older sis.

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