Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s Megawedding Receives Backlash

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s Megawedding Receives Backlash

Power couple Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy held their “wedding of the century” at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on October 1. Over 600 guests witnessed Xiaoming and Angelababy exchanged their vows. The venue was transformed into a grand ballroom with a castle backdrop, and was described as a “fairy tale wedding” by the media. Sources say that Xiaoming and Angelababy spent over 200 million RMB for the wedding.

The jaw-dropping wedding of the century received intense media coverage, topping entertainment headlines all over Asia. It stayed as a hot trending topic for many days, making it one of the most high-profile wedding ceremonies of the year.

While many friends and colleagues gave the beautiful couple their blessings, not everyone was impressed. Famous Chinese talkshow host, Jin Xing (金星), posted a message on her Weibo lambasting the couple for their decision to make their nuptials so high-profile. She said their wedding had become nothing more but an over-the-top entertainment show for the world, implying that their reunion lacked sincerity.

Jin Xing compared Xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding to Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan’s (昆凌) English wedding held earlier last year. While Jay and Hannah’s wedding was also arranged glamorously, the couple did not allow any media coverage at the event. 

The talk show host said, “Jay [Chou] gave Hannah Quinlivan a wedding. Xiaoming gave the media a wedding. What else can be said?”

Her message sparked intense debate among netizens. Some agreed that the wedding played out like a glamorous show, while others supported Xiaoming, believing that everything he did was out of true love for Angelababy.

One of Xiaoming’s groomsmen, Zhang Shuai (張帥), criticized Jin Xing for using Xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding to promote her own show. He defended the couple and replied to Jin Xing’s message, “For your program, you also didn’t have it easy. We’ll all help you out then! But do not hurt good people. If walking down the red carpet and giving the media a wedding can make the person more popular, then you can stop acting so straightforward! I cannot stay quiet anymore!”

Jin Xing posted another Weibo message in response, “Please read carefully before attacking me. If you have guts, come say it in front of my face. Big sister will be waiting!”

Huang Xiaoming Responds

Xiaoming posted a statement on his Weibo amidst the controversy, expressing his love for Angelababy and his desire to give her a perfect wedding. He explained, “I wanted to let her know that her decision to marry me was the correct choice.”

The 37-year-old actor said he did not feel bothered or upset at Jin Xing’s comments. He even shared that he and Angelababy had a happy dinner with his family a few days ago. They also ate dinner with the representatives of the charity fund that Xiaoming established in Angelababy’s name.


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23 comments to Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s Megawedding Receives Backlash

  1. funnlim says:

    If some items are sponsored, it will make sense to make it a media spectacle and I do think some are sponsored.

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  2. onlyyou says:

    Too think it is exaggerated. Just look at number of posts in this site alone.

    One is nice, two will be too much!

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @onlyyou One is nice, two will be okay, but three, four and five articles will be way too many.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        True that there have a bit too many articles about their wedding because it was so high profile. However,we have the choice of reading what we want to read and do not want to read. If you see an article with a headline that you do not like then just ignore it. That is what I do because who has the time to read every article here?

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  3. nori says:

    Marriage is the reunion between two persons, there’s no need to spread it out for the whole world to see. Also, if using wealth and money is the only way to show/convince a woman that she has made a right choice of marrying you, you legally just bought yourself a wife home.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      True but as a celeb,your private story often becomes a show for the world to see. Life as a celeb is so hard. When they over share people accuse them of being too high profile. However,when they try to be more low profile,people say they are hiding and being secretive.

      I do agree that if you have to use money and wealth to show a women that she married the right guy,then you really wonder how sincere the love is. But I must say,these days love and money seem to be intertwined and complementary because one cannot exist without the other.

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      • nori replied:

        @hetieshou I agree but I personally prefer a simple but meaningful wedding. I don’t need the guy to be rich. If he is, that would be great. If not, no problem at all, as long as he’s capable of earning a living to take care of the family. Of course, I, too, also work.

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  4. orchid123 says:

    Is Huang Xiaoming that rich to have such an extravagant wedding? I know he is a very popular actor and makes good money. Did he have to spend his money like that?

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    • hetieshou replied:

      From what I know Xiao Ming does have quite a bit of money and he is marrying a girl like Angela who is pretty high maintenance so I doubt he can have just a simple wedding. It is not just celebs but even the normal citizens all over spend on their wedding just to be in debt. At least he is not in debt and is spending according to what he has and can afford. But I think some things may have been sponsored too. I do not think it is fair to criticize him only and at least he used the occasion to do some charity stuff which I thought was nice and thoughtful of him. I have not heard any other celeb think of the less fortunate on their wedding day before. I guess you forgot Jay Zhou who had 3 different wedding celebrations, but of course people will say it is because Jay is a lot more rich and famous. Xiao Ming is more popular and richer than you think. However, Jay is of course a lot richer.

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  5. michelle2805 says:

    well, at least they did a lot of charity work for the wedding. i think the wedding looks simple and beautiful at the same time. its their wedding so who cares? if i have money i want to have a nice wedding LOL

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  6. mi88 says:

    Jin xing can say what she wants, but I think if netizens were to bring this up instead, the controversy wouldn’t have been as bad as this.

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  7. shimmerstars says:

    They both rich and famous and of course they want to have it high-profile. they want their wedding to be memorable and for people to remember them as they are the ” power couple” in China. Yet seriously, I prefer Jay Chou’s wedding. Yes it was lavish as well but it was understated and intimate. They only invited close family and friends. So it was more personal. Jay did share their wedding video to the media and public and it was beautiful. Love how he composed the music for their wedding. Now that is memorable.

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  8. freedalas says:

    Much as I am a great fan of HXM and ABB, I too find the stories of their wedding excessive. But then again, if the post marriage of the world’s most imbalanced couple of WCL and LL gets so much attention, then surely this beautiful couple deserves much more coverage.

    Login or Register before you can reply to freedalas
  9. pleikupho says:

    Perhaps this host was jealous that she didn’t get invited to the party. As an average person w/o much money, I too dream about a fairy-tale wedding, much less a power couple like HXM and ABB. And I call bs on those people that say a wedding is between two people (unless that person eloped) because most couples want to celebrate with friends and families. That’s why the wedding industry thrives and the costs just keep skyrocketing.

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  10. jane626 says:

    Maybe the couple are media wh0res and love the attention. It’s their money and wedding, they can do whatever they want.

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  11. coralie says:

    Beyonce & Jay-Z had a very lavishly decorated and richly accessorized wedding. Jay Chou & Hannah also had a very grand wedding. As did Cathy Tsui and her hubby.

    None of them went crazy public with their weddings and kept it very private. Because none of them had anything to prove and the wedding was meaningful to them so they limit it to close friends and family.

    HXM keeps saying he just wants to prove to AB that she didn’t marry the wrong guy…umm by promoting his wedding everywhere and making sure everyone knows? So I don’t agree you have to publicize a wedding hard in order to prove your significant love to your spouse. If you did, you’re doing it for the sake of the media and your “face.”

    Anyways this couple just feels very OTT for me and very fake. WCL also has a very publicized wedding but not to this extent and his love with LL can be felt by everyone. He didn’t announce to the world he bought a house just for her – the media found out. His love is proven through actions and not talk and OTT gestures.

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    • happybi replied:

      @coralie Well said!!!!!

      I also feel this couple is very OTT…. not a fan of this couple.

      Login or Register before you can reply to happybi
  12. m0m0 says:

    i really doubt that he loves his wife the way he says he does. just looking at the things that he did and how he keeps on repeating the fact, makes me think if he loves himself more or his wife. he appears to be narcissistic to the point of extreme to me. i do also think their whole entire wedding is more of a show than a real wedding. i think he put up the show to make himself look good, look like a wife lover and flaunting his wealth instead of true love for his wife.

    Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
    • nori replied:

      @m0m0 perhaps he’s still got a thing for Zhao Wei. Theres a saying “what you coudn’t have will always be the best.”

      Login or Register before you can reply to nori
  13. anon says:

    LOL, it’s their wedding, they can have it however way they want, whether that’s out in the open or privately held. It’s not up to this Jin Xing to decide. Looks like she just wants her 15 minutes of fame, and it should be up…right about now.

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  14. azndoraemon says:

    I’m sure whether a big or small wedding – the media still going to make it to the world about their wedding especially they are high status.

    There’s no right or wrong for a big or small wedding. Even ordinary people sometimes like to have big wedding. It’s more about how they like to celebrate it and it’s not about showing their wealth. Some ordinary even have a second wedding after 10 years. This is just how people enjoy life. It’s all about personal preference.

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  15. afan202 says:

    I agree their wedding was OTT and mainly a show and the couple sought publicity.The charity thing was just a smokescreen to soften the needless extravagance.
    Anyone remember the wedding of Li Ka Shing’s son and daughter-in-law? Probably not because it was extremely private and low profile and no one can say they are not a power couple.

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  16. dramadrama says:

    Well, only time will tell if they are sincere couple or not. In Chinese running man, this couple also too loving and sweet to me, more like showroom couple.

    And I don’t understand why they need such a extravagant wedding tbh. It’s really more for media coverage, than a real wedding.

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