Huang Xiaoming Pampers Angelababy Like a Princess

On February 28, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) officially announced his relationship with Angelababy (楊穎) and sent her a new Lamborghini for her 25th birthday. As fans swoon over the romantic gesture, a close friend revealed that Xiaoming has always been extremely romantic, since his view on love is that he wants to treat his girlfriend “like she is a princess.”

Angelababy’s Princess Complex

Since Angelababy has a strong princess complex, according to one friend, Xiaoming frequently thinks of ways to surprise her and shower her with his love. For example, when they first started dating, he made a special trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with her, where they took an intimate photograph together. During their recent trip to Disneyland, they snapped a similar photograph to commemorate their four-year relationship.

One year, Angelababy revealed in an interview that she liked a pink Birkin bag designed by Hermes. Xiaoming later asked his friends to search the entire globe for the bag so he could gift it to her. Another year, when Angelababy spent Valentine’s Day at Xiaoming’s home in Qingdao, he covered her bed and the floor with rose petals while she was sleeping.

Knowing how much his girlfriend likes princesses, Xiaoming went all-out for Angelababy’s birthday this year by preparing a cake shaped like a Disney princess’s castle. Two years prior, he celebrated her birthday to reserving a hotel ballroom and filling it with roses and multicolored balloons, as well as sending her a giant heart made out of 999 roses.

Romance Slowly Comes to Light

Although Xiaoming and Angelababy have tried to keep their romance under wraps, their relationship was uncovered about a year after they were introduced to one another. Media reports claim that the couple first met at a karaoke room in May 2009, when Xiaoming was in Taiwan filming Summer’s Desire <泡沫之夏>. They began dating shortly after his espionage film, The Message <風聲>, released in September.

Xiaoming then introduced Angelababy to some of Huayi Brothers’ top executives and recommended her for the romantic comedy Hot Summer Days <全城熱戀>, which opened in February 2010. Later that year, the two were spotted secretly meeting in Shanghai and on the set of Sacrifice <趙氏孤兒>. Xiaoming even invited her to appear in one of his MVs, although the video was never released.

The two grew closer in 2011, when they collaborated on A Sentimental Story <一场風花雪月的事> and celebrated the Lunar New Year together in Macau. Despite rumors of break-ups, they quietly continued dating and vacationed together to Bali Island in 2013. In February of this year, Xiaoming took his parents and Angelababy on a holiday to Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Disneyland, followed by Angelababy’s spectacular birthday bash last week.

Heading Toward Marriage

While the couple was on vacation in the United States, netizens noticed that Angelababy was wearing a new ring in one of her Instagram photos, sparking rumors that she and Xiaoming had secretly registered their marriage in Las Vegas. However, a friend revealed that it was just a gift, not an engagement ring, and that Xiaoming had sent at least ten rings to Angelababy over the course of their relationship.

On the day of Angelababy’s birthday, fans spotted a golden box in Xiaoming’s hands, which they guessed contained an engagement ring but turned out simply to be the keys to the new Lamborghini. Xiaoming’s manager, Huang Bin (黃斌), reasserted that the couple has not yet gotten engaged.

However, Xiaoming and Angelababy are likely heading toward marriage, as a friend recently shared that the two call each other “husband” and “wife” in private. Moreover, Xiaoming reportedly already purchased a mansion in Shanghai for Angelababy.


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  1. good for her being treated like a princess. however, this is too dramatic for me. i mean, showered w/ luxury presents and searching all over the globe for a bag, and rose pedals…. it’s like a movie/drama where things are always perfect. i wonder what happens if HXM sees baby snoring and do all other things that normal humans do. will he still be so romantic or seeing her so princess like?

    1. Yeah, all this shower of public affection is starting to get a bit of annoying and kind of fake.

      1. i agreed, it seem like they have something to proof

    2. Sounds like over-compensation. Since I’m convinced he’s still in love with Vicky Zhao then maybe he’s making up for his emotional distance lol

    1. Sounds funny but could be like Leon Lai and Gaile Lok

    2. It sure seems that way and honestly if one day I had a son and he dated a girl with the princess syndrome, I would not approve at all.

      1. Totally agree.. not a fan of girls with princess syndrome!

    3. But she’s rich herself, isn’t she? She was in many movies

    1. Could it be? No goodies , no afford abilities means quality of love is not up to par?

  2. Personally speaking, I think A/baby really has ‘princess’ syndrome. She’s 25 but still behaves like 18. Although age difference is not a problem if parties concerned truly love each other (like Nicky and LSS), but I wonder how long HXM will keep up with these antics. I just think she’s not really his type.

    1. I agree.

      Sooner or later he will get tired of pandering to her.

      She will have to start growing up.

  3. Angelababy & Karena Ng would be very good friends since they both like to be pampered with high class gifts..

  4. Thats such a sweet picture!!! Reminds me of bubujingxin when rouxi teasingly reminds 4th that he’s the king and should not be kissing in the courtyard. Hehehe

    1. I know Nicky and LSS are private about their PDA but can you imagine they pose like that…I would die. but really please LONGSHI…i want a pose like that…hahaahaha

      Reading the article is seem like HXM trying to get Angelababy effection by buying her expensive gift. I thought if you in love then small things is already meaningful. I guess this couple like to go big on gift!

      1. Omg… Longshi in that pose!!!! I’ll be squealing like raymond lam’s fan girls.

        Anyways, if my boyfriend is loaded and showers me with gifts and treats me like a princess, i wouldn’t say no since he can afford to. they are both celebrities with wealth and fame. Why should we disapprove of their way of spending their money and showing their love.

        Regarding princess syndrome, i believe there’s a degree of princess syndrome in every girl. I am guilty of the same. And I feel that a lot of negativity regarding hxm and angelababy is because of a lot of jealousy.

        Why can’t we just be amused with his romantic gestures and be done with it? Peoples need to chillax. 🙂

  5. cinderella fairytale really exist in real world indeed…anyway wait until cinderella get married with kids and then whether cinderella will still be princess or not

  6. They’re nothing special but just showing off to the world that they are madly in love. Gay!!! Their future kids will turn out ugly since I’ve heard ppl mentioning about their plastic surgery. I just don’t understand why stephen fung picked her to be in his films. I bet stephen fung thinks she was gorgeous. To bad, she is taken stephen fung.

  7. I agree with what most people have said. I do think Angelababy might have some serious princess syndrome. I mean she is 25 years old already, drop the baby please and just stick to Angela! She is not just being treated like a princess but also like a baby as well. It’s good that HXM is being romantic and showering her with luxury gifts and all but if it was me personally then I wouldn’t want to be receiving such expensive gifts for my birthday. There are lots of ways that you can be romantic without spending a lot of money such as cooking a special meal or baking a cake for her and lighting candles all around the room perhaps arranging them on the floor in a romantic and pretty way. Obviously HXM has no time for all this so he chooses to just buy her expensive gifts to save time. Simple things can be done to have the same romantic effect. This just prove that they just like to spend big money on each other to show how much they love each other. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

    1. You mean like the nice little cake he did for Zhao Wei as a birthday gesture. I thought that was the cutest thing ever! 🙂

      1. hehehe yeah!! HXM and zhao wei~!!!!!<3 still love these two

    2. I disagree. I think there is plenty of evidence that Angelabay is a nice person with her head on straight if you read between the lines and the love between her and Ming is real.
      First off, unlike your precious Zhao Wei, I can find zero evidence that Angelababy has ever thrown a tantrum. Given how much the media gloms on to these things, if she had ever given them the slightest cause, there would be some online evidence of it. So this is one way she does not act like a princess or baby.
      Angelababy is hard-working. She is forging her own career independent of Ming.
      On the other hand, she is not so hardworking that she didn’t drop everything and go to stay with Ming after he got hurt on the set of the White Haired Witch.
      There was that deplorable incident during Angelababy’s 25th birthday when Ming’s dad stormed into the restaurant and yelled at his son in public. Aside from a few tears of shock and fear, Angelababy controlled herself once again. And controlled herself once more when she and Ming’s parents “officially” met. She was the picture of filial piety.
      By the way, a note on what happened on her 25th. I’m sorry, but fathers do not suddenly start doing this to grown children. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’d be willing to bet that Ming was emotionally abused by his father growing up. It would go a long way to explaining why the man who owns a studio and is one of the highest paid actors in China still feels compelled to take every crap role that comes along and pose for photo shoots that often border on pornographic. (I site the James Bond shoot with with what I can only describe as the “butt stole.”)
      So to recap, I have found evidence that Angelababy is even-tempered, independent, caring, and filial. Given how Ming has been treated by ex’s in the past, I shouldn’t wonder that he feels very lucky to have found someone like this.
      If anything, I would say Ming is the one with the princess complex in that he feels compelled to spoil Angelababy and treat her like a princess. And for heaven’s sake! Give the girl a break. What is she supposed to do? Look into those big, eager brown eyes and say, “I don’t want it,” and then watch that beautiful face fall to the floor? Would anyone here castigating her for accepting these gifts be able to do that? I doubt it.

      1. Mind, I’m not saying she shouldn’t try and refuse his extravagances at least some of the time. She certainly should. But not because to accept all the time is shallow. But because I think it marks a co-dependency in both of them.
        Huang Xiao Ming is co-dependent in the more classic sense. I think he showers Angelababy with expensive gifts because deep down he feels that no one will want him unless he gives constantly (way to go, dad!)
        Angelababy is co-dependent because she accepts the gifts, probably at least partially out of a desire not to hurt his feelings. Also, she accepts the “princess” label because that won’t damage her career. On the other hand, if my speculations about Ming were to prove correct, that would damage his career.
        In other words, she accepts the gifts and the “princess” label as a way to protect Ming. Noble, but also a bit co-dependent.

      2. I agree with what you have said, Rose. When my sister was dating a guy richer than us, my sister was gifted with Swarovski jewelry, Juicy Couture, items, a ipod Nano, etc. Basically items which we wouldn’t have bought ourselves. Did my sister requested for these gifts? No.

        I think it is a given that some guys (eg. raymond, HXM) prefer to show their “love” by pampering their girlfriends with luxury gifts. But even if the gift isn’t super high end, I believe they would still be happy to receive gifts because it represents the guy’s 心意.

      3. As I recalled Baby threw a pretty childish tantrum on Weibo after her ex. William publicize his relationship with Charlene. It’s childish because she was already dating Ming for a few years and yet she stills get jealous of William moving on.

    1. Nori,
      Well the gifts are just Huang Xiaoming’s gestures of love. Angelababy is doing quite well in China and she can buy those items herself.

      Both seem to have playful personalities towards each other. I think they’re a good match. Hope their nicknames of “hubby” and “wife” towards each other turn into wedding plans soon.

    2. It is sad how love and money cannot exist without each other and must go hand in hand. Honestly if I can afford those things myself I would prefer to,buy them myself or else it would seem like I am a gold digger.

      I personally would not want such a girl that has the princess syndrome if I were a guy because those kinds of girls are annoying,arrogant, greedy,demanding,etc… Relationships that are built on materialistic means often do not last in the long term,

      1. ” Relationships that are built on materialistic means often do not last in the long term.” I so agree with you on that! These kinds of girls greedily expect more money spent on them each time. When they don’t get what they want, they’ll find someone else to fill the shoes.

  8. Frankly any size comes frm HXM is good enuf 4 me alredi lol..size doesn,t matter juxt how its presented..

  9. Didn’t even know she is an ex of William Chan until I was on aeu and saw it. So she dated that dude at around 18 yo for four years and now this older dude. Wow, at least it lasts for a few years? haha lol…

  10. ” he covered her bed and the floor with rose petals while she was sleeping.”

    This is just too funny!! At least it was rose petals. From the sound of this article she would have gone into orgasmic shock if he covered the floor with diamonds and rubies.

  11. Each person has his or her own way of showing his/her love towards his/her gf/bf.
    HXM is such a romantic guy in movies. Angelababy is a lucky girl!!

    1. i agree!!! i love them together! nothing wrong with being showering with gifts & love especially from the man you love. regular people do that everyday but they dont get blasted for it, just because they(ming&baby) are celebrity they are being blasted about everything. people just hating. I would LOVE to take her place any day!!!! jealous

  12. Correction

    HXM is such a romantic guy which seems like it only happens in Korean dramas. But, it occurs in real life. Angelababy is a lucky girl!!

  13. If you have to fork out that much dough just to make your girlfriend happy,then you really wonder does she love you or your money? If you love anyone,then even something simple like eating pancakes together is good enough or them giving them a plush is already thoughtful because in the end,it is the thought that counts,not the amount of money. You can spend large amounts of money but still be very unhappy.

    1. that very true!
      angelababy is rich too right?
      i think she could also afford all those by herself.

    2. It’s a matter of perspective. You might think buying a Lamborghini is an expensive gift because you probably don’t have that kind of money. But spending a few dollars on pancakes is ‘alright’ because you can afford it. Well news flash there’s a lot of people in the world who makes a few dollars a month and they would never spend it on pancakes, its a luxury they can’t afford. While a lot of people go oohhh and ahhh it’s a Lamborghini it’s a lot of money blah blah blah, to hxm and a lot of rich people its not a luxury they can’t afford and it’s not that big of a deal.

      1. Not really since just because you have a lot of money does not mean you need to squander it on these luxuries. I know some people personally who are very wealthy,but yet they still like keep things simple and like to live life simply. One of my mom’s friends has a son who is really rich,but my mom’s friends still like to live a simple life. Therefore,just because you have the money does not mean you need to waste and spend it like that. For example,I once saw a show and they talked about Oprah Winfrey who has even way more money than most Asian celebs and even she refused to buy a Hermes bag since she claimed it is a waste of money,but she can easily afford it because she makes millions. Even Bill Gates who is really wealthy refused to spend even $15 on parking since he said it was a big waste and although he can afford it,he thought of others who cannot afford it. Wealthy people like them are admirable because they think of the many that cannot afford it and not just spend recklessly to pamper someone or to their hearts desires.

  14. As much as both Angelababy and Karina Ng sound much like a gold digger to me… I still prefer Angelababy over Karina Ng anytime anyday.

    1. On the contrary for me, Karena might not be (as) gorgeous as Angela BUT i actually have come to find her a much more mature woman than I do with Angela, at least based on how she responds to interviews.

  15. Very rare celebrities would like to expose their affection in a high profile in public, I am surprised that many ppl don’t even wish them happiness but yet criticized them. This couple is very opened compared to some celebs don’t even admit they’re dating. Wish them happiness and congrats to them to step out to the public to let everyone knows they’re dating.

    1. Very hot and matching couple of the younger generation daring and opened.

    2. yeah, some people are so mean:(
      i think they are very cute and romantic 🙂

  16. It’s nice when a guy is romantic even after you pop a few kids out. I’ve heard a true story about a couple who has always been very much in love. The husband brings her a rose to her bed side before she gets up for the day of caring for their young boys and ends the day with I love you. Their boys witness that everyday and always pays respect for women. The wife in return love the husband and showered him with daily favors by taking great care of him, it doesn’t have to be material or sex, just plain kindness, being thoughful and loving. Just because you didn’t see or heard much of happy stories doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But if your partner is Ababy you gotta be careful she seems to be into material, beauty, money, and fame with an empty inside, almost like a teenager. Vickie seems more mature who is probably better for him for a life long relationship…too sad she’s married with a kid. I still can’t get over the way he speaks about Vickie…so sweet it melts my heart!

    1. Well said and from what I feel,Angelababy seems more fit for girlfriend material but not wife material.

  17. See I find it odd how ppl are saying Angela has princess syndrome cus from what I’m aware…she was undeniably ungorgeous when she was younger. I’m aware she grew up with money but with all these rumors permeating around her, i HIGHLY doubt she is. She cant afford to be, imho. And she knows that.

    HXM, on the other hand, i feel like hes a really sweet chap who puts his all into his relationships and maybehe secretly is

    1. (Maybe he secretly is) insecure and has low self esteem about himself so he tries to remedy it by being extra attentive to his loved ones in hopes of winning their approval…sort of like a masochistic guy. But he aint stupid.

  18. When a guy can showers a girl like that.. I say “she is just Lucky!”

  19. This article make it seem like HXM is such a great perfect boyfriend! He goes over the top!

  20. I always felt like Huang Xiaoming still has a thing for Vicki Zhao considering the way he constantly mentions how she was his first love/crush in front of the media, even now after all these years. He’s a sweet guy, but he isn’t as mature as Zhao which is probably why she never saw him as husband material. I do hope HXM finds a good match, but like a lot of people, I also find Angelababy’s personality to be rather fake and materialistic. She’s not terrible compared to what else is out there in the entertainment circle, but I think HXM could probably do better. Unless Angelababy grows up a bit.

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