Jackson Wang Confronts Fan Who Allegedly Leaked His Addresses

Early this month, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) created a controversy by expressing patriotism to China in his online blog and was met with backlash from his Hong Kong fans, while earning praises from his Mainland fans. As fans became divided over Jackson’s patriotism, one fan invaded Jackson’s privacy and leaked his Hong Kong and Korea home addresses. Distressed with the situation, Jackson was seen confronting a fan who exposed his information.

On August 27, a video was uploaded to social media showing Jackson noticeably upset that his personal information was exposed. Jackson was dressed in all black while wearing a mask. Before he hopped in a van, Jackson turned to his fan and asked her, “Was it you who leaked my address?”

Shocked by Jackson’s confrontation, the fan did not answer and prompted Jackson to repeat more sternly, “It’s you?” After the fan quickly denied, Jackson was escorted to his van by his staff.

While some netizens questioned whether this incident is related to Jackson’s political stance, the majority were disappointed with the fan’s actions and agreed that it is wrong to violate Jackson’s privacy.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. How does he know which fan it was? Crazy to just confront a suspect like that

  2. It’s crazy and ridiculous for protesters to expose schools where the cops’ children attend so they can be targeted for harassment.

  3. I’ve heard of fans aggressively approaching celebs but never the other way round. What a disgrace! Call the police to make a complaint if he was so bothered…

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