Jeannie Chan Considered Quitting Acting to Get Married in Canada

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Jeannie Chan Considered Quitting Acting to Get Married in Canada

Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) admitted that the demands of acting has strained her mentally and physically. The 29-year-old actress even considered quitting the entertainment industry and returning to Canada, to get married and have children like her friends.

In her new drama The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady <福爾摩師奶>, Jeannie plays a westernized artist who appears to be confident and beautiful on the outside but in reality, she is emotionally scarred and fragile. Since she hasn’t played such a dark role before, Jeannie had spent two months without socializing with others to prepare for this role – almost causing her to spiral into depression.

“This character is like an onion – you need to peel each layer to reveal her true secrets. She hasn’t seen light in a very long time, so this is story is definitely a tragedy. While filming, I rejected everything in my personal life because I knew this was a dark character. I didn’t see any friends; I managed to do this for two months before telling myself I could finally smile again!” Jeannie said.

In one of her standout scenes which required her to break down and cry emotionally, Jeannie felt a lot of pressure. But she was glad to get face this biggest challenge in her acting career yet.

Thoughts on Going Back to Canada

In Hong Kong without any family for support, Jeannie does feel discouraged at times. Earlier, she considered leaving the industry and going back to her family in Canada.

During her two months of solitude, Jeannie said, “I was unhappy and I was so alone – I did come to Hong Kong by myself after all. Normally, I’m reliant on my friends to balance my life, so things were not great during this period of time. I’ve had second doubts about myself. In this industry, you may be very busy during a certain period, but you could also be jobless at times. When I don’t have anything to do, my mind would wander and think whether or not it is worth staying.

“I don’t have my family here to support me and I’ve missed so many important milestones. For example, when my sister had her baby – I wasn’t there for the big moment. However, I do think that being an actress can be very fulfilling at times, and it allows me to balance my mind out.”

Asked if she considered giving up, Jeannie said, “When I didn’t have a lot of work, I did think about flying back to Canada and finding a normal job, dating, getting married, and having children.”


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4 comments to Jeannie Chan Considered Quitting Acting to Get Married in Canada

  1. sherla1019 says:

    idk…i find her acting very stiff in all of her roles plus she speaks to fast…. already consider giving up in the entertainment business there alot of artist that had it more rough then you nobody could rise into stardom and get notice in one shot some artist have to wait decade and decade to get notice but i do understand living in HK could really drain you financially if you dont have work or any other side jobs but most important is that family is not by your side which is downside!

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    • passingby2 replied:

      @sherla1019 agree with you that her acting is stiff and she speaks too fast, like reciting her lines. Maybe she’s afraid that she would forget her lines so she rushed to say them. She’s a horrible actress. She ought to quit.

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  2. cutie777 says:

    If she’s that close to her family why even bother moved to Hong Kong alone and being an actress? She should know being an actress is not an easy job because of a busy schedule and felixible hours plus at least she get to meet some good friends too. I find her acting are okay only. Good luck to her if she decided quit her job and plan moving back to her hometown.

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  3. wm2017 says:

    I wouldn’t miss her if it happens. Just another tvb actress…u see it n forget

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