Jennifer Tse Returns to Hong Kong with Daughter

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Jennifer Tse Returns to Hong Kong with Daughter

Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) has been enjoying motherhood after giving birth to her daughter Sara earlier this year. Though the 37-year-old model has been residing abroad with her child, yesterday, Jennifer uploaded a photo of herself donning a bathrobe in her room at the luxury Rosewood Hong Kong hotel. It appears she was practicing self-care by spending time alone.

The new mother expressed, “I’ve noticed that being a mother, I’m never really alone in my thoughts. When I’m with her, I’m trying to be as present as I can be while prioritizing everything for her. And when I’m not with her, I’m constantly thinking about her and thinking about what I can do to be better.”

She went on to say it’s been a slow process, but she’s learning to make time for herself. Jennifer admitted the hotel was her happy place, but she feels guilty for being happy without her daughter. “But I think I have to learn to allow myself to have two happy places,” Jennifer shared. “One that’s with her and one that’s without her.” 

According to her manager, Jennifer brought Sara back with her to Hong Kong to visit family.

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