Jessica C. is Pregnant With Andy On’s Baby

American-born model and actress Jessica Cambensy and Taiwanese-American actor Andy On (安志杰) continue as a loving couple after publicizing their dating relationship approximately one year ago. Recent tabloids speculated that Jessica may already be carrying a baby. The couple earlier appeared together at a promotional event and had been linking arms or holding hands the whole time.

Jessica and Andy behaved intimately throughout the event, in which they fed each other food and Jessica helped Andy wipe off sweat on his face. While onstage, Jessica thanked Andy for taking care of her while she filmed in Mainland China. Both exclaimed that the other is a perfect partner.

Speaking of whether or not it is time to congratulate the couple due to the possibility of a pregnancy, Andy expressed, “Congratulate her for wrapping up three months of filming in Mainland China! She was involved in a bunch of action scenes and had to fire guns. I really missed her, and so I went to visit her for a month.”

When asked if the couple is unable to reveal the pregnancy yet due to Chinese tradition, Andy admitted, “Yes. I’m planning marriage at the moment, but Jessica has to finish some work first.” Jessica, who was standing beside Andy, added, “It’s almost our one-year dating anniversary and we’re going to go on a vacation. He’s going to take me somewhere romantic.”

Andy further revealed that he has not yet proposed to Jessica, but sees her as his ideal marriage partner. Jessica remarked that her boyfriend would definitely make a great father in the future. When asked if she hopes to become a mother or a wife first, Jessica admitted that she does not mind the order in committing to either role.


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  1. Wow this couple sure moves fast. Then again, Jessica C. is HOT. Andy On is really cute too. So one thing leads to another & a baby is now on the way. They do make a good looking couple. Hope Jennifer Tse is OK knowing her ex found a new love so soon & is now getting married only 1 yr after breakup

  2. @ Corralie: I am sure Jennifer Tse will be ok, seems the general impression is she was the one who called it off.

    Didn’t she have better fish to fry (esp coming from the materialistic Tse family priorities?) or something along those lines? And her career was taking her to higher-end places that her then-bf’s was not?

    Good for him on getting it all together so quickly.

  3. Wow, nice…. manly cute guy and beautiful woman 🙂

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