Jessica Hsuan Seeks Improvement in Career and Personal Life

Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) is known among her coworkers and behind-the-scenes staff to be a professional actress with high standards. Not only does she put in 120 percent into her work, but also holds her colleagues to a high standard. The 48-year-old actress’ perfectionism can be traced back to virtues instilled by her father, who believes that one must do her best in everything.

Though this virtue translates to an impeccable work ethic, Jessica’s pursuit for perfection has caused setbacks in her relationships. Reflecting on her past relationships, Jessica admits that she may be negligent to the feelings of those around her. She recalled, “One time, the guy I was dating and I went to the movies. I was very direct about which movie I wanted to watch. Everything I did revolved around myself.” Eventually, her then-boyfriend advised Jessica that she should “treat people the way you want to be treated.” This simple expression left a deep impression on Jessica and forced her to really reflect on herself and her own actions. “This phrase made me suddenly realize something. I began to think that I really should put in some effort to change and make myself and those around me a little happier.”

This, however, is all in the past. The current Jessica is very happy with the way she is now. Though 48 and still single, Jessica hopes to show people that age does not define beauty or charm, but rather a woman’s self-identity and confidence. “No matter under what circumstance, I hope to be able to successfully portray any character and be a professional actress. That is why I will constantly try out new roles and seek out new challenges.”

Joining good friend Louis Koo’s (古天樂) company may just be the answer to her desire for new challenges. For the first time in her career, Jessica will be portraying a villain in a new period drama. She exclaimed, “I waited more than 20 years to portray a villain! I feel that everyone should seek breakthroughs. If one always stays in their comfort zone, then how will one improve?”


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  1. More than 20yrs? Didn’t she portrait the evil queen in that Qin period drama with Myolie Wu? Pretty sure that drama was less than 20yrs old!

    1. @littlefish Jessica probably didn’t consider that a villain lol

      I read that her new character is a complete villain versus good-turned-bad or bad-turned-good types lol

    2. @littlefish LOL…that was my first thought as well! Either Jessica forgot about that series or she didn’t consider that portrayal a villain. In any case, I’ve also never been impressed with Jessica’s acting, as she does seem to only be able to play one type of character (the fierce / independent / strong female type as @m0m0 mentioned). No doubt that the typical characters she plays are very similar to her own personality in real life….

      1. @llwy12 But the problem is she still play that type of role more interesting than the actresses today. Most actresses today are also stuck in that same roles only too. Especially after they age it’s even harder and even quite unacceptable to do the cute jolly roles instead. Playing a “beauty” without being a great beauty will cause riots too.
        Jessica does match the independent strong woman role very much and I was glad she did well in them. She is not even that pretty but back then, even TVB can write better storylines than what we have today. Like Step into the Past, Square Pegs, Chinese Ghost Story, they were all very notable and well written…or, for at least a minimum of unexceptional 10 – 15 episodes before they go downward.

      2. @davy Good point! And therein lies one of the biggest problems with being on the TVB “promoted” list — the artists are guaranteed to get typecast in the same roles over and over and over again. That’s why, as weird as it sounds, it’s actually better to be a second tier supporting artist because management — thinking those artists aren’t worth paying much attention to — will usually leave them alone, which is actually a blessing in disguise because it in essence gives them the freedom to develop on their own. Basically, once TVB management sets their sights on an artist, their career as an actual actor / actress is over…

    1. @coralie
      i think her acting is actually quite one dimensional. always the strong-headed, independent kind of woman. maybe that’s her in real life top

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