Jinny Ng Criticized for Embarrassing Hong Kong People

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Jinny Ng Criticized for Embarrassing Hong Kong People

TVB travel show Tokyo Shopping Guide <東京血拼攻略> made its premiere on Sunday. It is hosted by Jinny Ng (吳若希), Bella Lam (林穎彤), and Taiwanese stars Rachel Shen (韋汝) and 牟韻潔. The women take the audience around Japan to show them the latest in fashion stores, outlets and restaurants. Japan has always been the ultimate travel destination for Hong Kong so even though this type of travel show has been done time and time again, it still is well received. However, the first episode left the audience disappointed in Jinny’s lack of manners.

The women went into a consignment shop for luxury goods in search of good deals. There were two big signs in English stating, “Please Don’t Touch!” It was unclear whether Jinny did not see or whether her level of English comprehension was low as she immediately grabbed a Louis Vuitton suitcase that was valued at around 15 million yen exclaiming, “I don’t have money to buy you, but I must touch you before I leave!”

Many viewers were disappointed in Jinny’s behavior, criticizing that she was an embarrassment to Hong Kong people. Many left very harsh comments including, “Brainless”, “Can you please improve your English?”, “Illiterate”, and “I’ve already lost hope in this type of Hong Kong girl.”

This is not the first time Jinny has been under fire for her behavior. Most recently Jinny was also criticized for her exaggerated “happiness” towards Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) winning the Most Popular Singer award at the Jade Solid Gold awards ceremony.

“Tokyo Shopping Guide” Trailer

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Jinny Ng Criticized for Embarrassing Hong Kong People

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  • 5 comments to Jinny Ng Criticized for Embarrassing Hong Kong People

    1. anon says:

      Didn’t realized she represented Hong Kong.

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    2. m0m0 says:

      i’d give her the benefit of doubt that she didn’t see the sign. man, the comments are harsh

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    3. littlefish says:

      Well, so many times I saw Chinese keep touching things that clearly signed “no touching please”, so that’s to be expected? Asian in general don’t seem to be able to contain themselves lol. Also I think the show want to show women goes gaga before LV and those sort of brand names, hence her reactions, she knew what the producer is looking for.

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    4. jimmyszeto says:

      Jinny is acting like a village woman visiting a city for the first time….

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    5. Well HKers always diss Mainlanders for lack of manners and giving a bad rep to Chinese in foreign countries so it’s no wonder they get embarrassed of her behavior. Koreans do the same, when Sulli touched some ancient artifacts in Mexico (?) or some other actress touched a very old peach tree that no one’s supposed to touch, netizens cursed them and dragged them to hell lol

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