Jinny Ng on Cheating in a Relationship

Jinny Ng’s (吳若希) straightforward personality is viewed by some as a breath of fresh air, while for others, her forth-coming ways is viewed as harsh and unnecessary. Not only has she gotten into verbal arguments with netizens online, but she often shares intimate details of her marriage with her husband, Alex Ho (何兆鴻). In a recent episode of All Things Girl <姊妹淘>, the hosts discussed the hottest news to hit Hong Kong entertainment recently – the scandalous affair between married man Jackson Lai (黎振燁) and rising actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢).

As someone who has dealt with being cheated on in the past, Jinny shared her views on the incident. “The people involved are facing a lot of pressure right now. If a relationship can withstand the storm and overcome the ups and downs, it will become even more stable. I have experienced something similar and am living quite a happy life now. At one point in our relationship, my husband hid a lot of secrets from me. As the significant other of someone in the entertainment industry, his chances of getting found out are higher. Fortunately, he got busted early on in our relationship and all his secrets came to light. I handled it with poise and faced the matter with a very understanding attitude. This is how we were able to continue with our relationship.”

Jinny and Alex currently have one daughter, Giselle, who recently turned three years old. On the topic of kids, Jinny expressed that the couple want to have more children and shared, “My mother-in-law wants another granddaughter. I think girls are great too. My husband doesn’t care about the gender of the baby. Our goal is to have three children, so we want to have a bigger home. We’ve thought about moving out of the country, to someplace like Australia, or somewhere [in Hong Kong] where it is more spacious. I have started looking at properties already. Our current living space doesn’t seem to have a lot of airflow.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Just don’t see this marriage as long-lasting, the guy sounds like a douche and she seems to be hanging in there for the money only

    1. @pompidur Used to think she’s annoying af and wears the pants in the relationship. didn’t know he cheated so can now understand why shes like that.

  2. This cheating happened when Jinny was young and early in their relationship. What chance has she got as she gets older?

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