Joe Ma and Son Film Their First Ad Together

Inheriting his father Joe Ma‘s (馬德鐘) good looks and his mother Karen Cheung‘s (張筱蘭) intellect , 20-year-old Ma Xiang (馬在驤) is a part-time model while pursuing his mechanical engineering degree. The father-son duo turns heads wherever they go, and advertisers have always been eager to feature them together.

In their new ad, Ma Xiang did not shy away from showcasing his sculpted physique. Equally as fit though he is already 52 years old, Joe Ma’s toned body can also be seen through his unbuttoned white-collared shirt. Attributing to his desire to always look best in his filming projects, Joe shared, “Because I am currently filming for Flying Tiger 3 <飛虎3壯志英雄> and will also be starting a new project afterward, I have been working out to ensure that I am in the best physical shape possible.”

Collaborating for the first time with his son in an ad, Joe was excited and happy about the opportunity. He said, “I have already worked with this brand for almost five years and have a very good working relationship. The brand and its company has also watched my son grow up, and knows that he is in Hong Kong during this time. This led to the chance opportunity for my son and I to work together and film an endorsement commercial for the brand.”

When asked what he thought about Ma Xiang’s performance, Joe said, “I am of course very satisfied with it. This is, after all, his first ad!”


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  1. I hope I’m not the only one who does not think either of them are good looking. Joe looks very plastic and his son looks weird, can’t quite pinpoint it

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