Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson Snuggle At Cinemas

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Taiwanese pop princess, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and her beau, Vivian Dawson,got cozy at their movie date two evenings ago. Dating for two years, the couple started dating after collaborating in the music video of Love Song <玩愛之徒>, a track in Jolin’s Myself album. Jolin and Vivian were often spotted dating at night markets, working out at gyms, having hotpots and catching movies together. Last weekend, Jolin was photographed leaning on Vivian’s shoulders throughout a movie date.

The sweet couple enjoyed some quality time together at the cinema, catching Tom Cruise’s latest movie, Rock of Ages. After being caught earlier by reporters, Jolin was obviously more cautious and refrained from cuddling with her beau. She was, however, taken by surprise when Vivian suddenly leaned and rested his chin onto her shoulder.

During the movie, Jolin was spotted gazing passionately at Vivian numerous times. The lovers appeared to have a great time at the cinema and were laughing throughout the movie. The couple blushed at one point when watching together an intimate scene by Tom Cruise and Malin Akerman.

After the movie, both Jolin and Vivian escaped swiftly from the theaters to dodge the reporters. Escorted by a group of friends, Jolin and her friends hurriedly moved into the elevator and left in a taxi. Vivian also hastily entered a washroom and escaped via the emergency exit.

Source: Apple Daily

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7 comments to Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson Snuggle At Cinemas

  1. sky says:

    they are good…knowing that nobody would watch “rock of ages”…so they went to the movie…lol..who the hell would watch “rock of ages?”

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    How is this news?? Everyone clearly knows that they are dating.

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  3. elin says:

    hahahh u r so rght sky

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  4. Jenn says:

    Seriously they could spot the couple blush in the CINEMA?

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    • Donal replied:

      My thought exactly!

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  5. cr says:

    seriously, if this girl isnt a popular singer rich and all would this kind of good looking mixed find these typical asians attractive?? hahaha come on ….

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    • kiki replied:

      i agree TOTALLY, hahaha..all these asian stars managed to get cute partners i mean really can she even communicate in english or whatever language he speaks??
      well, i guess even w/the plain look he goes just for the money she makes hahaha…

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