Kate Tsui & Ella Koon Zero Communication With Each Other

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Ella Koon (官恩娜) who were former rumored loves of Ron Ng (吳卓羲), were performing on the same stage yesterday. The two of them stood between three people and didn’t communicate a word to each other thus incurring speculations that they couldn’t get along with one another.

Kate Tsui professed that she wasn’t on very familiar terms with Ella but clarified that she wouldn’t snatch with Ron Ng’s current girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), for him. It was thus apparent that Kate was indeed determined to draw a clear line between her and Ron Ng.

Two of Ron Ng’s former rumored girlfriends, Kate Tsui and Ella Koon, appeared and shared the same stage for the event, Macau Shopping Festival 2011: The Entire City Moves Along (tentative title)《澳門購物節2011:全城喜動》, held in Macau yesterday.

As they were scheduled to come out at different timings, the both of them will only bump into each other at the toasting ceremony before the event officially ended.

Denies challenging Viann Zhang

Although both Kate and Ella were all smiles during the event, they didn’t exchange a single word throughout it and even stood between three other people thus incurring the media’s suspicion that they couldn’t get along with each other.

[Caption: Kate Tsui and Michael Tse shared an intimate dance together, which received much applause from the audience as a result.]

When Kate was asked by reporters how it felt to be on the same stage as Ella, she replied, “We have performed many times on the same stage lahs, I am not on very familiar terms with Ella but we have chatted before.” Kate also denied that Ella was her former rival-in-love, “Everyone has been mistaken, those news about Ron and I are only rumors, I saw that Ella’s hand was injured and I did ask after her!”

[Caption: Kate Tsui reveals half of her chest and much cleavage]

Because Kate Tsui wore an evening gown with a plunging neckline to perform, the reporter asked Kate whether she was dressed so sexily today to fight heads on with Ron Ng’s current girlfriend Viann Zhang. Kate denied the allegations and responded, “No such thing. I also didn’t do anything!”

Kate Tsui reveals that she would be traveling down to Malaysia with Ron Ng, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Michael Tse (謝天華) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) to hold a concert there. Kate also mentioned that she was arranged to dance a latin number with Michael. Kate laughed and said that Michael requested her to sing “Hit Me” and asked her to work hard in keeping fit.

Talking about performing on the same stage with Ron, Kate replied, “It was the organizer’s and the company’s arrangement oh! If fans specially request for us to collaborate, I don’t mind asking the director to arrange it for us. This isn’t the first time anyway (that I have shared the stage or collaborated in dramas with Ron), we retain collaborating ties.” (Reporter: Snatch him over?)  “You guys think too much.”

Mag Lam groans about having too many social engagements

Also sharing the same stage as them , was EEG’s singer Mag Lam (林欣彤). Mag went on stage to perform a short skit and one of the scripted dialogue was expressing that she didn’t want to be a singer and that she was busy and frustrated.

After the performance, Mag was asked whether that particular dialogue channeled her inner thoughts. Mag responded, “Something like that! Because I’m still not too used to it yet.” (Reporter: Too many social engagements?) “Hong Kong singers cannot purely sing songs everyday, the commercial element is much more than the singing element, I try my best to strike a form of valance though.” (But if there’s no commercial element then there will be no income?) “If I only wanted to earn money, I could find any other occupations. Singing is my dream and I am on my way to fulfilling it now.”

Asked whether her family was worried after seeing that she has lost much weight, Mag replied, “My family said that I have grown thinner and were worried about my health.  Actually I’m okay except sometimes I feel breathless while singing. However, I have already kept trying my best to eat. I think my weight loss is because my psychological state has not gotten used to the stress.”

Mag Lam continued, “I often do not have enough time to prepare so I’m afraid that I would not be able to sing well and if I don’t sing well, I get unhappy. I have already consulted my seniors on how to relieve stress and they advised me to try putting down my “stress baggage” and that doing my best within the scope of my capabilities will already be good enough.”

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Almost didn’t recognise Kite Tsui in that photo and certainly didn’t like her hair colour. Unfortunately because I don’t like her, whatever she wears would not be “good” in my eyes. I’m not a fan of Ella Koon’s either but prefer her to Kate Tsui.

    1. @Pineapple:

      I don’t like how Kate was captured in the top header pic too, she looks overly mature and her hair looks messy! I like her photos in the interview with Bosco best!

      1. What happened to Kate’s hair and makeup? She looks like Medusa!

      2. Totally agree and she does remind me of Medusa… I actually wonder if Kate is trying to hard to be sexy. I actually kind of miss the old tomboyish image of her..

      3. Ah K, that’s an interesting observation because today they have another interview and Kate looks “pretty” again..Lol

    1. Medusa is a Greek mythical demoness with a head full of snakes as hair. If you stare or look at her, you will turn in to stone.

      1. I don’t remember if only men turned into stone. I remember that a big monster turned into stone by just looking at her head after it was chopped off. I guess that monster was male then… Thanks for reminding me that she was a gorgon. I forgot what she was so just used the words Greek demoness.

      2. not 100% sure but the turning into a monster thing is from a movie hehe

        versace is using medusa as their logo…

      3. I was referring to the movie “the Clash of the Titans”. No, she didn’t turn anything in a monster. In that movie, they killed her and used her head to turn a big monster into stone to destroy it.

      4. i was referring to the fact the monster thing was from the movie.

        perhaps kate’s idol is medusa LOL

      5. Oh my. Bad lighting of Kate here… I lol’ed when @vivien said that Kate looked like Medusa.

      6. But Medusa is a very beautiful woman. Her beauty is jealous by Athena (Minerva if it’s the Roman version) so Athena “helped” her to make her become a demon with snake head and the eyes which can make ppl become stone. Her beauty is still very attractive, especially to men so even knowing her killing method, they still wanna look at her.

        Peuseus, Hercules are the ones who fight with Medusa. They both cut her head and use it as a weapon. But Medusa is immortal.

      7. Fox, not sure which version you wrote but the one I read is Medusa was a was it called vestal virgin in the temple of athena? Poseidon wanted Medusa but medusa resisted him and he ended up raping her in the temple. Instead of punishing Poseidon, Athena punished medusa to make her very ugly; head of snakes, half human body which looks and smells and has rotting flesh like those walking dead and half the body like snake and everytime her eyes looks at a man the man turns to stone. She doesn’t do that to women from the version I read, just the man. So she wasn’t beautiful as Medusa not was Athena jealous, more like offended. You know greek gods, they’re jealous bunch.

      8. Fox,

        Hercules? Where got! Clash to titans is perseus.

        “But Medusa is immortal.”

        How can she be immortal if she could die when her head is chopped off?

      9. @ Funn

        “Fox, not sure which version you wrote “

        Maybe some Hercules movie/series/cartoon who takes a lot of liberty.

      10. THe only version of Clash of the Titans that I ever saw was the original version. I am guessing that that version is more accurate than the remake, but not sure since I did not watch the remake.

      11. I’m talking of the Greek stories, not a particular movie or series adapted on it. Class of titans is about Peuseus only.

        In Hercules one, Hercules also beaten Medusa and cut her head (poor the lady, being cut many times, just because her eyes have special effects).

        Poseidon and Medusa storyline has several versions. Some said that Medusa dun wanna be rapped by any man so she required Athena to help and Athena, jealous with Medusa’s beauty, “helped” by making her a monster. Some said that it’s a punishment for Medusa to seduce Poseidon. Some said Poseidon rapped Medusa but because Medusa lost her virginity, Athena has to punish her. Athena is a virgin goddess. Her vestal must be a virgin. Some say Athena dun dare to make Poisedon angry (because he is a titan, brother of Zeus and Hades, mean he is super strong, Athena can’t beat him) so she has to make Medusa a monster to stop Poisedon’s crazy ideas. Some others about Athena made Poisedon lose face in the race to get Athens (Athens was a land without gods. Both Poisedon and Athena wanna be the god of the city. Athena won because she sent them the olive) so Poisedon got mad and chose Medusa – the closest vestal virgin of Athena to revenge.

        Whatever, Medusa is still a beautiful woman.

        Medusa is immortal. She can be chop the head times, but when the hero dun use her head anymore, she’ll be born again. Like the Kracken or the 3-head dragon or Pan. Only Archilles is died forever, poor him.

      12. This convo cracks me up.

        What I know about Medusa is just that she has a head made of lots of snakes..hehe.

      13. Heracles (Greek counterpart of the Roman Hercules) never cut off Medusa’s head either. The only demigod who cut off Medusa’s head is Perseus. If you want to count Percy Jackson, then it’s 2 demigods.

      14. Percy Jackson is actually Peuseus in the modern life :). His full name is Peuseus Jackson. Difference is Percy is son of Poisedon (Neptune) while Peuseus is Zeus (Jupiter). I quite like Percy Jackson novel series.

        There is a version of Hercules with Medusa’s head. Not the Disney one I’m talking about :).

      15. I found out that I spell Perseus’s name wrong in all the posts, lol. Yes, Perseus, not Peuseus. This is why Percy is Percy.

      16. @ Fox

        “There is a version of Hercules with Medusa’s head. Not the Disney one I’m talking about

        Which version? Any online source? Or you read from a book?

        “Percy Jackson is actually Peuseus in the modern life. His full name is Peuseus Jackson. Difference is Percy is son of Poisedon (Neptune) while Peuseus is Zeus (Jupiter). “

        I disagree that Percy Jackson is modern Perseus. They just happen to have the same name. As you said, they have different fathers. I consider Percy Jackson as a story that make use of Greek/Roman mythology as setting, but, not a retelling of any specific Greek character’s story.

      17. @ Fox

        Haha. Thinking about it. I think no need to find for the source. If you know, then, can show me. No need to specifically look for it. Greek/Roman mythology has so many versions and retold by many authors. Not surprising if there’s actually one who make Hercules chop off Medusa’s head. But, I personally have not encounter that story.

      18. Percy Jackson series is Greek U.S, not Greek/Roman :P.

        I think I read about Hercules in book because it’s in my mind, mean I have to read it long ago (I read Greek stories when I was at school), and this time there is no internet. If I can find again, I’ll tell you.

        If you read the beginning of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, you will see that the author wanna make Percy as a modern Perseus. What Percy faced is same to Perseus: Hades kidnaps mother, have to go to hell to save mother, the weapon, demigods, etc. The novel has more details than the movie to make the character seems alike :). But it’s what the author intentionally means. The movie changed a lot of stuffs from the novel, like made Percy a bit older than the actual Percy in the novel.

        But I dun mind, as long as Logan is handsome, haha. And the girl Alex is definitely my fave.

      19. Percy Jackson is a reimagining of the greek mythology, it is not any source to be referred to. It was Perseus who cut off medusa’s head, not hercules. Again some other cartoons or whatever may reimagine the story but the mythology says perseus.

        Pegasus the winged horse is white, and if I remember correctly never even met hercules. It was perseus or some other demi god.

      20. @ Fox

        Percy Jackson series is Greek U.S, not Greek/Roman

        The Romans absorbed the mythology of Greek’s after the conquered them. That’s why you Roman counterpart of many Greek Mythology. That’s why I put Greek/Roman because they share a lot of the mythology.

        I thought you should know that since you know everything under the sun and more.

        “If you read the beginning of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, you will see that the author wanna make Percy as a modern Perseus. “

        I have read Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. I still don’t see the author want to make Percy the modern Perseus. He borrow stories from the Greek mythology. Some are from Perseus’s adventure, some are from other heroes’ adventure. I remember Perseus was even mentioned as a past hero in the book.

      21. Aiyoh! Why argue over Percy Jackson which is a storybook. It is like arguing about legend of merlin and the significance if he is Harry Potter. Look, it is obvious Perseus is a combination of several greek characters, one of which perseus (name percy is a strong indicator), even a little of Hercules, etc. But I lean towards Perseus since he encountered Medusa as well.

        And an immortal means you can’t die if you’re not killed. Even Perseus can die isn’t it? Archilles died. Medusa certainly died with her head chopped off. Reborn? No.

        Romans admire Greek’s classiness to put it simply. All these stories are greeks, not romans.

  2. OMG!! she looks so scary in this picture. Her hairstyle doesn’t suit her…

  3. Hm… the media paints a poor report of Kate… at least from the article.

    What wearing a dress revealing half her chest… got meh?

    Half her chest literally is alot… imagine what you can see if she was half naked, but from the picture… it just looks like a typical V neck gown only.

    The article says that she exposed half her chest on stage in order to “fight” with Ella over Ron. Makes her sound so bad right…

    I think her ugly hairstyle is dressed by the show’s stylist.

    But I see that she is not very popular, as many dislikes her sexy image.

    Poor Kate!…

    1. She’s unique. I like her more now after watching her onscreen scenes with Bosco. I’m a lady and I think she’s sizzling and has a good, healthy body shape.

      Diversities in image is good. I personally won’t like it if every actress in TVB adheres to the same style or image 😛

  4. I swear…the dress that Mag is wearing is the same one that Kate wore in JSG awards round 1 last year…i wonder did TVB lend the dress to Mag as she might not have enough money to buy it.
    Anyway, kate is pretty in the photo above. It is not fair that the media is picking of her. Actually, it’s not fair for the media to pick/write false information about anyone. Give them some space people!

    1. I thought that they would wear their own clothes to these events?? Why would TVB have to provide stuff for them to wear?? I know that during the series they would wear stuff provided by the company, but to these events too?? Well, it would be a waste to wear something only once so not surprised if TVB recycles anything…

  5. Thanks for enlightening me about Medusa. Lots of interesting comments here – lol….

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