Kathy Chow, Michael Tse, and Eddie Cheung to Film New TVB Drama

TVB continued to invite former 1980s artists to film in upcoming dramas. Kathy Chow, Michael Tse, and Eddie Cheung will film a new law enforcement drama in December.  Instead of portraying a police officer, Michael will put aside his well known “Laughing Sir” role and play a villain in the new drama.

Kathy Chow had filmed two dramas for TVB in 2009, E.U. <學警狙擊> and In the Chamber of Bliss  <蔡鍔與小鳳仙>. Similar to former TVB artists, Kathy has been filming primarily in mainland China in recent years. In the upcoming new TVB drama, Kathy will be collaborating with Eddie Cheung for the third time.

Eddie Cheung started acting in TVB in 1982 and left in 2002 to focus on his film career. A prolific actor, Eddie has appeared in a steady stream of movies over the last decade in largely supporting roles. Returning to TVB to lead in sitcom, Till Love Do Us Lie <結.分@謊情式> last year, Eddie said that he owed favors to the company which had developed his acting career. “My first choice is to film movies. CTI has contacted me, but I owe favors to TVB.”

Asked whether he agreed to film another TVB drama in order to save the network from increased local competition, Eddie replied, “TVB does not need any saving!”

Eddie hopes to generate new sparks with Michael Tse in their first collaboration together. “Laughing Gor is so popular, why would it not be okay?” He added that he had good understanding with former costar, Kathy Chow, as well.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. I am ok with this but I just wonder, aren’t all 3 combined a bit too old?

    1. Funn,
      “I am ok with this but I just wonder, aren’t all 3 combined a bit too old?”

      The pairing of Kathy and Eddie Cheung evokes audiences memories from the 1980s. I prefer Kathy Chow with Roger Kwok, as they were a memorable pairing in the 1980s over Eddie Cheung. But Roger is busy and not often available.

      Artists from the 80s and 90s are prized now to draw upon TVB’s former powerful branding.

      Anyhow, this drama is targeted towards slightly older audiences for old times sake.

      1. I am sure there will be another younger pair for the balance. But if this is the main story and only sort of pairing, I feel everybody is a bit too old. Whatever memory it may evoke, it won’t amount to much.

      2. old or not the ratings will tell,we will see.as long as there are an audience for, they are not to old.

      3. I can’t remember what series Kathy and roger were paired together. Kathy looks too old for roger now.

      4. Actually, my fav pairing for Kathy was Leon Lai. They were my first OTP in a series.

    2. Nah… they’re still very young 🙂 I hope I’ll look as good as them when I’m at that age… Though I’m scared of turning 30!

    3. As long as their acting are good and the storyline is interesting, I don’t see any wrong with the pairings. Prefer them over the current actors and actresses who have not much acting skills!!

      1. Huh? you find Kathy Chow’s acting good? Oh please… never like her. her acting is so fake.

    4. So if we put Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fatt, Dayo Wong and Dodo Cheng in one TVB drama, would that means that it will only appeal to senior citizens? Hehehe….

      1. Hahahah well said, snailbytes!

        When did age become a problem?? Liza Wang still leads all her series…ofc there will be young supporting people in the same series.

      2. Age is a problem in mainland. If Liza go to mainland she will be a supporting actress for a young, pretty plastic girl.

    5. It doesn’t matter, they still look good for their age and can act!!

      I am sick of all these boring tvb storylines and newbies….

      Weren’t they planning to bring Bobby Au and Esther, they are not the youngest, but I will still watch them!

      Let them lead and the new guys be supporting artist and 2nd lead!!

    6. I am not into this 1920-1940 era, but did enjoyed Bliss of chambers. Damien Lau is like 60!! but he portrayed his role good and the love story between him and Kathy was sweet.

      I still remember Kathy back in the 80’s and 90s with Leon Lai and her in
      The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. That was good, bring back memories.

      She is still pretty for her age!

    7. @Funn,

      it’s TVB culture to produce sereis which have veteran artists are lead roles.. U never see that in most mainland series haha.

      1. Mainland only produce series with young n beautiful plastic girls.

      2. I never understood why there are no veterans as lead roles in mainland. Their leads are real young with so so acting. It’s really annoying because they focus more on camera tricks and and random still images rather than acting.

      3. Mainland want pretty young faces. Sheren and Michelle Yim become supporting actress in mainland LOL.

      4. Yuyu,

        It is not true there are no veterans in mainland dramas. It is just that you’re not watching those with veterans. There are 2 distinct classes of dramas in mainland. One with pretty people and one with veterans and the latter is usually CCTV series with very heavyweight veterans that isn’t pretty but with first class acting.

      5. And the one producer I see who populates his series with various degree of plastics that are obviously plastics is Yu Zheng.

      6. I think most lead roles in Asian movies and series are played by young actors. It has always been like this. Only lately TVB need these older established stars to pull back the audience because the young cast does not have enough pulling power.

        Michelle Yim and Sheren Tang already get lead roles in their early 20s.

      7. Kidd, probably many commenters may not realise is Michelle Yim and Sheren Teng were leading ladies when they first started out, like many new ones we see today.

      8. But the most popular mainland series are always those with pretty young faces and Sheren, Michelle, Ada are only supporting in them. I never see any popular mainlanf series lead by old people.

      9. If TVB is about biological children, so is Mainland series. Of course they give the lead to their own China actresses and actors, half because of the rule, half because they want to. And admittedly most of these china actors who are good are actually much better actors. It is like Americans Vs British actors sort of thing.

        And not all of them are plastic looking. Just be more varied in your viewing choices and you will see many productions with veterans as leads or at least side leads. There can’t be 100% veterans as 100% leads. Even TVB can’t do that. Just you see; there will be a younger pair somewhere in this production.

      10. ” I never see any popular mainlanf series lead by old people.”

        Maybe that’s the reason why the leads are young actors.

      11. I don’t think that Jessica series is popular. The most popular this year that I heard is that Liu SS series with Hu Ge.

      12. That Xuan Yuan Jian or something like that?

        Is it good? Heard it is ratings number 1 but huge complaints about some elements in it.

      13. Why do the producers always insist on casting jess in ancient female roles? Why? WHY?!

      14. I read a comment in youtube saying ‘Sou Shen Ji’ starring Sammul and Chen Zihan is better. But, the trailer of Sou Shen Ji’ looks kinda silly.

        @ Vivien

        “I don’t think that Jessica series is popular. The most popular this year that I heard is that Liu SS series with Hu Ge.”

        Whether a series is popular or not depends on the audience. So, the fact that the popular series you see all star young actors means that this formula work.

      15. I didnt watch but heard that it got no1 ratings too. Never even heard of that Sammul series LOL.

      16. China has so many series produced but not telecast. I am still waiting for at least 2 to be released and in between waiting for these 2 to be released, i think about a dozen titles have been released, telecast, in DVDs!!

      17. The upcoming popular series will be Liu ShiShi’s DMY and Yu Zheng/Wallace Huo’s Swordsman LOL. I see lots of news for these series.

        I heard Michelle invite LF to pair with her in an ancient series next month!

      18. It’s funny that most popular China series are always ancient series LOL.

      19. Oh yes, and also that 2. Rather anticipating them. I don’t watch modern series from China. Somehow I just something isn’t right. Ancient series, of course. Always amazed they can still find location that looks believable as Han Dynasty or further back. I think I am suffering from post too-much-of-qing-dynasty disorder. I need another dynasty.

      20. I rmb there were a news that the series of Benny and Jessica had highest rating, higher than BBJX, but sure that it isn’t that popular.

        Sou Shen Ji is aired, Kidd? I must go to check. I’m a big fan of the Sou Shen Ji novel :). But if I rmb rite, Sammul’s chac is Shen Nong, not Tuo Ba Ye?

      21. There is popular China modern series, such as Meteor Rain or Unbeatalbe 2

      22. @yuyu: I never understood why there are no veterans as lead roles in mainland.

        Talking about series led by veterans, two old brilliant series immediately came to mind:CCTV 《激情燃烧的岁月》starring 吕丽萍 & 孙海英 and ATV “Light Of Million Hopes” (萬家燈火)by FUNG Bo-Bo.

        A few years back I watched these two dvds with my family. I was riveted and totally immersed in their stories, none of those poses & still images but real human emotions acted out on the screen (except for the younger generation actors) The series may be too slow pace for most tv audiences and in some places I agree they do dragged but I was totally riveted by the intensity of human emotions played out — especially the helplessness, the joy and burden of being alive.

      23. @ Fox

        I have only watch a bit of episode 1. Sammul has not appear yet. So, I don’t know who he plays. But, wikipedia said his name is Su He (aka Xiao Dai) (夙和(小呆)).

  2. Aw, brings back memories of Plain Love. I’m looking forward to seeing Eddie again!

    1. Yes! Yes! I was always upset that they didn’t end up together whilst Gallen’s role got another family! I do hope Eddie and Kathy end up happy this time around!

      I support Eddie!

      1. I thought Galen doesn’t deserve Cathy in ‘Plain Love’. Too bad Cathy is a very traditional woman who is faithful to her husband until the end.

      2. Ah, the number of times I wanted to slap Gallen’s character, raging at him to get over his ego.

        I pulled out my mum’s old video tapes (does anyone even keep theirs?!) a few weeks ago and re-watched the series. Haha, the ending…

      3. @skinny mocha: Haha…yes, I still have video tapes…a room full of them in fact! Many of the classic TVB series and variety shows from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s are still on video tape for me, which is awesome since a lot of them most likely won’t come out on DVD anytime soon.

        Anyway, with regard to the Eddie/Kathy pairing — well, when I first read this news, I didn’t think of Plain Love at all, since they weren’t even a couple (technically) in the series….my thoughts actually went back to the series that they collaborated on in the 80s…I like both Kathy and Eddie, so I’m glad to see both of them back together on screen…BUT, as soon as I read the part about Michael Tse being part of the cast, that already made me not want to watch this series anymore….plus I don’t have confidence that TVB is going to make the script good, since so many of their previous series where they invited veteran artists back to film for them had very crappy scripts….

        Ah well….we’ll have to see what happens as more information comes out….

    1. No… I think Nikki’s sister is Kathy Chow Man-Kei… this is Cathy Chow Hoi-Mei

      1. sorry – Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei (messed up the “C” and “K” :P)

    2. Of course not. When people say Kathy Chow it is always Chow Hoi Mei.

  3. Michael Tse in a baddie role – I like it! The badder the better. He actually got a kick arse bad boy look. I think he will make a throw rotten eggs onto your face kinda villain.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. Ever since his Laughing Gor role in EU, I can’t see him in any other type of role. He really can portray villainous roles quite well with that smirk of his and just his overall look and lingo. I’m looking forward to this new collaboration with him, Kathy and Eddie.

    2. I like MT to play the bad boy, not the bad guy (straight villain). He has the charm.

  4. I just rewatched Saga of the Lost Kingdom so it would be great to see them together again… So many great memories and am glad that Eddie is coming back! I have not seen him in a long time. It is great to him and Eddie pair up.

  5. Eddie is great but he is way too good for TVB and he wasn’t treated good before leaving playing klf roles.

    TVB seems so desperate these days can’t wait for CTI & Co. to destroy the sinking ship for good.

    1. Yes, he’s too good for TVB!
      Eddie Cheung is such an experienced actor – another high-class that shouldnt be filming for cheesy TVB. He should continue to focus on movies, where he shines extremely well in supporting roles! I hope he’ll have greater success one day!

  6. haha, then I am a senior citizen. I love watching dramas with older cast members. However, I never liked Eddie Cheung’s acting. I think Damien Lau and Kathy Chow would be a better match.

    1. no no… Damien looks so strinken standing besides kathy.. Kathy who has a larger and taller body frame will outshine Damine’s hero looks if they’re togther in the series, Kathy looks more like the one who will protect Damien than she needs protection..lol. I also scared that Damien may not be able to lift up and carry kathy anymore due to his old age.

  7. Yeah, I love the pairing Kathy and Eddie especially in Plain Love and Being Honest.

    I can’t wait to see the custom fitting and the drama serie.

  8. I read this news on asianfantic the other day and i was soo happy to see them pairing up.

  9. Old pairings indeed, I rather watch DamianL, Ng Wai Kwok n Michelle Yim than those 3.

  10. i actually don’t remember kathy from EU. as a matter of fact, i don’t even know who she is haha. but I think i’ll enjoy this nonetheless because the recent dramas have been using the same people over and over again. these three would be considered “fresh faces” to me. and i did like eddie in til love do us lie

  11. Any pic of Eddie Cheung? I dont know who he is- need to look at the pic…lol…

    1. me too, i still remember them in their series. the guy was too nice hahaha i doubt such men existed in real life haha lol..

  12. Kathy and Eddie.. Wow! Tvb should continue to invite former 1980s artist to act in their dramas 🙂

  13. Ok so they have competent actors, but what about the script. Let’s face it, as much as TVB has problems with casting, they also have major issues with scripts and editing (director problems maybe?). Just look at Born Rich, filled with popular senior actors but the script was a bore.


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