Kenneth Ma Confirms Breakup with Jacqueline Wong

Since Jacqueline Wong‘s  (黃心穎) cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安) was exposed in April, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has been ambiguous over the status of his relationship with her. Remaining protective over Jacqueline despite her betrayal, Kenneth was rumored to be willing to take her back after her pleas for forgiveness. Overwhelmed by the rumors, the 45-year-old actor finally confirmed that he has broken up with Jacqueline, “I can only say we’re friends now.”

Kenneth said emphatically, “We’re friends. I felt everyone’s reactions over this incident have been excessive. It’s hard to say who’s right or wrong in love. I was angry, but only for a short time. Afterward, I was more worried about her. I hope everyone’s reactions won’t be so excessive from now on, and can give her a chance.”

While ready to put behind their two-year relationship, Kenneth doesn’t mind collaborating with Jacqueline onscreen again. “I don’t mind. We’re still friends; she didn’t kill my father. There’s no need to magnify relationship problems.” Kenneth once again denied claims that he would fly to Los Angeles, where Jacqueline is currently studying.

Wants to Push Boundaries and Portray Gay Character

While his breakup with Jacqueline has obviously cast a pensive shadow on Kenneth’s face lately, his new drama Big White Duel <白色強人> is highly popular. He admitted that his character “Tong Ming” was one of his most difficult roles. “Since the character doesn’t have many emotional ups and downs, it’s difficult to make the onscreen performance stand out. It was a big challenge.”

During casting, Kenneth was more attracted to Roger Kwok‘s (郭晉安) “YT” character due to his grey boundaries and asked producer Marco Law (羅永賢) if he could have the role. Kenneth said, “YT is very well fleshed out. But in the end, the producer convinced me to portray Tong Ming.”

Starring in TVB dramas for 20 years, there are few roles that Kenneth hasn’t portrayed before. Perhaps that’s why he wants to portray a gay character. “I want to play a serious, and not comedic gay role. I don’t know if TVB is brave enough [to produce such a drama].”


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  1. I would’ve like to see Kenneth as YT. Something different for the dude. Has he ever had a non-comedic romance on screen even as hetero pairing though?? If it’s male/male romance, TVB wouldn’t know what to do since there’ll be no female one who they can, and also do, write as a flawed, damsel in distress type of char so our male lead can swoop in, change her outlook, and save the day/series lol.

    1. @jjwong So true, lol! Basically, if Kenneth Ma wants to play a non-comedic gay character, he needs to look outside of TVB because that’s the only way it will ever happen. Technically, it’s not really a matter of whether TVB is “brave enough” to produce such a series, it’s whether they are even capable of doing so considering TVB has a long-held reputation for being too conservative and not handling controversial characters / subject matter well. I honestly don’t even think TVB’s scriptwriters know how to write a gay character and not make him/her comedic in some way….

  2. Best decision he will ever make.

    And Jacqueline will be a prime example on how not to kill your own career and life in general. Just a few months ago she had everything, including a decent even if boring boyfriend. Anyway she will bounce back. Viewers’ memory is fickle as long as you give a great performance.

    I am not sure if Kenneth can play TY convincingly but sine YT has an inherent decency in him from what I can see, I do think Kenneth should be given a chance to try YT. Perhaps he would fail since too decent but didn’t Kenneth do a really creepy accountant killer before? Was it him? Can’t remember.

  3. Roger Kwok and Kenneth Ma is typecast now as bad guy and good guy respectively. Imagine Kenneth got the grey boundary YT role and Roger is Tong Ming…it’ll confuse the heck out of everyone. I thought its more difficult playing the good guy than bad a guy anyhow.

    With that said, Roger is getting boring now always getting these bad guy roles he keeps getting casted in.

  4. Kenneth can definitely play an antagonist, which I actually would love to see again. He was brilliant as the bad prince in “The Life and Times of a Sentinel” drama. Drama producer always put him in comedic character, which I find quite stale at this point. Something different would be refreshing.

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