Kevin Cheng Denies Love Rumors Once Again

Forty-three-year-old actor, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), denied his love rumors once again in a recent talk show, expressing his disappointment with the tabloids’ wild claims.

Last month, Hong Kong tabloid magazines reported that Kevin “dated 10 women in 10 years,” and alleged that Kevin is pursuing his Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2> costar, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) despite reconciling with ex-flame, Niki Chow (周麗淇), at the same time.

Kevin stressed once again that he is currently single, and that all written reports about the subject are not true. “I didn’t know that I was that fierce with women,” responded Kevin. “The Hong Kong media has great imagination.”

The actor continued, “I really do not want to be used for these stories, but as an artist, these things are bound to happen. I get a new rumored girlfriend every two weeks. Even I can’t keep up with it myself! I rarely read gossip reports nowadays; I had to get my friends to update me on my own love life. They will tell me who I’m currently with at the moment, and I would say, ‘Oh, that’s great. I didn’t even know. How did you guys know?’”

Kevin Has No Time for Love

Kevin originally planned to take a break in the latter half of the year to prepare for his comeback musical album. After Kevin was cast into the new Ip Man <葉問> mainland Chinese television adaptation, he had no choice but to postpone his singing plans. Kevin explained, “I had plans to film only three dramas in the first half of the year, rest in the second half to record an album, release the album, rest some more, and maybe find some time to get a girlfriend. But that changed, as I’ve decided to place an emphasis on my career.”

With regards to his colorful love rumors, Kevin commented, “They will not stop coming until the day I announce my real girlfriend to the public and get married to her.”

Asked if he will share his love life with the world, Kevin responded, “I will when the time is right. I will not talk about it if our relationship just began. I have to wait until we both feel stable about our relationship before I make it public.”


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      1. Niki desperately wants to accept Kevin back but he denied. Niki has one sided feelings :

      1. Bi sexual first, and then Gay, ohh maybe the next out will be that Kevin Cheng dates Bosco. After the break up with Myolie, then Bosco got really heartbroken, and has become gay and is dating Kevin Cheng:P

        ok I may making up to much story here 😛 joking people im joking.

    1. He might be thinking he’s wanted by all the women in he world

      1. Can’t blame him. He probably has to fight off the girls in mainland w/ a stick.

  1. If not wrong, the talk show that K attended was with Sina in Beijing last Tuesday. The rumour of Kevin rekindles with N and dated Christine was out two days ago. The reporter is copying from the old news. I don’t think they approach Kevin because he is busy filming Ip Man in China. Maybe few days later in Singapore.

  2. So, at last Kevin has responded to all that speculation re his love life and I suppose that’s the end of the matter for now. Case closed.

  3. People need to leave him alone. He will let us know if he has a girlfriend or not Tabloid have no right to interfere with his love life. Give a guy a break!

  4. I feel sorry for some of the celebrites someotimes like they are getting old and they haven’t found their other half. It’s like come on they aren’t bad looking either.

    1. I agree and it is not just celebs that have problems finding their other half. Many normal citizens that are decent or even pretty good looking have problems as well. However, there are many that do not look so great yet find their other half pretty easily and find a great person too. I guess it is a mixture of fate, timing and luck as well.

      1. Some average ppl are not choosing therefore they can find their other half easily while pretty ppl often set high standard on their other half make it hard for them to find a partner easily.. And when these “pretty” ppl got older, they will regret for setting standards high.

      2. Oh yea, that is true to some extent Veejay. I don’t think that is always the case though. There are some that are good looking but just don’t have the luck, it’s not that they set their standards high. They have other reasons too. It just varies. However, what you said is generally true how some people expect too much that it becomes ridiculously ideal and then regret it when they get older and are still single.

  5. I agree with what he said. You cant simply announce to the world that you are going out with a girl if its only 5 mins relationship! Only when relationship has stablelised before telling everyone. So come on Kevin, get cracking and tell us the news we all have been waiting!! haha

  6. I still feel that he is waiting for Charmaine! =D (fingers crossed)

    1. i think so too!! did u read charmaine’s newest interview ? Has similar comments !!!!

    2. Why would he need to wait for an old maid like Charmaine when there are so many other better and younger girls that make like him??

      1. agree, If he and Charm were dating, they would announce publicy. because they are famous now.Simply, they are only friends

      2. @HeTieShou, is an old maid not human? not deserving of love? young or old, pretty or ugly, it’s in the eyes of the beholder.

    1. Haha, he looks like a emo Ip Man. His “flower fist” might be sufficient to capture butterflies but will be destroyed in battle.

      Or maybe he will reason with his opponents and won’t fight back even if he gets beaten to death, LOL

  7. polypeptide, can you tell where that interview can be found? I, too, had read it somewhere and I thought it strange that she was repeating what Kevin already said. Furthemore, she also mentioned that she was being pursued by “a gentleman” who surely can be none other than Kevin, the gentleman, himself. Something strange is indeed happening, I think, and it’s getting to be more and more exciting.

  8. I wonder if he has commitment phobia like Aaron Kwok does??

    1. Definitely not like Aaron Kwok or Ekin Cheng. Personally, I felt these 2 are quite selfish cause Aaron already made zillions from his concerts/music/movies and still claims to be poor ,and Ekin gives the most ridiculous answers for postponing his nuptials with Yoyo.

      Kevin is a family man at heart and definitely wants to settle. His standard for a wife is not unreasonable….someone who’s smart and clicks with him in common interests because when fame & beauty starts to fade, these will be the base for a true lasting relationship. Is that so wrong ?? He has waited and worked hard for quite a while now. 2011 and 2012 are his years to shine, hopefully getting better in the future.

      If Niki is still interested in KC, why not try to rekindle after she broke off with her ex-bf but now when KC is all rich and famous??? Perhaps the mighty $$$ plays a part. I like Chairmaine to have a chance with KC cause she’s matured and business minded (which KC likes). I find Niki still a little immatured in that sense.

      1. I am saying that he is not a family man since I know Kevin would be a good husband and father. I do find it a bit sad no one seemed to give a care about him until after he became known recently. I have liked Kevin for a long time and am really happy that his hard work all of these years is finally paying off and he has a good career. Now, he just has to work hard at his love life or maybe it will just come naturally for him?? I think maybe the timing is not right yet?? It should come soon though because he is over 40 now.

      2. Meant to say I “not” saying… Gosh too many typos lately..

  9. They will tell me who I’m currently with at the moment, and I would say, ‘Oh, that’s great. I didn’t even know. How did you guys know?’”

    lol even that this may be irritating for Kevin, but I found this sentence funny, funny to see that everybody arounds him, know who his “currently girlfriend” is more than him 😛

  10. polypeptide, thanks for the blog, that’s the one I read. Niki and Charmaine were the only of his good friends who had not sent him birthday wishes, why? Another mystery!

    1. P.Tan, sometime simple SMS message will do, instead of weibo, for people who want some private space.

      What is also interesting are the weibo messages from mutual friends like Timmy Hong, Raymond Cho and Mui Sui Ching. Timmy and Raymond are urging him to get married LOL, while Mui reminded him with photos.

      There is also another mystery: KC was discovered by fans visiting Buddhist shrine while on short holiday in Bangkok last month. Coincidentally, Charmaine was also holidaying in Thailand recently. Did they meet up?

      I guess I’m too bagua, and should not prise anymore, but it i just find
      it interesting ..

      1. Kenny,
        That’s an interesting coincidence in Thailand you bring up.

        I have a feeling Kevin’s romantic mystery will quickly unfold. Every 2 weeks, we get “inside scoop” on his love life. Through sheer number of theories, the HK media will be bound to hit upon the right one soon.

      2. It seems like Kevin goes to visit the 4-faced Buddha shrine in Thailand every yr.

        I think Kevin had his chance w/ charmaine earlier this yr when they were both filming in hengdien. But the dope didn’t make a move! He probably enjoys being chased by all his costars too much. So now I think charmaine is dating someone else. Sigh….

  11. The stories are sure getting to be more and more interesting by the minute. This Bangkok episode, if true, cannot be mere coincidence. These 2 are so wary of their movements it smacks of a spy story. The suspense is truly killing!(me, at least).

  12. Another thing. Rendevous cannot be made in HK so they have to be made elsewhere outside the country, but how on earth do people manage to ferret them out? And is Kevin so ‘spiritual’ and steeped in the Buddhist religion? Kenny, I can be quite naive or ignorant sometimes and forget in these modern times there are many ways to do things, like the SMS, etc. So, they SMSed their way to Bangkok!

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