Kris Wu Criticized for New Look

On November 6, also the day of Kris’ 28th birthday, the actor-singer shared his new look on his official Instagram page, which he shared to be a look for CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. He had on black dress pants, a bright velvet dress suit, a chain necklace, and dark shades. Kris also appears darker in the photo.

Many fans weren’t liking the look, with some netizens saying that he looks like an African “tuhao”—Chinese slang for a wealthy person.

“Hurry and wake up Fanfan,” wrote one fan. “Just because you have the visuals doesn’t mean you can abuse it!”


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  1. Speaking of Kris Wu…check out the below article about his fans trying to game the iTunes Charts in the U.S. Hmmm…and people wonder why Trump is taking such a hard stance on China over their violations of intellectual property rights…I’m sure stuff like this (among other things) doesn’t help…if anything, it gives our current administration even more ammo to come down hard on China. Stupid fans!

    Note – this is a short summary of the issue – there are longer articles out there that talk about what happened):

    **Edit: This article from Variety is actually more detailed….

    1. @llwy12 Well Trump used Russia to gain the system.

      It’s also a bit of a stretch to use the sales of Kris Wu’s album as China violating intellectual property rights. Using VPN isn’t illegal in USA.

      1. @jayj agreed, but only because intellectual rights doesn’t seem to be right terminology here. however, it is gaming the system.

        from what i understand, U.S. awards certification for sales made in the U.S. and not internationally. that means U.S. artists can only be judged by nationwide sales. in a sense, i think it’s protecting local turf creative industry from being usurped by international artists & competition.

        kris wu is not popular in the U.S., but he got #1 place because his company chose to delay selling his album in China first. so it’s cheating because his fans (In Asia) swooped down on the U.S. market to buy, instead of purchasing from China. that dramatically inflated his numbers.

        what i can say is that though this is a super cr@p move, it shows the capacity of crazy Chinese fans & their buying power.

      2. @coralie Agree, it isn’t fair. The other issue I see is Apple’s lack of response. If using VPN is a factor with gaming the system they should also be looking into it to prevent this from happening in the future.

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