Kris Wu Wants to Get Married

After leaving the popular Korean pop group EXO, Kris Wu (吳亦凡) returned back to China and became a highly successful solo artiste. With his career prospering, the 28-year-old star revealed on variety show Back to Field <嚮往的生活> that he would like to get married.

With his good looks and height, Kris was able to capture the hearts of millions of fans through music and film. It turns out Kris is also very humorous and charismatic on variety shows too. When it comes to finding a potential partner, he shared that his catch line would be “I am your bowl, will you be my noodles?”

When Kris shared his catch line on Back to Field, Huang Lei (黃磊) and He Jiong (何炅) both found it to be very humorous. He Jiong said, “I can’t believe Kris is almost 30 years old. But in my eyes, he is only a kid.” In regards to what Kris thought about turning 30, he said “I feel a sense of loneliness.”

He further shared that because his loneliness is growing, Kris now wants to focus on finding a significant other. Though he grew up in Canada, he is still traditional and wants to have a “typical family”. He hopes that he can achieve this dream before the age of 35.

Source: Ettoday

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    1. @babycakes Do you realise what you are saying?! This is very disrespectful.
      He is an individual, an adult who can do whatever he wants. If he grows his hair, it’s his choice. And fyi he’s looking way better than y’all who are hating on his hairstyle.
      At least he is working hard and making his mum proud. What are you doing, sitting with your mobile, judging people, which is useless.
      If you don’t like him just because of his hairstyle and if you claim yourself as a fan, then you are a fake fan.
      Also, if you are not a
      Fan in the first place, just don’t think about him and invest your time in him. Think about the people you like, don’t spend time judging people.
      And if you are gonna reply that ‘i have right to display my opinions’ then honey, pls don’t. Because if you’re opinions can compromise others’ dignity then you don’t have a right to do it.

      1. @original absolutely. I will tell him that style doesn’t look good on him. Mullets don’t look good on Asians.
        For example, Linda Chung’s husband.. that’s my point, what’s your point? I have no problem being honest.

      2. @babycakes

        Good on you for being honest, but some people think he looks good. He can choose whatever he wants to do with his body/hair and that’s not your choice. You’re just being rude and commenting “yawn” when someone called you out on that is your failure to see that your comment was unnecessary.

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