Lau Dan Talks About Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s Divorce

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi (楊冪) announced on December 24 that they had decided to divorce after four years of marriage and would work together to co-parent their daughter. After the shocking announcement, many netizens believed that the dissolution of their marriage was due to Hawick cheating.

Hawick’s father, TVB actor Lau Dan (劉丹), was asked to comment on the divorce and he remained respectful of both parties, declining to shed any negative light on Yang Mi. “Both of them are doing well. I respect their decision as there must be a reason behind this.” He is unsure of when they decided to divorce as the decision had already been made when he was notified. He also denied the rumor of Hawick cheating, “A lot of people have been saying this but it’s not true and they are both doing well.”

Lau Dan and his wife will continue to take care of Hawick’s four-year-old daughter, “Little Sticky Rice”, and raise her in Hong Kong, as they have done so in the past few years. He said, “My granddaughter is doing very well; we will carry on as before.”

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Good grandparents, and with Lau Dan being her grandfather, she’s indeed in good hands, as I think he’s a wonderful human being 🙂

  2. I thought Lau Dan and Hawick are very closed. Kinda suck that LD doesn’t know about the divorce beforehand. Or maybe he did and was just taking the papz on a joy ride, hopefully.

    Anyway, the silver lining is the grandparents are taking care of the baby girl. Both YM and HL neglected their kid IMO; then again, it’s all speculation from an outside view. Only they know and will have to live/answer for their actions.

    1. @jjwong he does know, it just that I believe LD is open minded enough to trust his son n his wife knows what they are doing. And it possibly long coming :/

      1. @littlefish Yeah, I’m in favor what you said as well. LD has the vibe that say open mindly supportive. He’s like the real life version of Char Siu Bing in Kindred Spirits series.

  3. The grandparents have always been the hands-on involved ones parenting their kid anyways.

    So divorce or not – nothing’s changed.

    That’s wise – least disruption to the child’s life.

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