Lay Zhang Displays Poor Life Skills; Doesn’t Know How to Wash Clothes by Hand

Popular Chinese idol Lay Zhang (張藝興) displayed poor life skills on show Go Fighting! <極限挑戰> recently. In a challenge where the show’s participants were required to wash clothes by hand, Lay had asked Show Luo (羅志祥) if the bubbles on the clothes were a problem.

Sitting in front of a big basin and a washing board, the 27-year-old star hesitated as to what he should do. Lay eventually started rubbing a shirt on the board, but just after two rubs, he looked confused and asked if this is how it should be done. When pouring the laundry detergent, he again questioned the amount of detergent required to be poured. A staff member had to come over and help Lay with the amount of detergent. However, he still struggled with washing the clothes and soon gave up using the board and decided to wash the clothes by hand.

Seeing bubbles arising, Lay asked Show if having bubbles are a problem. Show surprisingly did not laugh at his question and patiently explained to him that it is not a problem and the bubbles would be washed off with clean water. Lay then answered, “Oh, amazing” to the viewers’ amusement.

Seeing Lay confused with washing clothes, Show asked if he washes his underwear by hand. Lay responded that he does, but when questioned on how he does it, he shyly said, “Brother, stop asking me these things. I have very poor life skills.” Unable to complete basic life activities, Lay said that he always questions his own life whenever he participates in Go Fighting!

A few netizens Lay’s questions were exaggerated and wondered if he was only pretending to be incompetent. But some think that it is understandable since everyone almost washes clothes by machine.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Chinese people wash their clothes by hand with powder. They have machines but they still do not by hand. Beats me because hand washing is such a time consuming activity. I don’t know if anyone whose used to machine washing know how to use powder either. I use bar or hand soap for anything that requires hand washing. Ive never seem powder in the States.

  2. Unable to wash clothes using a washing board is poor life skills? Are they going to accuse him of being non-tech savvy if he cannot use a typewriter?

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