Lee Ka Ding: “Gregory’s Worst Sin Is Being Poor; Shirley Yeung’s Mother Worships Gold!”

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TVB fadan Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) one-sidedly announced her breakup with Lee Ka Ding’s (李家鼎) younger son, Gregory Lee (李泳豪) in June. Some said she had attached herself to ex-national diver, Andy Ng (吳帥).

However, in recent days, Andy Ng’s background was unearthed and revealed to be heavily in debt. After admitting that she used pregnancy as an excuse to break-up with Gregory, Shirley was blasted by Gregory’s family. Augustine Lee (李泳漢), who deeply cared for his younger brother Gregory, admonished Shirley. Yesterday, Lee Ka Ding even reprimanded Shirley’s mother!

In her former relationship with Gregory, the public often referred to it as the woman being more superior to the man’s self-esteem. Ding Yeh aka Lee Ka Ding, was interviewed by the media yesterday at Tseung Kwan O. During the interview, Ding Yeh was agitated and had, as usual, exploded into some expletives in his responses. Ding Yeh also  verified that some rumors of Shirley’s mother looking down on Gregory were true.

R=Reporter ; DY=Ding Yeh

R: In addition to complaining about Gregory and his family, Shirley also grumbled that while dating, Gregory’s ties with her family were not close enough?

DY: They have been dating for nine years and during this period, I have only seen Shirley’s dad once and Shirley’s mom four times.

R: Do you feel that Shirley’s mom, Mrs. Yeung, despised your son, Gregory, for being poor?

DY: They broke up and the worst “sin” about my son is that he is poor.  Although we are poor, we have a backbone. There was one matter which truly upset Gregory and I really wish to say it out. There was one time where Shirley and her mom went to dine with her aunt. Gregory was in charge of being their driver. After dropping them off first, Gregory was supposed to park his car. However, Gregory suddenly received Shirley’s call that her mom asked him not to head up to the restaurant. Was it because Mrs. Yeung was afraid Gregory’s appearance would cause them to be ashamed or was it because Mrs. Yeung only purely treated Gregory as her chauffeur? When I heard about it from my son, I was enraged, who did Shirley’s family think they are? I really couldn’t bear it anymore; if they were dissatisfied that my son was poor, why didn’t Shirley’s family object to it earlier, when Shirley and Gregory first started dating? Why did they have to wait till after 9 years to snub my son?”

R: On Gregory’s birthday celebration in May, Shirley attended in the capacity as Gregory’s girlfriend. However in a recent interview, Shirley voiced her suspicions that Gregory was the one who revealed details to the media.

DY: On that fateful day, the decision to have a birthday dinner was a temporary and abrupt one. That night, after the dinner, reporters even asked me whether wedding bells will be ringing soon. Actually, even before this dinner, Shirley and Gregory had already discussed their plans to get married in my house. Who would have guessed that on June 28th, Shirley suddenly announced a break up? When I received the news, I was stunned. I wondered what crazy stunt she playing; was it to help her new show, <宠爱有加>, gain some publicity? I called Gregory to ask. My son cried non-stop like a water spout. I couldn’t believe that it was real!

R: Gregory loved Shirley and said that he didn’t mind helping her raise a child who was fathered by another man.

DY: When I heard what Gregory has said, I almost fainted. I really couldn’t accept this! My son’s love towards Shirley is 200%.  This silly boy still cares for her, even today! When Gregory knew about today’s interview,  he even told me lighten my comments on Shirley. Even now I haven’t really said anything bad about her, I only help in providing the reasoning, in what I think is right and not just blindly helping anyone who is related to me. Up to today, I have been remaining cool-headed and speaking in a neutral tone, It’s not because I dote on my son; it’s because I dote on this girl (Shirley) too. I don’t hit a person when she is down and out.

R: After the matter broke out, did you try to contact Shirley’s parents?

DY: No. But I was strangely wondering why Shirley’s mother did not come out to speak some words to help her daughter. It’s been tough on her daughter.

R: After Shirley exposed the breakup, she was spotted out driving with her mother but once Shirley had parked the car, Shirley’s mom immediately darted out and abandoned her daughter behind.

DY: The version I heard was that Shirley’s mother literally jumped out of the car and ran away.

R: Shirley’s and Andy’s mutual friend, ex-national Hong Kong diver, Yu Yue, ridiculed Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine (李泳漢), by saying that Augustine had never received higher education.  Yu Yue said that Augustine shouldn’t put his foot into Shirley’s and Gregory’s breakup since it was none of his business (搽了粉做大龙风). Yu Yue added that Augustine was never given the chance to be in front of the camera (seemingly hinting that Augustine appeared to protecting Gregory publicly just to thrust himself into the limelight, while gaining publicity and acting opportunities).

DY: *Sunken face* Since when was it Yu Yue’s turn to speak? I’m the victim’s dad and I haven’t even expressed my take on this matter, and what higher education did he (Yu Yue) himself undertake? Augustine is Gregory’s elder brother, it is only right for an elder brother to speak up for his younger brother. Those people better shut their mouth up. If Yu Yue is a man and has enough guts, ask him to talk to me face-to-face.

R: From this severe heartbreak, will Gregory learn from this mistake and mature?

DY: My son is really good.  He is affectionate, righteous, and has integrity. These are his positive traits but also his negative points. Like me, he has this face and mouth that could kill anyone, however he is too soft-hearted.

Ding Yeh who loves his sons deeply, wished that Gregory could quickly untie this love knot and put this unhappiness behind him by forgetting Shirley and embark on a new relationship. Otherwise, it was unfair for both parties.

Source: ent.hangzhou.com.cn

This article was translated by Ah K for JayneStars.com.

26 comments to Lee Ka Ding: “Gregory’s Worst Sin Is Being Poor; Shirley Yeung’s Mother Worships Gold!”

  1. Ah K says:

    Oops I think I made a typo error! Should be “Ding Yeh aka Lee Ka Ding” not “Ding Ka Ding”, pardon me please! :*D

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  2. jim says:

    lets forget it, and now the timing their must move on.

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  3. Ah K says:

    Oops and I made another typo error should be, “Yu Yue added that Augustine was never given the chance to be in front of the camera” not “in front if the camera” Pardon me again, thanks! 😀

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    • Ah K replied:

      Thank you Chief Editor Jayne for the great editing and rectifying done! 😀

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      • jayne replied:

        Ah K, thanks for proofing the article again. I’ll change the typos.

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  4. Ah K says:

    If this article is true, I feel that it is really mean for Yu Yue to look down on Augustine just because he received a lowly education. Like Lee Ka Ding, I’m sure Yu Yue has not received any higher education himself to be able to criticize Augustine like that. (Like a case of the pot calling the kettle black)

    Even if Yu Yue had received any form of prestigious education, he shouldn’t look down on Augustine as few people could be as fortunate as him to have such a good financial background to receive this high form of education but is it any of their fault that their family did not have the money to afford it or he did not have the intelligence to get a bursary? No!

    I think even if Yu Yue had received an prominient education, it’s as good as not receiving any form of education because one must always be humble as there will always be one mountain that is taller than the other and his behavior of judging someone based on his education (which leaves much to be desired) does not justify his many qualifications.

    And it was rather inappropriate for the reporter to ask Lee Ka Ding about such sensitive question, I’m sure after hearing that, being a father, Ding Yeh would reproach himself for not being wealthy enough to afford to send his sons abroad for a higher education such that if he had done so, shallow people like Yu Yue wouldn’t be able to look down on his son like that.

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    • Ah K replied:

      *I meant or they didn’t have the intelligence to get a bursary

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    • Chriselle replied:

      Thanks Ah K for all your contributions to this blog! 😀 And I also want to let you know that I enjoy reading your comments!

      Hope this Gregory-Shirley thing dies down soon. All these news are quite depressing.

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      • Ah K replied:


        I love reading your comments too cause we usually share the same sentiments!

        No problem, always glad to interact with everyone on this platform and find out if they are sharing the same views as me after reading the articles! 😀

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    • Kidd replied:

      I really don’t get why the media and netizens like to make the Lee family out to be very poor and Greg and Augustine very uneducated. They are neither. I remember reading an article many years ago that Augustine studied in university. At that time, Greg just reentered showbiz as an adult. I was wondering what happen to his twin brother and googled for info. At that time, it was said that Augustine was still studying in university. Also, the brothers attended high school in US. So, they are not dirt poor.

      Lee Ka Ding’s history was interesting too. He came from an affluent family. But, because of the Culture Revolution, the family lost all the wealth and has to flee to HK. LKD came out to work when he was very young. He has a chance to be a kungfu actor, but, passed up the chance because he need the money to support his family and being a stuntman pay more than an actor (maybe new actor was paid very little in the past?).

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      • josie replied:

        maybe Augustine went to one of those “online university” b/c he still has no job.
        and according to Augustine’s steak dinner story, they didn’t have side dishes which led to shirley’s tantrum. that’s just sad.
        and even the dad says they’re poor so who are we to argue.

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      • Vivien replied:

        what university did Augustine went too? The way he present himself seems more like a school drop out than a university graduate.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Vivien
      • Fox replied:

        Maybe because of the way Augustine behaved. He seems to uncontrolled and kinda hot temped.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Fox
      • Ah K replied:


        Thanks for your informative input, I didn’t know Augustine had received some kind of university education prior to this because their father’s sunken expression (upon hearing Yu Yue belittling his son for not being highly educated) misled me into thinking so.

        I guessed some of us perceived them to be poor because they aren’t as famous before this scandal so we don’t know much about their background until they were thrust into the media spotlight. Hence, as outsiders, we can only judge based on the media reports which have been painting them as being poor such that Shirley absconded for the richer (but actually putting up a false wealthy front) Andy Ng.

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    • exoidus replied:

      I think “higher education” would be a better translation. I heard the interview and i think he just meant education on university level and not necessary education from a prestigious univsersity.

      But seriously i think higher education is overrated. You can be smart even without it.

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      • LeilaFan replied:

        I agree with you.
        And I hope Greg in the future won’t get back with this Shirley girl (who knows if later Andy might dump her.)
        I really hope Greg learned his lesson, if Shirley can leave him for Andy, she in the future can leave Greg again if another rich man come pursue her.
        Too much pain for Greg, move on, she noth worth it for you to dwell over this unhappiness.

        Login or Register before you can reply to LeilaFan
      • Ah K replied:


        You are right, I used the online chinese-english translation and the words “higher education” is a much more appropriate than the words “prestigious education”, it was truly an oversight on my part : )

        And yes, I absolutely agree that having a higher education is definitely overrated, in actual fact, the theory that we learn from the books are rarely used in real life.

        Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that we burn all our books now as having an education is very important but it is not everything, people who do not have the luxury to afford proper education can succeed in life and eventually own a good business too because they have smartness too, street smart and business savviness.

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      • exoidus replied:

        I don’t see their relationhip to last very long unless she is pregnant. The main issue here is money. If he is poor she will jump ship ASAP when the chance arises.

        @Ah K,

        don’t worry about it’s nice that you take time to translate for us really appreciate it.

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  5. Aly says:

    Thanks for the translation, Ah K! I have been out of town for a whole week and have not had time to comment on the news, but I have been following on Shirley and Greg’s stories, which just gets more complicated each and every day! I hope it will be over soon! I’m sure only time will be able to resolve their issues.
    I feel sad how bad the relationship between Shirley and Greg’s family has gotten because of this. I’m sure both parties had their own faults in the relationship these past 9 years, and it’s disheartening to see that the family who once saw Shirley as a “daughter in law” is now full of bitterness towards her. I’m extremely disappointed with the way Shirley has handled the whole breakup! She is ruining her own image and career.
    Although this is bad publicity for them, I’m sure Greg has gained a lot of fans and support from the audience as a good, faithful man. Who knows? He will probably get more exposure and opportunities now. Maybe the end of the relationship will be a new start in his career for him.
    As for Yu Yue’s comment, it’s very inappropriate if he was “highly educated” to put down others who aren’t. It’s not about the education level, it’s about the character and integrity. I would have a lot more respect for someone who has a good character rather than someone who is highly educated but spends time bashing others instead of contributing to society.
    I don’t know how much of Andy Ng’s rumors are true, and it really doesn’t matter if he’s rich or not. I think people already don’t have a good impression of him anyway regardless. I also think Ding Yeh softened up a lot in this interview. It just shows how much he loves and respects his son!

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  6. Lori says:

    For some odd reason I just believe Gergory family story better than Shirley ones . I wonder who is telling the truth ? o_O

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  7. Judy says:

    Lee Ka Ding’s interview is more believable than Augustines. He doesn’t exaggerate and is trying hard to keep his cool and not bad-mouth her. Although he uses a lot of foul language, he seems like a down-to-earth guy that is genuinely trying to help in son out. It also seems like he and Shirley had a pretty good relationship prior to the break-up.

    I am also surprised that Shirley’s mother has not come out to defend her daughter’s virtue.

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    • Vivien replied:

      agree with this. Although Lee Ka Ding uses expletives in his remarks but his interviews only shows to me that he’s upset and angry about the sudden breakup and don’t have intentional hard feeling for Shirley. They sounds quite close before. While Augustine just seem eager to bring Shirley to as down as possible.

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    • Kidd replied:

      Agree with you. Although LKD is rough in his speech, I feel his genuine.

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    • Melody replied:

      Agree too!

      I believe more of the Lee Ka Ding than Shirley cos there’s so many loopholes in her version.

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  8. Stephy says:

    My Prediction:-
    If true Shirley is pregnant and learning the truth about Andy,the next step she will do now is to have an abortion and to prove to the media that she is not pregnant and is just an excuse to break off with Greg.

    With this the netizen or fans will still pity on her coz boarded on the private ship and she’s a victim too.

    whatever it is lying in the fist place is wrong oledi.

    Karma Karma Karma.

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    • Fox replied:

      If she did an abortion, she did.

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