Leehom Wang Has Trouble Selling Concert Tickets

Leehom Wang (王力宏) is set to perform in Las Vegas  for his concert ONE LeeHom on January 28. This is his first attempt at a live performance after his cheating scandal and divorce in 2021. Despite Leehom’s past musical milestones, fans seem lukewarm in their response to his concert comeback.

There are still four days until Leehom’s concert at Resorts World Las Vegas, but the tickets have not sold out yet. The venue has a capacity of 4,703 people. The sponsor is advertising the concert as “almost being at full capacity.” In a last ditch attempt to sell out the concert, organizers released new promotional photos of Leehom in a fitted white t-shirt, wavy hair, and holding a guitar.

It was said that Leehom will debut two new songs at the concert, and he has now revealed one to be called “ONE一個”. The song was inspired by the Bible, and the strength that it gives him. The new song’s lyrics mention that there are many events in life that can change a person. In what seems to be a jab at his ex-wife Jinglei Lee (李靚蕾), the song also mentions that that those who go through obstacles and stick with you through life’s journey are the ones that do not give up on you.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. He says he would sing even if there is 1 listener… He will be fine… He is fortunately to fill even 1/4 the venue …

    1. Like what you have pointed out about what he said. Why worry about him.
      Anyway one YT channel is giving out tickets as lucky draw, not sure how many.

  2. A jerk will always be a jerk. I hope it’s not true that he is using the new song to make a jab at his ex-wife. Hopefully only a few people will show up at his performance.

  3. After he did his wife so dirty, I would be disappointed if fans still support him like before the scandal. If that is a recent photo, he seems to have gotten a nose shave. Obviously had a non scalpel face lift, presumably laser work, and a touch of botox.

      1. @BearBear he does look horrible, I definitely agree. I wonder if he was trying to start over by changing his physical look to continue to push his music and his brand on the people. That hair looks horrible in him, and the procedures don’t do him any favors either.

    1. @Teddy and BearBear
      Earlier I didn’t look at his picture at all and now I read your comment – I totally agree with you. He got works done on his face. I feel like his nose, jaw line and chin look different now.

      That hair style is terrible on him also.

      1. @drama4me yes, he did get all the things you nentioned done. The hair is so, so ridiculous too.

      2. @Hohliu & teddy

        I never thought he was good looking before, but at least he looked better than this new face. That chin is so unnatural. Like that Chinese actor Yuan Hao – I think he also got a newer chin like that also. They both must have gone to the same doctor. Hahaha!!!

      3. @Dramas4me I really feel many netizen give female artistes more negative opinions then guys.
        What is this trend of the shaven chin look!! It does not suit everyone. The few male artistes I feel looks better with a less angular jawline is Zhou Shen, the amazing singer… I am unsure if he went under the knife but he looks from before and now have changed. His bone structure have soften…

  4. For a venue with full capacity of only 4703ppl, yet it’s not even filled up is really very pathetic

  5. JJLin isn’t haven’t problem selling his concert tickets! In which, he’ll be performing the same time!

  6. Chinese population is not large in Las Vegas and those wanting to listen to Leehom is even smaller. Most attendants have to drive from LA, not a short drive.

    1. He did have a lot of Western fans, but Western fans are not as idol worshipping as the Asian fans. They will withdraw their support when they hear of cases like how Leehom did his wife.

      1. @Renren nah, western fans are just as stupid. Jackie Chan has done deep damage in his personal life and Western fans still love him.

      2. @Coralie Agree with you about Jacky Chan… As for LeeHom, I feel the West are more accepting of stars who have affairs… He is not a known abuser. That they will get upset with. They dislike like wife beater..

    2. I doubt people want to drive 4 and 1/2 hours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to see that bad guy/cheater.

  7. what’s wrong w/ his new look. I like it! I won’t go even if it is right next door knowing what he did and he’s just trying to clean his image. Doubt that he’s a different man. people always involve faith when they want to show themselves as a brand new person, rarely (not saying never), they really are.

  8. He had the looks and talent X years ago, but what he has to understand is how unforgiving the Asian media is plus the new blood that’s younger, more talented, and gossip free. You can go from A-lister to canceled overnight even due a picture from travels years back in China. For Leehom, he’s a man and Asian culture is usually is very forgiving towards men for cheating and not women. So, he won’t starve but he just won’t sellout anytime soon!

    1. He will not be returning to China market anytime soon… most definitely. I doubt Taiwan will take to him too.

      1. @Hohliu Show Luo is trying to make a comeback! He’s not doing as successfully and he had to do a lot of PR work, but Taiwan took him back. They’ll do the same for WLH.

        I’m not gonna lie, if WLH’s concert was free or super dirt cheap, I’d go lol. Yeah he’s gross and I’m not particularly a fan of his voice, but he has decent songs. I’m sometimes good and sometimes bad with separating the art from the person. I’ll just consider it as helping with child support for his kids. But for $400+, even $200+ for mediocre seats, he’s gotta be dreaming. He ain’t no Celine Dion.

      2. @Coralie , Lol, I saw Show Luo’s efforts… He is definitely working his way back into Taiwan market. But the girlfriend he cheated on is from Mainland, I feel Taiwanese are not as upset. He is also trying to regain more online presence for the mainland market from Taiwan.

        As for Wang Leehom, he is very talented and still have lots of people willing to work with him, but if he does go back, his news will be all over the media again.. I think he may stay away longer and not be in the centre of attention for awhile more. But I bet he is busy with private projects. He is very gifted as a creator.

        I hate what he did to his wife but all relationships have their own problems. I dont want to judge the ins and outs too much. But if there is news he beats his wife and physically abuse his kids. I draw my line there. If someone gave me a ticket to his concert, I will go but I would not spend my money personally. Lol…

      3. @Hohliu even when beating their exes or kids, it’s sometimes met with skepticism or support or downright dismissal. Like people who subscribe to the Chinese phrase, “discourage divorce, encourage beating their kids.” And with spousal abuse, it’s always a case of he-said, she-said. Like with Xu Cai, Him Law, Johnny Depp, etc. People still support them, because it’s hard to prove.

        It’s easier said than done (to not support someone, because they’re in your face all the time when they’re given opportunities), which is why it’s hard for me to separate the person from his or her craft, especially when I really like them (example: I loved Show Lo, I still wish him well, but I don’t agree with his actions.)

      4. I agree, To be honest, many reported abuse cases dont result in convictions. As you mentioned, evidence are needed and it is not based on he says and she says…. And even with evidence , the hardcore fans will still support their idols and find reasons to either forgive or understand their idol’s prospective. That is the strongest degree of idolising…
        I grew up watch Show Lou. Thus I do enjoy watching him on screen, he is such a natural. He is born to be a entertainer. I do miss watching him but his hell raising habits are known to many in Taiwan circles. He is a huge party animal along with his gang of friends. Only in recent years, he seem to have calmed down more. His cheating did not surprise me at all thus the reveal of it did not change my impression of him. I never thru much of him as a loyal partner to any woman except his beloved mum. And he was not married to his GF.
        Unlike Leehom, he is married with kids. and his cleancut image all these years and the reveal caught me off guard. Thus my impression of him dropped dramatically. He can continue his musical career…his talent would not be ignored. But to be on active mainstream, I do not miss him.

    2. Do not delude yourself that the new crop of artist is more gossip free. They do not have the talent either. They hide behind plastic surgery and heavy makeup.

      Here is a young artist’s story. He is married, he is also knocking the boots of his male friend and costar, occasionally, and he is sleeping with his married handler, who is old enough to be his mother. He hangs with her husband. He makes fun of black and aboriginal people. He makes fun of fat and what he considers not pretty fans. If he is exposed publicly, then his secrets are exposed. He takes illegal things too.

  9. What I find laughable about WLH is how he is now using the Bible to make himself look good. Such a hypocrite.
    Why did he not read the Bible and ask God for the strength to stay away from those woMen when he was cheating on his wife rubbish.
    So he wanted his wife to go through the journey of him mistreating her and cheating on her by sticking with him??!! Both his heads are outs of line. This man is sick.

  10. LOL. Damn he’s ugly, isn’t he. So pathetic. His nose seems to have gotten bigger, too. Has it always been that way or did it grow because of the many lies he told?

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